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As more and more old-growth trees are cut down, and we face the reality of having to wait close to 100 years or more to replace them, the need to recycle paper becomes increasingly important. Paper, of course, includes books and magazines. Although paper products are nearly 100% biodegradable, it is pointless to send these resources to the dump to rot in the landfill when we can recycle and reuse them. More than any other material we hope to recycle, books and magazines...

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Overview When we write User Documents we rely on our Reader's/User's experience to simplify our work. This can cause problems for the Reader. This article will discuss the effects of Reader experience and how to minimize the negative effects of incompatible experience, and how to handle the writer's assumptions about the Reader. Writer's Benefits: Relying on Reader Experience When we write, we rely on our Reader's experience to give us a "starting point" for our User...

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You have a burning desire to work on you writing skills and all you need is a little hint to get stated. If you want to be successful, look through this article and see how one can reach a goal.

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Frank Zappa was an American singer, composer, arranger, guitarist, bandleader,

and all around musician who was one of the greatest iconoclastic musicians of

the 20th Century. He also produced over 60 albums in 30 years. Some considered

him to have demonstrated a mastery of pop idioms ranging from jazz to rock of

every conceivable variety. As astute an entrepreneur as he was a musician, he

was impatient with any division between popular and high art; he combined

scatological humor with political wit, required of his players an intimidating

skill, and displayed consistent innovation in instrumental and studio


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Essays on “Why We Should”: What to Talk about
Does your task to write an essay on “Why We Should” sound weird to you? Can you not get what your teacher expects? Well, it seems like your teacher is waiting for a mere persuasive essay on why we should or should not do something. These are just a few topic ideas for essays on “Why We Should”: * essays on “Why We Should Honor Veterans”;

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How Genes Work to Regulate Cell Activity essay
Protein structure determinations perfectly complement genomic information. The proteins revealed in these structures are marvelous molecular machines. Each consists of a chain of amino acids (or several chains) whose sequence is encoded in the genome.

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SAT Essay Topic
SAT essay topic preparation is often a dilemma for students, as it is based on general topics. SAT essay questions are prompts the offer students with directions to prepare for the test. They would do well by referring to the latest prompts on the College Board website. More importantly, the methods adapted to compile the essay would play a big role in getting high scores. An essay contains viewpoints of a writer about a topic. It has to be compiled in a unique style of writing that distinguishes the writer from the rest of the candidates.

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Cause And Effect Essay Paragraph – Essential Inputs
A cause and effect essay paragraph should have the essential inputs to present a compelling message to readers. Often, the introduction carries the very important thesis statement that attracts readers, if it is compelling enough. The other paragraphs are also important and need to be interesting to retain reader interest. There are many ways you can write a paragraph. Some write it spontaneously without reference, while others need help to write an effective paragraph. Some essential inputs have been listed below to save time and effort.

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Create A Ready-Made Narrative Essay Format
A narrative essay format can help in many ways, the most useful being it saves time. You may have many issues about adapting to an essay format, if you were to pick up a suggested format without understanding how it works. You need to develop a format which works for you. You can do this by resorting to certain techniques that always work. In time, you would get to a point when writing becomes easy as you use your own ready-made narrative essay format. Here are some other methods you can use to save time.

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Death Penalty Essay
The death penalty has been used throughout history, and has evolved from stoning women to death in Afghanistan for committing adultery to giving lethal injections in the U.S. to serial killers (Amnesty International). Today, the death penalty is reserved only for the absolute worst criminals, but that could change if the anti-death penalty fanatics that are so prominent in today’s media have their way. They claim that the death penalty is barbaric, unconstitutional, and should be banned. This view is the most prominent in the media when in fact 75% of Americans support the use of the death penalty (Koch 561).

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Lord of the Flies Essay
Lord of the Flies by William Golding was written just after World War II. It is the classic story of a group of boys stranded on an island attempting to build a society. The Lord of the Flies has faced its share of criticism from many writers. One such writer, R.C. Townsend, criticizes Golding’s work in “The Lord of the Flies: Fool’s Gold”. Townsend argues that children should not be reading Golding’s work because his views on the defects of human nature are ludicrous. Also, he argues that Golding contradicts his main theme in the conclusion of novel.

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Essay Helper
What is an essay helper? There are a lot of explanations of this meaning. Some people consider this word as “free resource” or “free essay database” where students can find necessary information for their essay writing. This instructions and tips offered free of charge can be used to improve their essay writing assigned in High school, College or University (Undergraduate, Graduate, Master’s or Ph.D. academic course levels) by teachers and professors. In other meaning “essay helper” is considered to be an essay writing service or essay company which custom-write essays with professional approach.

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Essay in Hindi
Did you enroll in a language class? To be more specific, are you taking a Hindi language course? If you answer yes to both questions, then most probably you will soon be writing an essay in Hindi. Most teachers require their students to write an essay during the course of the semester or academic year. Essay writing is technically one of the best ways to test the communication and writing skills of the students. Moreover, it constitutes a large portion of the student’s final grade. So let us discuss the possible ways you can write an essay in Hindi.

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Reflective Essay
If you have a chance to write a reflective essay, would you do it? It seems that not so many students know how to write a reflective essay. That is why we will talk about the procedures involved in writing a reflective essay so that you can also start composing your own paper. However, before we talk about the basic steps in writing this article, let us first define what a reflective essay is.

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Sample Research Paper-Guide Material for Your Research Document
A sample research paper is something that you need to use if you are unfamiliar with writing essays that provide information. In high school, essay papers may tackle subjects that are related to the intention of the writer. For example, an essay format in the medical field can be written as an abortion essay or a dental related article. But since writing an essay with a research concept may also be required, you need to familiarize yourself with the concepts of using some example files for reference.

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Tips for writing an essay
Writing an essay requires the writer to express well so that the article he is writing appeals to his readers. For this he needs to follow certain steps. First he has to choose a good topic. The writer must remember to choose a writing topic he has knows well. Next step would be to explore the chosen topic well. It will be his first duty to imbibe as much as possible information on the topic by doing a through research work on it. As one learns more, his knowledge level increases too. Internet is one such place where information on almost everything is available.

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Methodology Writing for your Research Paper
Before you carry out your research, you have to analyze the rationale and feasibility of particular methods for a given study. This is normally written in your research proposal, while the explanation for the methods undertaken is written in the research paper methodology. Different kinds of issues require different forms of approach during data collection and processing with in a given research exercise. These are exactly what the researcher handles in his/her methodology writing.

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Process and Procedure Essay Example – Get an Expert Guidance
A process and procedure essay gives a detailed explanation of the sequence of events as they unfold in a process involved. It aims to explain a definite process or procedure through a series of steps or sequences and helps the student to learn how to develop logical thinking and reasoning skills while discussing them, gradually as they unfold. A process essay generally describes a procedure in so much detail and with so much thoroughness that the entire sequencing becomes clear to the reader and no questions remain to be asked.

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Guidelines for Writing Essays about Books
Guidelines for Writing Essays about Books
Writing essays about books is probably one of the most fascinating tasks you may face at school. Why fascinating? Well, it seems that the process of writing essays on books brings you into some other world full of fantasy and imagination.

Unfortunately, your imagination is not enough to make a good essay about a book. However, our guidelines can help you learn writing essays on books. They are presented below.
Collect sources

The number of sources you have to use for writing essays on books depends on your academic level. Sometimes, students do not have to use any additional sources. They just write about something they strongly believe in or just express their impression of a certain book. If though, you have to use some sources, you will certainly look for them on the Web. However, you should be careful: not all Web sources are reliable!

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Using Precise Words for Expressing One’s Ideas
Most students are known to be rather quick-witted. A learner will hardly admit the fact that he/she does not know the answer. He/she would rather beat around the bush, say a lot of general phrases not getting to the point at all. Professors are induced to prevent these attempts of cheating. 1 page essay could be an effective method for measuring the learners’ achievements. Notwithstanding the first impression, this assignment is not that easy. Learners have to collect their thoughts and find concise words for expressing their ideas. 1 page essay presupposes meeting the same requirements as longer papers do.

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