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If you are serious about improving your writing quality and productivity then you need to spend time analyzing your personal writing process. You might be surprised by what you learn--and I know you can put the knowledge to good use.

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When my first book (The Cliffhanger) was published nearly seven years ago, I had high hopes of its success. I mean I am, after all, a PR person ? so how hard could it be to market fiction? Granted, up till that point I hadn't taken on a lot of fiction ? well, to be honest I hadn't taken any fiction. Fiction is tough and everyone knows it. But now I was going to get my chance, and what better way to start than on my own book? When The Cliffhanger hit the #1 spot on Amazon it w...

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You?ve just finished interviewing for your dream job. There?s nothing more you can do than wait for the phone to ring, right? Wrong. To really increase your chances of getting a job offer, you need to follow up with an effective interview thank you letter. If written correctly, an effective interview thank you letter can be used to separate you from your competition. Remember, the main point of sending a thank you letter after an interview is help you to stand out in the e...

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Dr. Jonas Salk commissioned Louis Kahn to design the Salk Institute of Biological Research near La Jolla, California. Salk believes that medical research should not be confined to science alone. In response to Salk's view, Kahn saw the possibility of uniting art and architecture with the functional aspect of the design. He agrees with Salk that someone with a mind in art, like himself, could contribute in creating a mental environment of scientific research. Kahn's pursue of this vision is apparent in his design process.

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To hope for the end of history is human. To expect it to happen is unrealistic. To plan for it is disastrous. (Huntington, 43) These are the closing sentences in Samuel Huntington s critical response to Francis Fukuyama s essay on the end of history. The theory of endism, hypothesized by Fukuyama, is not convincing because he over looks the challenges presented, ignores the proceedings in much of the world and doesn t account for natural human tendencies.

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Many of us are use to hearing about the “War on Drugs” or Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), but not every day we hear about groups trying to stop mothers from killing their unborn child. The method that these mothers are using to kill or permanently hurt their unborn child is by using drugs during their pregnancy. Should these women go to jail for murdering or should they get help and pretend that nothing happened? Like every situation in our life, we must do what is right, and we must fight for what we know is right.

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Frank Zappa was an American singer, composer, arranger, guitarist, bandleader,

and all around musician who was one of the greatest iconoclastic musicians of

the 20th Century. He also produced over 60 albums in 30 years. Some considered

him to have demonstrated a mastery of pop idioms ranging from jazz to rock of

every conceivable variety. As astute an entrepreneur as he was a musician, he

was impatient with any division between popular and high art; he combined

scatological humor with political wit, required of his players an intimidating

skill, and displayed consistent innovation in instrumental and studio


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Future essay
Did you ever wonder what might happen tomorrow or in a couple of years? We can predict it but we can’t be admissible. We are human beings and prediction is the highest we can get. We are not some Astonishing Future machines. We are all considered ordinary people because if you will look at people that surround you, you probably wouldn’t see the difference between you and others.

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Abortion: Which Way is the Right Way?
When it comes to something as controversial and personal as abortion there are many opinions that can be perceived differently and there are two different sides to it, Pro-choice and Pro-life. Sometimes it depends on how somebody is brought up and their religious background or it can just be something as simple as personal preference or opinion.

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Write Term Papers For High Scores
It is important to write term papers that help students improve their overall scores in class. Papers written by professionals give us the feeling that it would get high scores in a competitive environment. The possibility of compiling the same high quality papers that stand apart from mediocre content is very much possible for students as well.

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Essay on Sartre
Jean Paul Sartre was born in Paris in 1905. He was the first child of a marriage between his parents of about over a year. His father, Jean-Baptiste, had died from an infection contracted while he served in the French navy when his son was still very young. Jean Paul grew up in the home of his grandfather, Karl Schweitzer along with his mother, Anne-Marie in Paris.

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English Term Paper Topics
Every student in his academic carrier comes across the situation when he has to write term papers. So, it is very important for each and every student to acquire skills to write English term papers. English term papers vary as they cover different topics, levels and styles. A broad understanding about the different term papers is needed in order to score good grades. English term papers need broad area of study. Your English term paper can be related to different academic fields. An English term paper can be persuasive, ethnographical or can be based on literature works.

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Starting an Essay
Do you know how to start with your essay project? It seems that most students have problems in starting an essay. That is why we will talk about it in this article. It is not hard to build an essay and write the starting parts of it. You can actually find many resource materials online that will teach you how to start an essay. But you should not look any further because this article will give you the basic info about writing the starting parts of an article. Before we begin let us first talk about the three basic parts of an essay. These are the introduction, body and the conclusion. Of course, you already know that starting an essay will happen in the Introduction paragraph. Therefore, we will concentrate on this part and discuss the things that it should involve.

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Short Essay Writing
It is a relaxing way to write an article if the teacher only requires a short essay-writing task. For all its simplicity, you can have a fun way to deliver what you want to tell your readers. A short essay still has to follow the same procedures in writing an essay in a regular way. However, since we call it short essay, it means thou can write it in a very short way. This does not necessarily mean that you can write a lousy article. It will still involve the same skills and writing abilities that you already know in terms of writing a normal essay. The only thing that differentiates it form others is the length. So what are the basics in short essay writing?

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Documented Essay
A documented essay is a highly technical article. If you are used to writing different academic essays like opinion essay or a comparative essay, you need to divert your attention from their formats and find a new structure. It is not easy to write a documented essay but it is always possible to find guide materials. We will give you some tips how to survive this school paper.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay
What is the main reason why teachers require Romeo and Juliet essay writing? Is it simply just for personal fun? Or is it beneficial for the students? Apparently, the answers to these questions lie on the fact that essay writing is a good way to enhance the skills of the students in at least two major education segments. First is that they will be able to learn how to write effectively in a coherent manner. Second, this type of activity allows them to do researches to find additional info about a topic.

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Essays on Conflict Resolution: Where to Start off
Essays on Conflict Resolution: Where to Start off
conflict? Or, probably, you did not find a solution, because you simply did not know how to come up with it.

Then, writing an essay on conflict resolution will be an extremely useful exercise for you and all other students who do not know the main principles of conflict resolution. By the way, there are a lot of popular methods and instruments that help solve conflicts and that you can discuss in the conflict resolution essay. One of them, for instance, is Thomas-Kilman model of solving conflicts.

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Essays on Japan: Discussing the “Land of the Rising Sun”
Essays on Japan: Discussing the “Land of the Rising Sun”
Japan is mostly associated with Japanese ancient traditions, samurai, geisha, ninja and Japanese unbelievable technologies, futuristic gadgets, anime, etc.

Issues to highlight in essays on Japan are endless. Most probably, this particular fact puzzles you and you cannot decide what to cover in your Japan essay.

We will try to help you and offer possible topic ideas for essays on Japan.

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Writing a Unique Life Experience Essay
Life experience essay is not only a narrative essay that relates a life experience of the writer and it can be used as a personal statement when applying for college or university entrance. Students should select an experience that is either very interesting or an experience that has changed the life of the writer. The experience selected by the writer has to be unusual so that it interests the reader as well. The life experience essay has to be based on something that the student actually experienced. Student can make the experience a little more interesting by adding things or changing the setting etc.

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An Essay on Respect: Several Ideas to Present in Your Paper
Frank Barron said once, “Never take a person’s dignity: it worth everything to them, and nothing to you”. This quote may become a perfect source of inspiration to start writing your essay on respect. Sometimes it is very difficult to comprehend what it means to respect each other and why the idea of respect and dignity plays such a serious role in human life.

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