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The agent issue is such an emotional one for writers. Having one is a huge validation. I was fortunate to sign with an agent while still writing my first novel and it was wonderful being able to work and know that someone was waiting for what I was writing. But the eagerness to have that feeling often pushes writers to make poor decisions when it comes to the hunt for an agent. With some thinking, solid preparation and research it is possible to hook up with an agent and ...

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This is to say the least an interesting and entertaining read that covers far more ground than the title implies. Told with a huge amount of humor we follow Dodie on her sojourn to Thailand, where things do not work out as planned. As she ruefully reflects on in the final chapters, what seems like a great opportunity at the time, had enough flashing warning lights that she should have spotted early on. The story opens with our heroine working a mundane office job during th...

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After already sharing my thoughts of my family, and myself, I felt as though neither of my favorite personal interests would accomplish the task at hand. It was Saturday afternoon, and I still didn’t have a good personal interest topic to write about. I started mind-mapping, writing every topic I could think of, including: The Real Civil War; Mental Instability – Possession or Illness; Finding the Perfect Home – Mortgage and All; and even The lightning Capital: Why Here? Then I realize I must dismantle the subject, so as to fit it on only 3 or 4 pages. The project is becoming a lot tougher than I anticipated; I start scratching out ideas. A half hour later, I have a page with many scribbles, no topics, confusion, and thirst. I walk swiftly and irritably, to the refrigerator, open the door, and grab a cold, wet, Coors Light, tall can. I found my personal interest topic. There in my hand, I was holding history: “The Rise and Fall, Literally, of Adolph Coors.

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Assess the Importance of Alexandria as a Centre of Hellenistic Art essay
Some 2,000 years ago Alexandria--founded by Alexander the Great, conqueror of all that became known as the Hellenistic world--was that world's pre-eminent city. Apart from being the seat of power of the ruling Ptolemies, it was the locus of the spiritual, cultural, and scientific life of the entire Hellenistic world, stretching from egypt to India and from the third century B.C. to the third century A.D.

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War Essay
A war essay on the conflicts that take place in this world could be a continuous exercise considering the number of wars taking place. War has always a means to force an issue or settle old grudges. Earlier, it used to be kings and monarchs who declared war on each other. Now, countries find reasons to fight with each other citing reasons like religious beliefs, border disputes, or a history of conflict prodding them on in the same direction. People have got used to living with fear of physical danger. War has taken a whole new meaning where human lives mean nothing to achieve a desired result.

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How To Present Your Strong Views About A Crucible Essay
A crucible essay brings to light the choices that humans have in life and how it can waver based on mass hysteria and controversy. “The Crucible” by Aurthur Miller brings in mystery and relates how justice is meted out based on moral values practiced at the time. Innocent people accused of witchcraft are led to a gory death. The mysterious circumstances connected to their death depict the uncertainty and rituals that glorify injustice. The play is based on the historical events that took place in the 1600s involving the Salem witch trials and also Arthur Miller’s experiences in the mid 1900s with the Red Scare.

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Expressing Love Through A Love Essay
A love essay has a lot to offer readers in terms of emotion, mystery, and the limits crossed over for expressing love. Love is a beautiful feeling that has no language or cultural barriers. Expressing love comes naturally to people, and those bereft of this feeling are the unfortunate few ones that would feel empty from within. Life is short and love is a tonic that keeps us in touch with our loved ones, friends, society, and even those who hate us. It is too powerful an emotion to express in just one line.

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Persuasive Essay on Animal Experimentation
Throughout history, animal experimentation has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefit. However, what many people tend to forget are the great numbers of animal subjects that have suffered serious harm during the process of experimentation. Many people are believed to be ignorant or misunderstand the nature of the lives that animals actually live, and are unable to understand the actual laboratory procedures and techniques. Other than the philosophical questions that arise, ethical (moral) questions are the main reason why many animal right activists want it banned in every country.

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A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay
What makes people act the way they do? Is it hereditary? Could it be that instinct alone guides people and their behavior? Or is it that people become a product of their environment? The answer can be found in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find“. A Grandmother, living with her son and his family, appears to be a manipulative and deceitful old woman. As she and her family take a vacation drive to Florida they stumble across three escaped convicts and are systematically murdered, thanks to Grandmother’s deceitful ploy.

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Narrative Essay Ideas
“Narrative essay might be an alarming term but in fact it is one of the simple and fun going types of essays”, customwritings.com says so. A narrative essay is simply a personal incident, or a personal feeling. We all have some stories and memories in life to share. So this is one of the ways you can share.
Narrative essays ideas are not hard to find, as many of the ideas can come out of our personal experiences. Plays and movies sometimes have a narrator, a person who describes and recites the story while the action is going on.

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Term Papers and Essays
Term papers and essays are the two most prominent articles in high school and college levels. Many teachers believe that by requiring students to write them, they will be able to develop their writing, communication and research skills. However not all students are aware of the basic steps in writing term papers and essays. Today, we will talk about how to write them by looking at the similarities between these two types of articles.

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Best Essays – What are the things to consider in writing?
What is the formula to write the best essay? I’m sure you will be handling this kind of a project very soon and that it pays to be prepared this early. An essay is practically one of the most common types of class assignments or projects. In writing it, there are some steps that you need to realize to make way for a high quality article. Let me give you some tips on hot to perfect writing it.

Choose the best topic.

Download Best Essays – What are the things to consider in writing?
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Translation Essay – Converting your Thoughts, Your Language
Sometimes, we will be required to write a different kind of essay that intends to achieve a different goal. One of these cases is a translation essay. It is obvious that you will be writing an article that presents your ability to translate a composition in a certain language other than your native one. But there are also some things that you can do aside from that. You can also write a custom essay that may be written other than translating.

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Example of Research Proposal
What is a research proposal? The research proposal is an initial plan of action that you want to execute. In writing a research paper, you must have a certain guide to perform the necessary tasks. Writing a research proposal is just the same as writing an essay outline. However, the former is something that your adviser must have approved in order for you to proceed writing the project. An example of research proposal can help you today.

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Maths Essay – “Much ado about nothing”
Mathematics is a subject disliked and feared by many students and writing a maths essay is something which most students would love to avoid writing one. Of course, as many students will vouch for, this subject is very taxing and quite difficult to understand. But apart from solving problems and equations, there is also something that is called a math essay which though sounds difficult is actually easy to write. It is like any other research paper writing while keeping in mind to follow the correct essay format and give proper citations and references.

Download Maths Essay – “Much ado about nothing”
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Critique Style
One of the academic essay writing types is critical essay. The purpose of writing a critical essay is to evaluate somebody's work (a book, an essay, a movie, a painting etc.) in order to express your understanding or importance of it. A critical essay is a paper in which you should express your opinion or provide an evaluation of the text.
Critique Essay Writing

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Already Written Essays: Solving Academic Troubles
Already Written Essays: Solving Academic Troubles
Using custom writing services is a common practice today. No matter what, it is an effective way to solve some of your academic problems, get well-written essays and high grades.

However, what if you do not have money to pay for high quality, well-written essays prepared by professional writers? Or, what if you simply want to save?

Well, there is a way out – using already written papers from various databases and specific websites. However, before you use already written essays, learn more about benefits and flaws of this method of managing your academic troubles.

Different types of already written essays

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Essays on Science and Technology: How to Succeed if You Are not into Technological Stuff
It seems we know why you feel nervous because of your essay on science and technology. At a glance, you think you know almost everything about modern gadgets and technologies. You know how a cell phone works, how your washing machine, mp3 player, and computer can be started and turned off.

Download Essays on Science and Technology: How to Succeed if You Are not into Technological Stuff
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“Proud to Be Canadian” Essay: Writing Prompts“I’m proud to be Canadian,
It isn’t hard to see,
That we are a famous country,
That spreads from sea to sea”.
Jason K. Gr. 4

This is your native country, this is your motherland, this is a wonderful place to live in, this is… Canada and you have to write an essay about it.

At a glance, it seems a lot can be said about Canada. However, you want to make your “Proud to Be Canadian” essay outstanding, which means you need some interesting ideas. Then, read our suggestions.

Download “Proud to Be Canadian” Essay: Writing Prompts
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