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Becoming a successful freelance public relations writer requires you to write persuasively and analytically. The key to persuasive writing is the key to good writing in general: know your audience. Public relations work requires you to address various audiences, such as: 1) Your customer base. Your customers already have some idea about what your client does; 2) Potential customers. Most won't know about your client directly, but they might be familiar with similar pr...

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What seems to be a simple fatal love is possibly the retelling of the opening chapter of the Bible, Genesis. In the short story Rappaccini s Daughter there are many similarities to the biblical Genesis chapters. Many situations, places and characters in the story symbolize part of Genesis. Hawthorne s Rappaccini s Daughter, and the Genesis chapters in the Bible, lush, and beautiful gardens are the setting. The most poignant similarity in my mind is between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Rappaccini. I believe Rappaccini s Garden is Beatrice s World and she cannot help her own nature. Giovanni sees the resemblance when he says, Was this garden, then, the Eden of the present world?-and this man, with such a perception of harm in what his own hands caused to grow, was he the Adam? (Hawthorne 343). The parallels in the Rappaccini s garden are very noticeable and also important.

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Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred-ninty-two. He came over from Spain in three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria and discovered America, or at least that was what I was taught in elementary school. Since then there has been much controversy going on over the issue of weather or not Christopher Columbus really discovered America because when he landed in San Salvador he was not alone. Native Americans already inhabited the land and they had been there long before Columbus, but this doesn t mean that he should be atacked stripped of his dignity.

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Socialism aims at a social system based on public ownership of the means of production (Von Mises, 1969). Arising in the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Century, socialism developed as a reaction to the hardships caused by capitalism and industrial revolution. The government owns and operates all material resources in a social system.

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The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the harmonisation of financial reporting in the European Union and how it improves comparability of financial information in different countries. Harmonisation will be explained in full details and the benefits, obstacles and limitations concerning it will be examined. The directives that The EEC council issues which requires member states to make changes to their laws in order to steer clear of any breach will be explained. The directives issued were in relation to company law which was published under the authority of the Treaty of Rome.

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Agamemnon essay
Mythology writings considerable to be everlasting literature with vivid contribution to modern society and the issued we deal today. One of the most well known mythological writings is Aeschylus - the story of love and hate, potion and bedrail. Aeschylus introduces the theme that one crime breeds another and provides a history of sinfulness for which must eventually be punished.

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Practical Aspects of Biology Essays
Biology essays educate students on the science of living systems. It teaches students how to apply their knowledge of physical sciences and mathematics to study the various specialties within biology including botany, zoology, microbiology, the study of algae and cells. Though biology is a vast subject and new findings keep adding to the knowledge base, typically a biology essay would discuss a relevant topic using scientific study materials to clarify an argument or justify an approach to a particular topic.

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Tips On How To Write A Finance Essay
A finance essay uses a topic related to money, how it can be used, and problems related with it. An expert in finance helps override financial difficulties in businesses and other areas. At this point, it is important to remember that the topic chosen has to be relevant to studies you have already experienced. It should in all probability impact modern society. Like in an analytical essay, the analysis would be pertaining to the topic. What follows is a detailed study of what you actually want to express in your papers.

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Essay on Body Image
What is the average weight? What is healthy? How do these two things compare to the standards society has on health and beauty today? What do you see when you look in the mirror? And why don’t people see regular people in fashion TV advertisements? I personally think that advertisers should introduce people of all weight sizes into the fashion advertisements. Throughout history, women’s roles have been to make themselves as attractive to others as possible. Although fashion and physical values have changed over time, this drive has remained constant.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Essay
“Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease of the human brain that is characterized by impairment of memory and a disturbance in at least one other thinking function” (Bronstein & Pulst, 2003). When we hear about Alzheimer’s disease we automatically think of older people. This is because this disease most often occurs in adults after the age of 65. Statistics show that one in eight individuals will have Alzheimer’s after they reach age 65 (Cavanaugh & Blanchard-Fields, 2002). Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, which is any medical condition that affects the brain (Cavanaugh & Blanchard-Fields, 2002).

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Theories of Evolution
The creation-evolution controversy is everlasting verbal battle between the advocates of two theories. During those disputes many brilliant ideas appeared, and even more ideas were demolished. Theories of evolution and creation involved best scientists: theologists, biologists, medics, sociologists, geologists, paleontologists, nuclear physicists and cosmologists. Those theories even acquired a “foster child”, so called theistic evolution theory. In this essay I will discuss the origins and consequences of the creation-evolution controversy, emphasize main points of three theories and sum everything up with my personal opinion.

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MLA Essay Format -Basic Guidelines
MLA essay format is generally followed for the arts and social science papers. MLA or Modern Language Association of America, a very common writing patten in the US and Canada, follows certain standard norms while writing in-text citations within the essay, and the Works Cited page at the end.

Recently in 2009 there have been certain changes in the MLA formatting. Browse through the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition) to check out the changes that have been made.

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Outline Essay to Help You Write Better
An outline essay is an important for essay writing and probably the best friend and guide a student will have while completing an assignment. It will form a skeleton for the entire essay to be written, thus forming an outline is very important before proceeding with the write up. Actually it is quite difficult to proceed without an outline, especially for essays written on topics that have a vast scope and a large amount of information available. For such essays it is absolutely essential to have an outline in front to keep the essay on track.

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The Right Way to Write a Business Research Paper
A business research paper is the right and the best way to analyze a student’s capacity on research and the decisive judgment in the field of business. Choosing the topic is the major step in writing a research paper on business. If the topic is chosen, that’s one hurdle crossed. If your instructor had chosen the topic for you then it’s a great relief but if you have to choose it, choose a topic in the business arena that interests you the most and bear in mind that the topic should also interest your reader. Always confirm the topic of your essay or research paper with your instructor before you begin writing.

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Web Writing Services: Be Successful in the Internet
Web Writing Services: Be Successful in the Internet
The Internet is a separate world where the different rules work; in order to succeed, one needs to follow these rules. This article is devoted to the Web writing services which know these rules perfectly and can help you to get to the height of your success.

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Ideas to Consider in Essays on Computer
Ideas to Consider in Essays on Computer
One more task is assigned: you have to prepare an essay on computer. What does it mean? First, it means that you will spend at least half an hour searching for ideas to consider in computer essays. Half an hour? So many things can be done in half an hour!
We suggest you not wasting your precious time on searching for possible ideas to disclose in essays on computer but make use of the ideas offered below. Besides, you will also find some hints for writing computer essays here.

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5 Paragraph Essay: How to Write It Effectively?
5 paragraph essay aims to judge the basic writing skills of students. Students are given such type of essay assignment frequently. This type of essay is easy to write once if the students understand the required format and rules for writing assignments. Moreover students can write this type of essays successfully and effectively through enough practice.

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“All about Me” Essays: What about You?
It looks like you are stuck with your “All about Me” essay. Well, it is pretty normal, because you know so many details about yourself and your life. There are so many events, people around you. Even if you are quite young, there are still hundreds of things to tell about in essays “About Me”.

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Examples of Expository Essays: Do You really Need Them?
We know that a lot of students do not take essay examples very seriously, and this is a big mistake. It especially refers to those cases when you have to deal with some complicated types of essays or you need to complete a paper for the first time.

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Sure-Fire Ways for Writing Papers on Casablanca
Finally, your next assignment sounds interesting and easy to complete. You have to write about the industrial, economic, and cosmopolitan center of Morocco – Casablanca. Well, this is going to be a virtual trip to another world, culture, and traditions.

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