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There's an estimated 3 million Independent authors worldwide. If these writers join forces the potential impact is staggering. As of right now, the print-on-demand companies estimate that over 90% of their authors sell less than 30 books per year. The question is: how do you expand the position and exposure in the bookselling market and offer Independent authors an opportunity to sell more books? The traditional brick and mortar marketplace has an established base of ap...

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Imagery and Characterization, can the two ever meet outside of an English class? Seething volcano or skittish bird, what image best fits your characters and why would anyone care? Last time I talked about giving a unified imagery set to your main characters. I outlined how choosing basic element properties to your characters creates adds texture and EASE to a character arc. We went with the basic earth, air, wind, and fire possibilities. But let?s say you want to go one st...

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"Students of the career of Frank Lloyd Wright inevitably discover that any attempt to account for his accomplishment in customary terms of example and influence does not work. Sooner or later they are faced with the fact that it is essentially spontaneous." These are the first words in Grant Manson's book on Frank Lloyd Wright subtitled "The First Golden Age."

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The Great Depression in the United States
The Great Depression in the United States was the worst and longest economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. It lasted from the end of 1929 until the early 1940’s. Beginning in the United States, the depression spread to most of the world’s industrial countries, which in the 20th century had become economically dependent on one another. The Great Depression had quick declines in the production and sale of goods and a sudden and severe rise in unemployment.

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Ethical Leadership essay
When we think of leadership, we often think first of famous individuals. We may think of great political leaders: Washington, Churchill, Roosevelt. We may think of the leaders of social movements: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Caesar Chavez. In fact, leadership is many different things to different people in different circumstances.

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Poverty Essay

A poverty essay should effectively show awareness on the part of students about the plight of “poor” people around the world. Poverty is more of a stigma than anything else and can deprive individuals the right to live with dignity just because they cannot afford it. Most governments around the world believe that poverty should not exist in the modern age.

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Nuances Of Writing An Informative Essay
Writing an informative essay is a task we all have to perform in school and college. Knowledge is spread through it.
The topic has to be well prepared and a lot of research goes into it as well. The advantage is your research skills as well as writing skills get enhanced. Essays could extend upto several pages, which in turn builds up confidence of a student. Beginning by introducing the thesis statement in the first few lines generates interest and instantly creates curiosity to know more.

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Is USA Ready for a Black President?
The United States presidential election happens every four years and it gives the prime most position in the world to the “lucky” presidential winner and this winner would render a four-year term starting at midday on Inauguration Day, a year after the election. The election is conducted in various states, no through the federal government.
The trend since the beginning is the transfer of power between two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Each election, both parties would nominate candidates within the organization and these feasible candidates would battle each in other in the polls as the party’s leading candidate for the Presidential elections, therefore, there would only be two Presidential Candidates each time. One Democrat and one Republican.

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Censorship of Pornography
The controversy surrounding pornography is complicated not only by a lack of agreement on whether pornography should be allowed in our society, but also by a basic disagreement over what is included in the definition of pornography. Emotions run high and scientific rigour falls aside where it comes to studies of the effect of pornography, the use of these studies in mass media and in academic debates. Sifting through mountains of rhetoric can be confusing, when few entering the debate can even agree on what pornography is, much less what are its corrosive effects.

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Philosophy and the Good Life
Philosophy had been studied for countless centuries by great people, wise men, and common people. It is not because they have to construct what philosophy is and its importance to humanity and the world as a whole, but to make its existence concrete and become usable to where it is ought to be used. The concept of philosophy is abstract and even before the existence of the humanity and the world, it was already there. Its idea was laid down in words through time to be used by people for the coming ages. But its usefulness and significance still depends how we absorb and utilize them.

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“Truth” is More Important during Periods of Change and Uncertainty than “Good News.”
It is widely believed that one can fool anybody for all time, one can fool everybody for a short time but it is impossible to fool everybody for all time. This is the focal point of the above statement. I believe that an organization is a long termed project and not just a sort termed profit making scam. To attain success in the long term and attain success an organization must look into issues that would help the organization in the long term. One such issue is to maintain sustainability over a long period of time and to attain sustainability the most important variable related to an organization is Trust with a capital T. It is this trust that helps an organization to be fruitful and develop.

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College Application Essay Questions
Majority of universities now keep essays as one of the most important criteria for admission. These are mainly questions which ask you about your personal traits. As every college has its own different way of evaluating students, the questions they ask also differ. Hence you may not find exact questions that are asked but you will definitely get some samples of the questions which will help you to gain a basic idea of college application essay questions.

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SAT Essay Topics
SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. This test is usually administered to incoming college students. The SAT exam claims that the evaluation methods will capture the big picture of whether a student is ready for college or not. Usually, SAT tests will have several categories to measure different aspects of a student’s learning skills. One of these evolution methods is through writing an essay. Therefore, you should have an idea what SAT essay topics will be required for you to write.

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Photo Essay Topics
Some people believe that you can only write a photo essay if you have an image to discuss. However, this is not always true because you can consider photo essay topics without an image specimen. Our article for today will concentrate on choosing a photo essay topic.

A photo essay is an article that will discuss something about photos, images or photography. But in order for you to have a good topic for this essay, you should be creative and imaginative enough to consider other discussion parameters.

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Essay Writing Examples – Guide to Writing a Better Essay
Essay writing involves many aspects which a student must know before he sets about to write one. It involves choosing a good writing topic from many research paper ideas that may occur to him. After zeroing on a topic then one will have to do extensive research work on it to collect all the necessary facts and figures. After analysing the collected data and sieving through them to keep only the important and relevant data one will have present the essay in a perfect manner with no error, grammatical or spelling, of any kind.

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English Essay Writing Process or How to Fix Your Mind Work-Wise
English Essay Writing Process or How to Fix Your Mind Work-Wise
If you are a high school student, please, quit reading this article. We are about to tell how to cope with difficulties of a college life and harsh studentship itself. Of course, it does not mean that an undergraduate student meets all possible disasters at a time. More often it happens gradually, when arriving to the dorm. English essay writing and other academic writings start being a heavy load then.

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Biblical Essays: Free Topic Suggestions
Biblical Essays: Free Topic Suggestions
You have spent several hours trying to come up with biblical research topics for your essay, but it seems like all your attempts bring you nowhere.

Sure, we are ready to present you several hints for writing biblical essays. Yet, before that, let us explain you something.

Have you read the Holy Bible? Have you opened it when you were searching for a biblical research topic? The thing is that the Bible describes almost every sphere of human life and you can even tell what you are supposed to do in this or that situation.

What we mean is that many things and phenomena around you can serve as good biblical research topics. You just have to take the Bible, find verses devoted to your topic, and collect information and arguments for your biblical essay.

Here are several examples of biblical research topics for your paper.

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Contrast Essay Example
Are you looking for the best contrast essay example paper? Look no further because we have a special set of samples for you. It may be a too troublesome experience to look for essay examples. Now that you have found our website, you can easily download any materials from our database.

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Essay Writing Tutorials: Free Guides Available on the Web
Do you say you cannot write proper essays? Are you constantly complaining that teachers give you low grades on essays? Has essay writing turned into a task you really hate? Well, your case seems to be very serious, but we will try to help you.

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Essays on Controversial Issues: More Fascinating than You Think!
Are you not that good at writing essays on controversial issues? Do you think that papers on controversial issues are hard to complete? Then let us explain you several things about this assignment because you will face it quite often, and it is more interesting to complete than you think.
A controversial issue essay – what is it all about?

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