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I submit articles to a lot of article directories and through http://www.isnare.com. A lot of the articles are my own, but most of them are ghostwritten for clients. Isnare and other article directories do an ok job of tracking how many views your article has had at their directory, but that's where it stops. Plus, once you submit to any article directory, how do you know where else that article was reprinted? Clients ask me about this all the time. Sure, you can search...

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Describes essential steps in the writing and composing of two most popular types of the essays- Process essay and personal statement essay.

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You want to write better, more engaging articles and content right? You want to get your message across and you want your call to action?.actioned right? I am no writing expert, but I can tell you one thing, the secret to writing better starts with one tiny word?.. YOU! Your readers (And maybe your potential clients/customers) read what you have written for a reason. They read because they want to gain something from it. THEY want to gain something. They are not interested...

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At least 50% of all adults and children are exposed to a psychologically traumatic event (such as a life-threatening assault or accident, humanmade or natural disaster, or war). As many as 67% of trauma survivors experience lasting psychosocial impairment, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); panic, phobic, or generalized anxiety disorders; depression; or substance abuse.(Van der Kolk, et al, 1994) Symptoms of PTSD include persistent involuntary re-experiencing of traumatic distress, emotional numbing and detachment from other people, and hyperarousal (irritability, insomnia, fearfulness, nervous agitation). PTSD is linked to structural neurochemical changes in the central nervous system which may have a direct biological effect on health, such as vulnerability to hypertension and atherosclerotic heart disease; abnormalities in thyroid and other hormone functions; increased susceptibility to infections and immunologic disorders; and problems with pain perception, pain tolerance, and chronic pain.(Fesler, 1991) PTSD is associated with significant behavioral health risks, including smoking, poor nutrition, conflict or violence in intimate relationships, and anger or hostility.

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Seneca are among the most respected and feared. The Seneca are culturally similar to their Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, an Mohawk confederates. The five tribes were known as the Five Nations or the League of Five Nations. Sometime between 1715 and 1722 the Tuscaroras from North Carolina joined the confederacy and changed the name to the Six Nations.

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Martial law has been declared in Pakistan three times. In the first instance President Iskander Mirza abrogated the Constitution in 1958 and declared martial law over the country. The second instance was when General Yahya Khan declared martial law in March 1969 after Mirza's successor, General Ayub Khan handed over power to him. The third instance of martial law was declared by the General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.

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There are many restaurants tries to increase their revenue nowadays. Restaurants struggled to find the appropriate way to reduce their cost and increase their profit. The restaurant business can be considered similar with the hotel or airline industry, therefore the use of revenue management can be implemented also in the restaurant business. In fact, many restaurants have used various types of revenue management practices, in order to achieve higher profit.

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Everyone shops and usually on a daily basis. Whether you're at the grocery store, at the mall or online. Shopping conveys every emotion. Shopping has been present in the United States since the day we arrived. In the sixteen and seventeen hundreds, people traded items for other items until 1862 when the United States bills were first printed. Now we carry cash, checks and credit cards.

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E - Commerce
Thanks to new technologies and rapidly increasing Web access, the selling of Johnson and Johnson products have went up dramatically. Last year, very few European retailers were taking orders on the Web, but this year has seen phenomenal growth. One reason is simply that more potential consumers are connected to the Web. On-line access almost doubled in Europe this year.

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Essay Conclusion – Simple Guidelines
An essay conclusion is written with just one intention, which is to summarize what was written earlier in the essay. In an argumentative essay, it would summarize the arguments. In a descriptive essay, it would remind readers with a brief description. Care should be taken not to deviate from the earlier content. The content would have been researched and elaborated in the essay. In the conclusion, the research is just condensed and the main points highlighted. Students are allowed the freedom to phrase the essay in any way they want. There is no hard and fast rule.

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Do You Want to Write An Analytical Essay?
What is an analytical essay? As the name suggests, it analysis the topic you have chosen like a poem, play, or story. All of these have parts that need to be analyzed individually to complete the whole. You might elaborate on a particular aspect of a poem. You might support or argue on a particular point and indulge in critical appreciation when required.

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Forensic Science Essay
A Chicago native, Kathleen J. Reichs is an award winning international bestseller, winner of the 1997 Ellis award for best first novel. Her novel Deja Dead was only the first in a series of books. She went on to write four more novels: Death du Jour, Deadly Decisions , Fatal voyage and Grave Secrets. Kathy Reichs is a internationally recognized forensic anthropologist working on cases around the world, from examining the tomb of the unknown soldier, and working at ground zero, New York, to being an expert witness between Charlotte and Montreal were she currently divides her time.

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You Need Essay Assistance
Do you know where to get essay assistance from the internet? It is a very good thing to know because sometimes, we will run out of motivation to write our papers. It is also possible that you won’t be able to compose your essay because of lack of time and energy.
You should understand that some easy essays can be written in a few minutes. But what if you are going to write a term paper, research paper or an essay research document?

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Page style and In-Text Citation in an MLA Research Paper
An MLA research paper is one of the many types of articles that follow a citation principle defined by the academic world. If you are going to write an essay, you should at least have an idea how to build the structures of articles based on the American Language Association’s principles. Let us take a look at how a research proposal example can be written in an MLA format.

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A Basic Thing to Learn Is How to Write Research Proposal
It is important to learn how to write research proposal for any research paper. A research proposal is something that intends to convince the reader that you have a worthwhile research project and the skill and talent to produce a wonderful and unique research paper. In general, this research proposal will contain the important research elements of your paper and sufficient information for the reader to evaluate your paper. When and if you are applying for a Masters degree or a PhD, then it is necessary for you to include a research proposal in your paper.

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Essay Titles to Help Your Essay Be Focused and Directed
Essay Titles to Help Your Essay Be Focused and Directed
If you are writing an essay, you must be thinking about the content and the structure of the essay as well. However, you should also remember to write essay titles for the essay that would indicate the direction that your essay is taking and announce a purpose to the readers of your essay.

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What Is a Dissertation? Real Experiences Are Better than Definitions
What Is a Dissertation? Real Experiences Are Better than Definitions
What is a dissertation? It is an easy question to answer if you take any dictionary and find its official definition. And, all official definitions are almost the same. They say that a dissertation “is a lengthy, formal document that should be written by a candidate to complete the requirements for the doctoral degree”.

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Public Speaking Essays: Learn Writing Speeches
Public Speaking Essays: Learn Writing Speeches
you are expected to prepare a kind of speech. What is more, usually public speaking essays end up in a public presentation of your paper.

If your task to write such public speaking essay puzzles you, we are glad to provide some explanations on how to manage your assignment.

The gist of public speaking

Before you get down to writing your public speaking essay, make sure you understand the nature of public speaking. What are the main reasons why people deliver speeches?

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Essays on Genetics – Free Ideas in 3 Minutes
Essays on Genetics – Free Ideas in 3 Minutes
What a wonderful science this genetics is! We are sure you are really into it and dream to become a famous genetics researcher one day.

However, even the most dedicated students sometimes lack ideas for their papers. We suppose this is about you and your genetics essay. Besides, most probably your essay on genetics is due tomorrow, which makes you nervous.

Well, real genetics researchers never give up! What we suggest you do right now is read this article, which will take you about 3 minutes, and get absolutely free ideas for essay papers on genetics.

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Essays on DNA: If You Do not Have a Plan for Writing
Are you stumped a little with your task to prepare an essay on DNA? Or, do you have more serious problems with your paper? If so, then let us try to figure out what your exact troubles are and how to solve them quickly.

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