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If we can capture some of the nuances of the spoken word in our writing, we can increase the power of our messages. When we write for the ear, our writing undergoes some subtle but important changes. Our words, sentences, and paragraphs change in several important ways.

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While at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Dennis Ritchie, along

with Ken Thompson, developed the UNIX computer operating system for minicomputers.

He later developed the programming language called C, which has become a

virtual standard in the microcomputer/workstation marketplace.

Dennis Ritchie was born on Sept. 9, 1941 in Bronxville, New York. After

doing undergraduate and graduate work in physics and applied mathematics

at Harvard University, Ritchie joined Bell Labs in 1968.

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Selecting The Right Topic For Research Paper Writing
Arriving at the right topic for research paper is a crucial exercise that all researchers have to go through. Students have to choose a unique and interesting topic. A research guide would offer direction in terms of recognizing topics of interest, but the onus of actually choosing the right topic rests on the student. Readers have to find the information included in the research essay relevant and useful.

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Dee in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker essay
In "Everyday Use" by Walker Dee is no longer the traditional hero but instead she is the type of person who wants the best for herself. She demands the best for herself and for other people. Dee may seem like a hard and difficult character to get along with, she probably was, because of her high standards she put on people. But she did that only to look out for herself and not to settle for less.

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How To Select Essay Topics
How to select essay topics is an art you have to master to write well. It comes with practice. When you have a choice of subjects, you are in a better position to practice and become more comfortable. If you have reasonable control over the English language, you can learn to write well. So how do you select the right topic? The following guidelines will help.

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Essay on Australia
As Australia prospers as a nation the debate to change from its current status of a constitutional monarchy to a Republic increasingly gains momentum. However, the 1993 referendum showed the majority of Australians don’t support this change and as John Howard an avowed monarchist colloquially argues “If it it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. Australia should stop arguing this issue and move forward as we have done so well in the past.

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Research Paper on Jesus Christ
When studying the synoptic Gospels it becomes quite apparent that God is eager to establish a personal, loving relationship with all people through His Son, Jesus Christ. And Jesus is patiently waiting for all the people of the earth to accept His invitation: “I have been standing at the door and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and have fellowship with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20) This passage illustrates Jesus as a door through which we all must enter.

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Old Testament
The year of the fall of Samaria was approaching. Hoshea, son of Elah, was ruling over Israel. As most of the kings before him, Hoshea “did evil in the eyes of the Lord”. Therefore, God put curses on Samaria with the invasion of Assyria. All Israelites had to leave their land and move to Assyria. The king of Assyria took the complete power over the land of Israelites and “brought people from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath and Sepharvaim and settled them in the towns of Samaria to replace the Israelites” (2 Kings 17:24).

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Essay Writing Rubric
A rubric is basically an authoritative rule of conduct or procedure which the evaluators use to evaluate an essay. However, students can make use of rubrics to write their essays as they help them to meet the required standards stipulated by the college. These standards are the areas of assessment on which the evaluators estimate the nature, quality, extent, or significance of the essay. The most common areas of assessment used by evaluators in majority of colleges are:

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Argumentative Essay Writing Guide
All of us have the ability to argue about an issue that we either support or refute. In the aspect of writing an argumentative essay, the same principles maybe followed only that you will have to write your discussions in essay form. For this matter, let me give you some useful tips on how to make your argumentative essay worth reading.

Choose a very specific topic interest, the argumentative essay should only involve a single idea of argument and that the topic should have all the necessary issues involved. For example, incompetent bank financial executives should be punished for causing an economic recession.

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If you plan to get your GED, the test is equipped with one part you may not be so fond of –the essay. You’ll have 45 minutes to complete the GED essay on what will most likely be an assigned topic. The person with the red pen (holding the marking powers that be to give you that A or D+) is looking for a well thought out map of how you process thought.

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Citation And Form Of A Bibliography
So, you’re used to rinky-dink bibliographies where simply one source of information is acceptable, but what if you had to do more? Are you ready to get your mind blown? Do all the work? Go that extra mile? Collecting mass data isn’t the problem -naming and crediting the source however, can be the ripple in the water. Even if you are writing a bibliography for a simple essay and received information from more than one source, that info has to be organized in a specific sequence of order. Proper citation format requires you to know exactly where that information belongs and how to process it.

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A Persuasive Essay Question
Very often new tasks make students terribly confused. In such a case panic is normal. However, there is no reason to freak out when you have to write a persuasive essay. Although the task may seem to be challenging and daunting especially when it is necessary to come up with a topic on your own, it turns out into easy and achievable as only you undertake it. Writing and essay is similar to writing analytical essay or to media essay and is a routine job for those who are familiar with the requirements of the essay writing. A properly chosen topic and fresh approach are key elements of any successful essay.

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Treasure Island Essay: A Story of Pirates and Ocean Voyages
Treasure Island Essay: A Story of Pirates and Ocean Voyages
Travelling is really exciting. However, voyages can be considered even more interesting when talking about different adventures. Books and movies suggest a great variety of variants for travelling. You can go to Europe after reading a book about one of European countries.

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Papers on Artificial Intelligence: Several Ways to Get your Paper Done
Papers on Artificial Intelligence: Several Ways to Get your Paper Done
Can you not decide how to complete your artificial intelligence paper? Have you actually tried using your natural intelligence to solve this problem? Have you developed some plans for writing, tried various ideas? Or, you just sit and wait until a great topic idea for the artificial intelligence essay suddenly pops up in your mind?

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Quick Essays: How to Write an Essay if You Are Short on Time
Quick Essays: How to Write an Essay if You Are Short on Time
Such skills as writing quick essays are necessary for every student. They will help you not only in those situations when you accidentally forget about your paper and have to prepare it in a few hours.

There are a lot of tests that require writing quick essays, which means you will have a certain time limit to complete your essay. Thus, we advise you practice making quick essays, and you can start right now.

Below we list several effective strategies for writing quick and successful essays.

Preparing quick essays: strategy #1

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How to Cope with Marathi Essays
How to Cope with Marathi Essays
Ìarathi Language

State – Maharashtra;

Family – Indo-Aryan

Age – 1300 years old

Total amount of speakers – 90 millions

If this is all you know about Marathi language, you definitely need some help. Do you remember about a Marathi essay you need to complete? By the way, do you know that students are often asked to write Marathi essays in this particular language?

If this is your case, and the only thing you can say in Marathi is “Hi, my name is…”, you have to forget about an A+ on your Marathi essay. Still, you can try to find all your notes, probably several textbooks, and a couple of good English-Marathi dictionaries. What for? Well, we will try to prepare your Marathi essay together.

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Writing a Successful Rutgers Admission Essay
Students who want to write a Rutgers Admission Essay must know well about the university. This helps the student to write an essay that is attractive to the admission committee. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey was started in 1766 as Queen’s College and is one of the nine colonial schools. Rutgers is the largest University in New Jersey with a total of more than 50,000 students. Rutgers received 43,500 applications for undergraduate admission this fall and about 7,000 first year students joined the University. This goes to show the competitiveness of the enrolment and how unique your admission essay needs to be.

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Essay Editing Services Should Polish Rough Drafts to Perfection
Editing an essay requires significant amount of time and concentration on the task. Such time is some thing which many students lack. Furthermore, editing cannot be and should not be done overnight. It has to be done with a deliberate attention to details. However, editing is vital if you wish to obtain a good grade for your essays. Many students obtain help from essay editing services as they lack the time to properly edit their essays. Let us educate ourselves on what essay editing precludes.

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Essays on Christianity: How to Write a Good One
Christianity is the world’s largest religion. At the present moment, the number of Christian adherents reaches 2.1 billion people. Basically, these people believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and his teachings.

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