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In poetic literature you will often find a poem that seems to be inviting the reader to participate in an adventure or a love story. The use of ?you? is evident in the poetry, but in most cases the reader understands that the poem is written to a third party and the author is simply allowing you the opportunity to read these moments of intimate conversation. Possessives in poetry, marked by an apostrophe, are a way to understand that the poem is written for and to another ...

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I have no idea how many books are crammed onto bookshelves all about the subject of marketing, there must be many millions. It is a subject well understood, how do you make someone buy your Widget as opposed to the other guys Widget? Marketing is the answer, but, marketing comes at a price. How much can you afford? I have a friend who is a retired BBDO exec, and in his mind, marketing that widget should cost the same as the national debt of a small country. Most small busi...

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There was a time when you needed to relocate if you wanted to become a successful writer. In essence you went where the work was. The Internet has opened a whole new world for writers. The idea of telecommuting has become a welcome component to the mechanism of freelance. Today you can sit in a kitchen in Iowa and write for a publication based in the heart of New York. You can write for a firm in Australia from the comfort of your home office in Ontario. You can also wr...

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How to Write a College Term Paper
Writing a college term paper for a contemporary student is as being locked in the corner of the ring for a professional boxer. Such situation seems to be quite hopeless and not without a reason. In our rapidly developing world filled up with dynamics and innovation the volumes of information grow immensely fast. Students facing the term assignments have to present the knowledge obtained withing an impressive period of time to prove their proficiency in the subject. And the same is for every class.

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Research Paper on Retail Industry
In this research paper, we take a peek into the organized retail sector of India. It started making its presence felt nearly a decade after the first lot of entrepreneurs set up shop. A brief introduction and evolution shows how the organized retailing changed its gears over the period from Panwala dhukan to chain stores across the length and breadth of India. The market size and related details gives a statistical view of increasing market in a few major areas of retailing. The major market players who enlivened the present caricature of retail sector are presented briefly along with statistics.

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Essay on Proteomics
Proteins are a basic building block of life on earth. They are the molecules that provide structure, produce energy, and allow communication, movement and reproduction within a cell. They, along with carbohydrates, amino acids, and phospholipids, are the key macromolecules that make up organisms. The body of proteins that make up an organism is referred to as its proteome. Proteomics is the study of these proteomes, including the identification of the proteins and their physiological functions.

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Essay on America
When asked what America means to me, I think about the positive aspects of this great nation. The thing that makes America distinct from all other countries is the rights that an American citizen has in America. American citizens probably have more rights than the citizens from any other country in the world . The most important right an American citizen has is freedom, a freedom that a citizen from no other country on the globe has.

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Thinking of Essay Topics
At least one point in our lives, essay writing may have provided us the benefits of presenting our thoughts and feelings in a composition. In this aspect, the selection of essay topics is crucial since it provides numerous effects to the success of our written articles. With a good subject matter for discussion, one can easily integrate his feelings and emotions towards sending out an impression to the readers.

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Scholarship essay sample
It is such troublesome to look for sample materials in the form of writing tasks. Essays will always be part of our lives and that there is nothing to more to do to beat them but to write. Now, I am sure that you also would like to participate in a program that will give you convenience. Like me, I also like to apply for a scholarship grant. But before you can start a good life free of school charges, you need to first write a scholarship essay. That is why we will talk about how to obtain a scholarship essay sample.

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Essay Editor
Do you know how to become a good essay editor? For most of the time, you are tasked to write essays and articles. We all know that it is a demanding task to write a school paper. But the main agenda of becoming an essay editor is to refine the article that you have written. It gives you the opportunity to look for possible unwanted characteristics of your creation. Therefore, becoming an editor for your own paper is essential. But how do we perfect the art of proofreading?

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Essay on Truth and Courage – First Convince Yourself, only then Set Out to Preach
An essay on truth and courage as the name suggests deals with all the moral values that are instilled into us by our parents, school and religion, alike, right from one’s own childhood. In school the curriculum includes subjects like moral science, value education and other religious teachings which speak about these basic moral values. Truth or honesty is one such basic value which is very important for a person to be have a sense of fulfillment in life. One must be truthful not only for other’s sake but also for his own sake. Being dishonest is not only cheating others but also cheating oneself and in the long run will only bring a sense of emptiness and unhappiness.

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Analytical Essay Outline
There are different types of essay. Some of them are probably your favorite ones, and others may be something that you really hate to do. Still, you cannot but try to accomplish the task as good as you can. We do not know whether you like or hate analytical essay writing but are eager to help you cope with the task successfully. In this article, you will find a comprehensive analytical essay outline. It will help to make your writing logical and clear to the reader.

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Mind Some Wise Examples before You Start Your Own Writing
Mind Some Wise Examples before You Start Your Own Writing
When you are asked to write a book critique, do not start at once. You should first consult some reliable example of a book critique.

Why do you need to find some examples of book critique?

Of course, you are a brilliant student who is very skillful in an academic writing; though, if it is your first book critique, do read some book critique examples. If you think that this type of writing is confined to your own ideas with no respect to formats and rules, you are very wrong. And a good book critique example will demonstrate those rules which you should stick to in your writing.

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Writing Essay Papers on the Science of Administration
Writing Essay Papers on the Science of Administration
Various issues about administration are hotly discussed these days. A lot of students want to make a career in the field of business or in the governmental sector. Well, it is not surprising, these job positions are considered to be prestigious nowadays.

You definitely know that it is not easy to make a career in the above mentioned fields. You have to be a real expert in numerous aspects of administration. This is why such assignments as papers on the science of administration should be taken seriously.

Papers on the science of administration are not easy to complete. In this article, you will find several helpful pieces of advice on how to cope with the task.

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Tips on Writing an Earthquake Essay
Earthquake essay can explain how an earthquake happens, its aftereffects such as tsunamis and landslides or focus on the catastrophe it can create. In large earthquakes, mass destruction to buildings and property, and large number of deaths brings innumerable health, economic, social problems. Earthquakes is a common daily occurrence, but only the earthquakes that cause large damage gets noticed by people and become news. On the average four earthquakes above the magnitude of more than five on the Richter Scale happens a day and 4000 tremors, earthquakes of smaller magnitude more than two on the Richter Scale happen on a day. Including these figures in an informative essay can make your essay interesting and capture the attention of your reader.

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Writing an Effective University Application Essay
University application essay is a compulsory element in the admission process. The admission committees get an insight in to the personality, character, world outlook, opinions and the preferences of the applicants. This helps them select the required number of students from the large number that apply every year. Annually a large number of applications received by colleges and the universities for admissions are rejected as they receive a large number of applications that far exceed the number of available places in the college or university. Rejection rate at some prestigious and highly selective universities are higher than 85%.

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University Essay as the Brightest Page in the Life of a Student
There is no doubt that a university essay belongs to those tasks which have the great impact on student’s life and even the way of thinking. It is obvious that university essays are aimed at teaching young people the basic rules of academic writing. In such a way a person may learn how to present his or her ideas in a proper way. It is very important for further life and useful during the process of studying.

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EMBA Essays: Keys to Success
Business schools are very prestigious institutions to apply to. Many of us dream (or dreamed) of such privilege to be accepted to the chosen school and to master this highly respectable specialty. This is why checking tips for writing EMBA essays (business admission essays) are a must for every candidate for this position.

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Theology Essays: If You Are Lost in Biblical Topics
We are sure that the main problem with your theology essay is not the lack of ideas. There are tons of biblical topics that theology papers can be devoted to. Most probably, you cannot come up with a topic that you would actually be able to disclose properly. Issues related to the Bible and religion in general are sometimes so hard to understand.

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ICT Essays: For Those Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere
Writing ICT essays is definitely that assignment you need to complete successfully.

On the one hand, this task is not very difficult to do. You should not think about research, sources, etc.

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