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Writing prompts can offer tremendous writing help for writers at every level of experience and expertise. Who can use writing prompts? Beginners can use writing prompts to help them learn and grow as writers as well as gain valuable experience in the craft. The only sure way to improve your writing is to write regularly and prompts can help you sharpen your skills on a regular basis. Perfection will never be in your writing future, but it is very true that regular practice...

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Epithalamion is an interesting mixture of negatives and positives for me. I found parts of it interesting and well written. However, I found other parts that I am less enthusiastic about. Spenser used many different devices in this poem that make it stand out from many other similar poems from the same time period.

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Racism is one of the world's major issues today. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our schools workforces, and anywhere else where social lives are occurring. It is obvious that racism is bad as it was many decades ago but it sure has not gone away. Racism very much exists and it is about time that people need to start thinking about the instigations and solutions to this matter.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
So much for working on a Christmas letter over Thanksgiving, I will be lucky if I get all of the letters out by New Years! I was determined to send a photo which is the real problem. After not sending one last year and Parker catching/passing me in height, I really wanted to show friends and family how much the kids had grown.

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Essential Term Paper Editing Steps
Term paper editing is an essential process that eliminates mistakes made during the writing process. An editor would check a written assignment for errors in grammar and sentence structure, issues related to plagiarism, verify if quotations and reference websites are reliable.

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Youth Culture Essay
For this assignment, I shall explore some factors that influence the development of culture, and sub-culture, reflecting on consumer products, and how they help to develop identity. In particular, my study will focus on music, media, and fashion, in relation to young people. As Williams, Hall, and Jefferson (1977) suggest, in this context culture refers to “distinct patterns of life, and the ways in which social groups give expression to their social and material life experiences”. (Cited in Wyn, J. White, R. 1997:pg72)

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Marriage is a social institution recognized by custom and law. It is a relation that exists between one or more men to one or more women. Custom or law gives recognitions of the duties and rights of the parties involved in such an institution. The union may result to children being born in it. In general, the societal expectation is one where there is sexual gratification between a husband and wife. There are legal issues that may arise as a result of adultery, which may force one partner to dissolve the marriage. This relation is at some point regarded as an economic institution in which a husband is fully responsible for the needs of the wife and children.

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Is USA Ready for a Black President?
The United States presidential election happens every four years and it gives the prime most position in the world to the “lucky” presidential winner and this winner would render a four-year term starting at midday on Inauguration Day, a year after the election. The election is conducted in various states, no through the federal government.
The trend since the beginning is the transfer of power between two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Each election, both parties would nominate candidates within the organization and these feasible candidates would battle each in other in the polls as the party’s leading candidate for the Presidential elections, therefore, there would only be two Presidential Candidates each time. One Democrat and one Republican.

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Writing a Quality Formal Essay
How do we identify a formal essay? Actually there is not much information about how an article can be considered formal. It all boils down to the intention of the writer. But if you will intentionally write a formal essay, then we can consider the following characteristics to be reflected in your article. This way, you can make sure that your readers will judge your essay as something formal.
A formal essay does not merely use topics that are too popular.

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Persuasive Essay Topics
It is essential that we know how to influence our listeners and readers. This way, we can send our message across many channels in the population. Of course, it is not a good idea to simply persuade them by telling them factual claims. You also need to prove that what you are saying is true and acceptable. In the course of writing an essay, you need to produce a topic first. Therefore, we will discuss the different persuasive essay topics that you can utilize.

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The American Dream Essay
Dream essays that are given as assignments are mostly related to the theme of American Dreams. These are generally literary essays, that speak of American capitalism, and the hardships that the immigrant laborers had to undergo when they came to realize their American Dream. To write a good essay on this topic one will have to read relevant books. There are many well known novels written on this theme, as for example, ‘Jungle’ by Sinclair, ‘Great Gatsby’ by Scott Fitzgerald, to name a few. Generally the teacher assigns the novel to be read and worked on. The student will just have to read and answer the assigned question.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay-”A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life”
Romeo and Juliet essays are a part of the more common assignments given to students of the English literature classes, and are generally easy to write on.There are many different ways in which an assignment can be set by the instructor. The student may be asked to summarize the play. He may also be asked to do a critical analysis on it. An analytical essay that takes an in depth look into the characters of the main protagonists of the play may also be set fas assignment. It is also possible that the student may be asked to compare and contrast between this drama and any other drama written by Shakespeare.

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How to Write Analytical Essay
Analytical essay writing requires application of critical thinking skills, knowledge of evaluative techniques and ability to collect supporting materials. The purpose of writing an analytical essay is to help the student learn how to support his argument with evidence from secondary resources. It is important to include the discussion of counterarguments, argument contradictions and minor opinions.

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Holocaust Essay
If you are looking for the best writing service, then you can find a company online. This way, you may order a holocaust essay anytime. However, it is also a good thing if you know the basic steps n writing a holocaust essay. Today, we will discuss how to build this article and what things you will need to make it.

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“Romulus, My Father” Essays: Great Writing Tips for You
“Romulus, My Father” Essays: Great Writing Tips for You
If you still have not read the story of an Australian philosopher and writer Raimond Gaita “Romulus, My Father”, do not worry. You still have a chance to prepare an excellent “Romulus, My Father” essay if you watch a film adaptation of this amazing story. But, do not put off watching the movie, because you still need enough time to think everything over and write a good “Romulus, My Father” essay.

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Law School Entrance Essays: Simple “Laws” to Follow
Law School Entrance Essays: Simple “Laws” to Follow
This is the year when your dreams might come true. As far as we can see, you dream about the career of a lawyer, and have already started working on your law school entrance essay.

Well, you are definitely doing the right thing. Starting early is one the main “laws” you should follow when preparing your law school entrance essay.

Yet, we are sure you want to know some other secrets of successful law school entrance essays. Many students tend to think that the more sophisticated essays they make, the more chances to be accepted they have.

It is not exactly so. While coming up with good and reasonable explanations of the career and school choices, students completely forget about some other simple rules of making effective law school entrance essays.

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Nursing Essay Requires Application of Theory to Practice
Nursing Essays can be Assigned on a Wide Variety of Topics

To be a nurse is a profession which is challenging yet rewarding. Challenging because it involves lives and rewarding because of what they do. Nurses have to be people who are dedicated to their jobs. Selflessness is one very important element of becoming a nurse. When studying to become a nurse, students will encounter various types of writing assignments. One of these is the writing of the nursing essay.

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“Honesty Is the Best Policy” Essays: Are You Honest with your Excuses?
The situation you found yourself in can perfectly fit the definition of the word “irony”. You have to prepare an “Honesty Is the Best Policy” essay, but for some reasons did not do it. Now, you need to think of some good excuses why you did not write the essay on “Honesty Is the Best Policy”.

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Papers on “The Great Gatsby”: Investigating Various Themes
“The Great Gatsby”, one of the great novels of Scott Fitzgerald, was not considered that great when it was published (1925). However, today the novel is taught in almost all high schools and colleges.

It seems like this is exactly what you are studying at the moment. What is more, you have reached the point when you need to write an essay about “The Great Gatsby”.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau's views on formation of the society
According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau the human unlike the beast could choose whether to follow the natural instincts or not. That liberty in turn led to the development of consciousness and spirituality, and the spirituality in turn became an impetus towards further development of a man. This "faculty to improvement" became the reason for the appearance of the society, as using that ability the man invented the instruments of labor, which resulted him having leisure time.

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