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Have you given much thought to the voice of your narrator? Perhaps you assumed the narrator in your novel should remain neutral. Many writers believe that the narrator should have little in the way of identity and the use of a narrator is essentially a necessary means of moving the story from one scene to the next. It may come as a surprise to learn that your narrator can, and SHOULD, have a distinctive voice. The narrator should be used to do more than simply take the rea...

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Happy are those Hungary and thirsty for justice,

For they will be satisfied

Lest innocent blood be shed in the land which the lord your god gives you an

inheritance, and the guilt of any bloodshed be upon you . These prophetic words

taken from the bible in Deuteronomy 19:1-13 are what the people of Le Chambon

acted upon to save Jews and resist evil. During the most terrible years of World

War II, when inhumanity and political insanity was manifested throughout the

world, and when the Nazis conquering of Europe seemed irreversible and inevitable,

a courageous uprising replete with morality and conscience took place in a small

Protestant town in Southern France known as Le Chambon. Pastor Andr Trocme

and his valiant supporters saved l lives in spite of the government of Vichy and the

threats made against anyone who resisted. Le Chambon s active but non violent

refusal to accept the indomitable spirit of evil and brute power emphasized by the

Nazis resulted in their rapid awakening to conscience, resistance and the necessity

for action.

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Recidivism and Probation
Houghton Mifflin defines recidivism as the phenomenon of a person repeating a lapse of a previous pattern of undesirable behavior (Mifflin 699). The term is most frequently used when referring to substance abuse and criminal behavior. Studies have shown that only one percent of serious crimes are committed by people over sixty, making age the most reliable predictor of recidivism (Welsch 52).

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1000 Word Essays: You Are Right in the Middle
During your academic career, you will have to work with essays of different lengths. However, there are some standard essay lengths like:
1. A 500 word essay – it is a small piece of writing, where you will most probably have to answer a certain question and tell what you think about a topic.
2. A 1500 word essay – it can be defined as a research paper, where you are supposed not just to share your standpoint.

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Admission Essay Help
Students seek out admission essay help from different sources when it’s time to join college. Imagine thousands trying to find guidelines on how to join a popular college in town. On getting the guidelines, students would have to submit an application to college. The process takes time and preparation. An integral part of the submission process is the admission essay.

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Essay on Energy
Nuclear energy is defined by Webster’s Encyclopaedia as energy from the inner core or nucleus of the atom, as opposed to energy released in chemical processes, which is derived from the electrons surrounding the nucleus. Thus, since the atom was split, releasing nuclear energy for the first time, it ushered in a new era of political, economic and social debate in the history of humankind. For the first time humanity had to grapple with the intricacies that this new nuclear age brought with it. People had to struggle with the dichotomy of nuclear energy, in time recognising both the benefits and the drawbacks associated with nuclear energy.

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Impact of Human Activities on Natural Hazards
Natural hazards are naturally occurring phenomena that have disastrous impact on humanity. These phenomena had been in existence even before the advent of humanity. The hazardous dimension of these natural phenomena are in the context of the impact that such a phenomenon would have on human population in the area affected by that phenomenon. In this essay, the effect that human activity has on these natural hazards would be analyzed. Some human activities may be exacerbating the factors that cause the natural hazard, like the impact of excessive and unplanned logging on floods and droughts.

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Role of the Pastor
The role of the pastor of a local church is unique in some ways from other believers’ and yet has many things also in common with them. It is helpful here to draw a distinction between the church member and the Senior Pastor of the local church; that is, the one who is called to be the overseer of the body of believers.
In Ephesians 4:11ff a distinction of giftedness is made by Paul between those who have leadership gifts and those who are gifted in other ways. According to this passage of Scripture, the purpose of the gifts to be pastors, evangelists, apostles, etc are for the equipping of the saints for service; to build up the Body of Christ. I have heard it said by a mentor of mine that the pastor’s job is to work himself out of a job.

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Cause and Effect Essay Discussion on How to Write It
There are so many types of essays required in schools. One of them is the cause and effect essay . If you have not tried writing one before, then this is the best time for you to learn how you can enhance the quality of your writing. Today, learn some tricks on how to write these types of essays .

As you can imagine the term cause and effect simply means that you must logically connect one event to another. You need to provide a basis which is the “cause” and provide a result named as “effect”. In writing your cause and effect essay , the rules are pretty simple, make way for a presentation on how an event resulted from a cause.

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Components of Research Paper-Guide to Learn All of ‘Em
Everything is made of a few components that are important. Likewise, components of research paper are also very important while writing a research paper. It is acknowledged and true that writing a research paper is not easy as writing an essay. It is difficult to put in hours and days to one single paper and most of the time, end up with nothing progressive. There are many criteria when it comes to writing a research paper and researching and finding the information alone does not finish the work. Instead you have to learn to write in the best format possible that will impress the readers and more importantly your instructor.

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Abortion Research Paper: Testing Ground.
Writing an abortion research paper is always challenging for two reasons; ethics and content. Abortion has ethical connotations an essay writer must address. Outsourcing this dilemma by investing in the cerebration of other established essayist makes for a good paper, but is a great disservice, both to the writer and the readers. Given the number of papers already written on this subject assuming different positions, it becomes difficult to introduce a new perspective on this issue.

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Assignment Persuasive Speech
Persuasion is real gift. Not everyone is able to persuade others. But it should be stressed that one can study this art if one really wants to. The main rule of persuasion is that you must be sure of the point you want to persuade others in. the best way for you to improve your persuasion skills is assignment persuasive writing. Try to write different persuasive essays of articles. You often get such tasks while studying.

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Writing an analytical essay
Writing an essay requires a certain level of commitment and great contribution. It is necessary to find few hours to devote to the task if you would like to write it properly and to get the highest grade. There are different types of essay. In the article we are going to highlight analytical essays as they are extremely common and many students have problems with this type of essay.

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About College Essay: Great Tips and Ideas
About College Essay: Great Tips and Ideas
College level essays are easy to write once if the students understand the required format and rules about college essay. This type of essays must follow some specific rules in order to make it successful. Students can write this type of essays successfully if they know the secrets about college essay.

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Objective Essays: Defining Terms before Writing
Objective Essays: Defining Terms before Writing
So, you are asked to prepare an objective essay, but it seems like you do not completely understand what “objective” actually means. Do you have to describe an object in the essay? Or, does “objective” refer to one of your qualities as a writer?

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Help with Persuasive Essays: 6 Aspects You Ought to Know
Help with Persuasive Essays: 6 Aspects You Ought to Know
Persuasive writing is one of the common types of assignments you face in school. It is also a type of writing that constantly causes some difficulties, no matter how many essays you have already prepared. This is why we suppose you will not mind getting free help with persuasive essays and useful tips.

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High-Powered Ideas for Popular Music Essays
High-Powered Ideas for Popular Music Essays
“Drop summin’, I ain’t gonna stop hunting
Run run till you’re spun
One shot One gun
1-1 emergency,
It’s murder, B
It’s excellent execution when I’m pulling the trigger”
“My Gun Go Off”, 50 Cent

Millions of people around the world cannot live without popular music. Somebody finds it just entertaining, while others find it even inspiring. What is your attitude to popular music? You have a chance to introduce it in your popular music essay.

Although the topic does not seem to be complicated, you still have no good ideas for your popular music essay. You realize that discussing the latest scandals involving Britney Spears is not what your teacher expects from popular music essays.

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Writing a Good Pharmacy Admission Essay
Pharmacy Admission Essay is an essential requirement in the pharmacy school admission process. It helps the admission committee members to evaluate the students’ suitability to follow the course. To enter the pharmacy school students shall have completed a college degree, but some schools ask for two years of undergraduate study. Admission to pharmacy schools is very competitive and the graduate school essay plays a key role in influencing the admission process. Therefore students have to put their maximum effort to submit the best admission essay. This essay should convince the admission committee, of the student’s suitability to be a part of the particular school. The students can be at ease when facing the interview if they have stated true facts in their pharmacy admission essays. Therefore, the first rule is do not provide inaccurate or false information in your essay deliberately. The admission essay topics has to be generally selected by the students from a list of prompts given by the pharmacy school.

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Term Paper Help with Choosing a Topic and Carrying out Research
Maybe, you do not need help with term papers right now, because the new academic year has just started, and hardly will you be asked to prepare a term paper right from the start. However, you definitely realize that the earlier you will get ready for completing such tasks as term papers, the fewer problems you will have afterwards.

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How to Write Admission Essays: Winning Strategies
How to write an admission essay so that to convince the committee that you are the right person to accept? How to persuade them that you are the best applicant?

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