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Few people know that many of William Shakespeare?s plays were published posthumously. Virginia Fellows? Shakespeare Code includes an intriguing discussion of works attributed to Shakespeare that appeared after his passing in 1616. Shakespeare had been dead for seven years when the First Folio of his collected works was published. This celebrated Folio edition contained 36 plays, half of which had never been seen before. According to Fellows, many of the previously unpublished...

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Frank Zappa was an American singer, composer, arranger, guitarist, bandleader,

and all around musician who was one of the greatest iconoclastic musicians of

the 20th Century. He also produced over 60 albums in 30 years. Some considered

him to have demonstrated a mastery of pop idioms ranging from jazz to rock of

every conceivable variety. As astute an entrepreneur as he was a musician, he

was impatient with any division between popular and high art; he combined

scatological humor with political wit, required of his players an intimidating

skill, and displayed consistent innovation in instrumental and studio


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Seneca are among the most respected and feared. The Seneca are culturally similar to their Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, an Mohawk confederates. The five tribes were known as the Five Nations or the League of Five Nations. Sometime between 1715 and 1722 the Tuscaroras from North Carolina joined the confederacy and changed the name to the Six Nations.

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Essay Drafting
The essay drafting process is an exercise all students must grasp in order to write compelling essays on any topic. It does take a while to get used to the process. Once you are used to it though, every essay would go through a common process that would result in a well-written essay. The compilation does not take time, but time spent on research would depend on the topic and your knowledge of it. The draft is a rough representation of the essay, so changes can be made as and when required. Preparing the draft requires some knowledge. You need to follow steps that work in providing information, knowledge, and a sense of interest among readers.

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How to Write a College Term Paper
Writing a college term paper for a contemporary student is as being locked in the corner of the ring for a professional boxer. Such situation seems to be quite hopeless and not without a reason. In our rapidly developing world filled up with dynamics and innovation the volumes of information grow immensely fast. Students facing the term assignments have to present the knowledge obtained withing an impressive period of time to prove their proficiency in the subject. And the same is for every class.

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Surrealism Essay
Photography enriches our lives in many ways. A creative photographer is one who selects and captures qualities in their subject that make the picture artistic rather than plain and common. Ways of making photographs creative and more interesting can be by using different techniques and art movements. Surrealism is a movement in art that attempts to express the subconscious mind. It is a style that shows strange objects and shapes like those in dreams and fantasies.

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Examples of Research Proposals
We all want to perfect our writing skills. If this is also your intention, then you need to ensure that you can find enough examples of research proposals. What is a research proposal? A research article needs to rely on the plan of writing and research. Since you are going to deal with an essay that may contain research steps, then you need a proposal. This is the overall plan that you must undertake. You have full control of the research content so you also have control of the proposal.

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What Possible Topic Genres to Use for an IT Essay
What things should I be talking when I’m going to write an IT essay? The Information technology years have started in the early 90s. This is the era where information sets valuable advantages to develop our lives and make use of electronic equipments to influence our lifestyles. Now, if you will be writing an IT essay today, it is important that you consider topics that will help you further realize the importance of the field and what other discoveries are set to change the way we live in the 21st century. It may be much more simple to buy computing essays online but it is also important that you know how to write an IT essay on your own.

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Online Marketing Essay
We can write a high quality marketing essay just for you. Did you know that you can now place an order for a complete essay file without having to leave your home? Yes, the internet is all you need in order to get in touch with our professional writers. Our writers are well equipped with the best techniques and strategies for writing your marketing essay. Do you need to know more? Take a look at the service offer advantages of simply placing an order with us.

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Subjects to write for a Biology Essay
A biology essay is an obvious type of an article. Of course you already know that this essays tackles nothing but about biology as a subject. But sometimes, even if you have all the resources it can be a daunting experience to select a good biology essay for writing. Let me help you in choosing a topic in general and what specific biology subjects are worth writing about.

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Classification Essay
Have you ever tried classifying things when you are still a little child? You probably grouped the same trees, classified the same shapes or even organized your playmates according to their heights. At least one point in our lives, we have classified things according to some physical attributes. In essay writing, you can also do this by composing classification essays .

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How to make Research – Know the Correct Way
How to make research. This is one question probably all students about to embark on a research paper writing asks oneself. Here we will try to logically arrange the entire process stepwise so that one gets an idea of how to write a thesis paper all by himself without getting too disoriented or too overworked.

Step 1 : The first step to make research involves the choosing of the right theme. Getting a good research paper idea and picking out the most suitable writing topic is very important for the paper to come out well.

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History Essay Questions
Many times students get bored in writing a history essay. The subject simply is not popular among them. Therefore, they tend to create essays that are not interesting and too lousy for submission. But if you will have some history essay questions to start with, your journey to essay writing might take a different course. This is because one of the most frustrating aspects of essay writing is the creation of topic. If the teacher will ask a question about history, then most probably, the students will have an idea what to write in their articles. That is why we will give you some samples of history essay questions for you to practice writing.

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Essays on the War of 1812: Hints for Panic-Stricken
Essays on the War of 1812: Hints for Panic-Stricken
The War of 1812 is one of the common topics disclosed in U.S. History essays. It means that hundreds of essays on the War of 1812 are already written, and you can use them as models for writing. It also means that this topic is well disclosed in various textbooks and historical resources, and you will not lack materials for the War of 1812 essay.

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How to Edit Essays – Strategies to Follow
How to Edit Essays – Strategies to Follow
Do you want to know the main difference between an edited paper and the one submitted without a simple revision? Well, you have a chance to get an A on the paper that is edited, while a B or even a C is the grade you will most probably get if you do not take time to edit your essay.

So, if you want to get only the highest grades, our tips on how to edit essay papers are what you need.

How to edit essays: things you should do before editing

Editing is not easy, and you should get ready for it. First, you need to rest for a while after the writing process is over. The best option is to wait for a day or two before getting down to editing (if possible). This will help you notice more mistakes and shortcomings.

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Book Report on “Holes”
Book Report on “Holes”
Holes is a novel written by Louis Sachar. It was the 1999 Newberry award winner.

Easy to read and comprehend, this story is about a boy and his family that were cursed. This novel can be referred to the magical realism genre.

You might be assigned to write either an essay on Holes or a book report on Holes.

So, as we cannot know what your particular assignment is, let us offer you tips on how to prepare both essays on Holes and book reports on Holes.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing: The Best Way to Succeed in
One of the best ways to explore some subject is writing a compare and contrast essay. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular types of essays. Compare and contrast essay writing may seem a very easy task, however, it is far from being easy at all.

Some students find it very difficult to find common and contrasting features of the same object or to define positive and negative sides of a certain phenomena.

So, how to make your writing a compare and contrast essay the easiest task for you.

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An Essay Layout: What It Refers to
Basically, a layout of an essay may refer to two things, and we will provide necessary details further in this article. Yet, we have to mention straight away that making an essay layout is what your work should start with. It is a plan of how a paper should look both on the inside and outside.

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Essays on “Why I Want to Go to College”: Check Your Motivations
The new academic year has started, and if you are a high school senior, it is time to think about your college application. By the way, if you are a high school freshman or a sophomore, entering college should be one of your primary concerns as well.

It seems like you have received one of the first written assignments, and it is a “Why I Want to Go to College” essay. You know, it is a perfect opportunity to practice before you will actually have to write your future college application essay.

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An Efficient Plan for Writing Thomas Wolfe Essays
Thomas Clayton Wolfe is considered one of the greatest writers in modern American literature. Even though he died at the age of 37, Thomas Wolfe left an amazing heritage of novels, short stories, dramatic words, etc.

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