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Think journaling is old fashioned? Think again. Are you having a hard time getting started on your article writing? Combine writers block with journaling to spark your article writing frenzy. Journaling is a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas, keeping your writing skills sharp, and for storing ideas and notes for future article pieces. To make the most of your journal, I suggest the following 4 tips to all article writers, beginning through advanced. 1) Get the right...

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Blogging is a passion and the same time an opportunity to get places. People who often find themselves searching for identity and purpose would be surprised at how blogging can make a difference for them. Indeed, it is something worth checking and people who love to write about anything should very well check it out. And now for the one qualifier. Content may be king, but content alone is like a figure-head king who talks a lot but doesn't get anything done. For the monarc...

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So, how much would you pay someone to sift through your email each morning, deleting the garbage and presenting you with the 5 (out of 500) emails you need to respond to? If you already have someone like that, lucky you! But if you don't, I bet this sounds like a dream. In the age of a constant flood of information, consumers will pay good money for a filter. So if you want to sell books, be the go-to person for your market. If you're wondering how to become a filter, giv...

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Size doesn?t matter. Such is the case with the memo. Isn?t it amazing how one relatively short document can be such a huge pain? Memos are an overlooked office document. We assume the least amount of words on a sheet of paper makes it least important. How wrong we are. Memos are as important as a ten-page business letter autographed by Brad Pitt. A poorly written memo can be irritating to readers (who really just want to get back to work) and damaging to the sender (who has n...

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Here's the question ? is it better to have a secondary plot or sub-plots? Here's another question, which as a reader, and then as a writer do you prefer? I think you have to have both. Subplot = A subordinate plot in fiction or drama. In our terms (A relating plot) Basically a hidden plot that some readers miss and writers don't know they have written, which helps bring the romance to the surface. Also known as twist and turns through out the romance. A secondary plo...

Download Plotting Secondary Versus Sub-Plots In Your Next Book.
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Guy de Maupassant is acknowledged through the world as one of the masters of the short story; Guy de Maupassant was also the author of a collection of poetry, a volume of plays, three travel journals, six novels, and many chronicles. He produced some three hundred short stories in the single decade from 1880 to 1890; a period during which he produced most of his other works.

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Talent of Ludwig vans Beethoven, who as one of the greatest composers of all time wrote most of his music while he was deaf! It seems impossible, but what a genius he was. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany on December 16, 1770. His mother died while he was a teenager and his father was very abusive and a crazy alcoholic. Beethoven came from a very musical family. His grandfather became a conductor and his father played and taught piano and violin.

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Custom Essay Writing Made Easy
Custom essay writing is your ticket to develop essential writing skills. It is always easier to write about something you have experienced yourself. You might be fond of a subject or a particular topic. It then becomes easy to write about it as your interest in it would generate ideas about the topic. If you go through some old coursework completed sometime in school, you would probably find some of your long-forgotten custom written essays.

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Sample Essay Prompts
Essays will always be a part of the school curriculum from grade school to PhD levels. If you have no idea what sample essay prompts are required, you may read on the following texts to learn how to identify articles that can help you build your own ideas in writing. Any essay topics can be covered from Macbeth essays to narrative types of articles, biology papers to literature essays. Keep in mind that custom term paper writing services may come at hand.

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Of Mice and Men Essays
Of mice and men is a powerful novella written by John Steinbeck. The novel is about the dilemmas of the main characters during the Great Depression particularly on a setting in California. Of mice and men was first published in 1937. The novel is a favorite among schoolteachers as a good reading material. However, there are also some criticisms about the possibility of censoring the novel due to vulgar and sometimes offensive words. Still, many teachers would like to require their students to write Of Mice and Men essays.

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Simplifying the Process of Writing an Archeology Essay
An archeology essay is not that too difficult to compose, actually, you only need the same instructions in writing an ordinary essay, the only difference is that you are targeting a topic about archeology. In this manner, you only need the three basic parts in writing an essay. Some essay outline examples may help but you do not need them anymore for I will list down these parts:
Introduction-the background of the essay topic. This part discusses the major reasons why the topic was chosen. It is also where the thesis statement belongs that will talk about the archeology essay idea.
Body-the discussion part of the essay. It can be composed of several paragraphs and will provide the details about the topic. You can partition the entire body according to your preference of discussing sub-topics.

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Essay Help and Other Writing Tips Just For You
Do you need essay help ? If you are looking for the right source of information in essay writing , then you have come to the right place. Let me tell you some of my secrets in writing a very effective essay. And mind you, all of the time, these guides work out for me. So sit back and take time to read some of my essay writing tips that all other essay writers tend to use.

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Research Paper Format  Make it Your Mantra to Follow and Write the Correct Format.
A good research paper format is equally important as the content matter of a thesis paper. Each research paper will have its own set standard of format which has to be strictly adhered to. The format and the referencing pattern generally depend on the instructions given by the professors/instructors. There are four main different formats that can be followed like the MLA, APA,Chicago and Harvard according to the requisites of the paper and subject.

Download Research Paper Format Make it Your Mantra to Follow and Write the Correct Format.
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Web Writing Services: Be Successful in the Internet
Web Writing Services: Be Successful in the Internet
The Internet is a separate world where the different rules work; in order to succeed, one needs to follow these rules. This article is devoted to the Web writing services which know these rules perfectly and can help you to get to the height of your success.

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Breakfast Essay: Ten Top Ideas for Students to Use in Papers
Breakfast Essay: Ten Top Ideas for Students to Use in Papers
A variety of topics students are usually assigned to discuss may surprise. Teachers try to make students think and to push them for creative and original thinking. That is why the topics for writing may sometimes even astonish. Breakfast essay is considered to be one of such topics.

Many students may be frustrated when they are asked to write a breakfast essay as they have no idea what they may discuss. This article is going to be of great help for such students.

Download Breakfast Essay: Ten Top Ideas for Students to Use in Papers
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Essays on Conflict: Power Keys to Completing Your Paper
Essays on Conflict: Power Keys to Completing Your Paper
Are you struggling with your essay on conflict? Do you think there is nothing to discuss?

Well, you are wrong! Conflict is a complex and versatile phenomenon that seems to be an integral part of our everyday life. This is why you can actually highlight quite a number of issues in your essay on conflict.

We are glad to provide several keys to completing papers on conflict.

Everyday conflicts

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Do You Refer to Sample MBA Application Essays?
Sample MBA Application Essays are useful for the students applying for graduate business schools, when they are required to write an application essay. The application essay allows the admission committees to get more information and facts about the applicant that cannot be seen from the application. The application essays have to be written as answers to essay questions asked by the school. These essay questions are designed to extract information that cannot be obtained from an application form. Students have to use the opportunity provided by MBA application essay to prove his/her suitability to be admitted to the MBA course at the particular business school.

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Scientific Essays: What Makes them Different
You have never prepared something like a scientific essay before and certainly have heaps of questions and vague points. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer all of your questions and provide all necessary explanations in a 300-word article. However, it is a good starting point for you.

Download Scientific Essays: What Makes them Different
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Persuading Essays: Things to Know about Them
Before we outline the main things one should know about persuading essays, let us remind you that the correct name of this type of papers is a persuasive essay. Anyway, no matter how you call it, your task boils down to persuading the reader of something, something that you feel strongly about.

Probably, from your personal experience you know that persuading people of something is not that easy. Writing good persuading essays is not easy as well. Thus, let us present several important points you should keep in mind when working on your own persuading essay.

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The Essentials of Writing Two-Page Essays
Do you have to prepare a two-page essay? It seems to be rather a simple and short assignment. Yet, if you do not know some peculiarities of writing 2-page essays, hardly will you be able to succeed.

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