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In Nancy Mairs essay about being crippled, she uses rhetorical features such as tone, diction, and word choice to express her feelings towards her disability. These features also allow Mair to achieve her purpose of providing insight on her life as a cripple, while offering and explanation of the word. Throughout Mairs essay, she sets a certain tone of seriousness. Her seriousness, however, can be some what viewed as harshness to a certain level.

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essay
The title, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, evokes a feeling of muffled hope. The reader can easily relate to the metaphor of a caged bird that moves on through life and tries to make the best of it. Although Maya Angelou had a life containing vulgarity and ugliness, she rose above her unfortunate situation and lived her life to the fullest. She continued on after being raped, being stabbed by her stepmother, and even becoming a teenage mother. The adversity gave her strength, and the diversity of family and environment resulted in her knowledge of the world and people around her. The most contrasting people in her life were her grandmother, Momma, and her mother, Mother Dear.

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Charismatic Leadership Research Paper
Many leaders, past and present, have been identified as charismatic leaders. The author explains the history of charismatic leadership and its characteristics. Different charismatic leaders and their leadership characteristics are discussed. An explanation of the characteristics and behaviors of followers of charismatic leaders is discussed. Cultural and situational charismatic leaders are explained and why certain individuals originate as leaders. A comparison and relationship between transformational, transactional, and charismatic leadership styles is discussed.

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Marilyn Monroe Essay
Marilyn Monroe. When someone mentions this name, a beautiful blonde, glamorous, sexy girl who doesnt look too clever would probably be the image that comes up in everyones mind, but is that the truth? Is that what she really was like or was it just an image created by the media? There are many opinions about the details of her life and many different rumours and theories about her mysterious death. But no matter to what truly did happened to her, this woman was one of the biggest influential person of the 20th Century to many people around the world.

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Essay on Ambition
Ambition a passion that never fails you and will never let you fail it, and this is why it will ultimately cause the downfall of the individual. In the novel Frankenstein and in the Play Macbeth, ambition is the main theme in these two pieces. Both Victor and Macbeth had great dreams of accomplishing certain things that defy a higher order. Ambition drove both of them to strive for what they want and never give up on their dreams. Ambition without doubt help or even single handling brought Macbeth and Victor to their dreams.

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The Odyssey: by Homer
When we talk about epic poems, no other piece of literature finds as spectacular a position in the Greek Culture as do The Iliad and The Odyssey. Being the author of both these classic works, Homer has influenced the ancient Greek civilization more profoundly than Shakespeare has influenced English literature. These two epics provide the basis of Greek education and culture throughout the classical age and form the backbone of humane education down to the time of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity. (Encyclopedia Britannica 2005).

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How to Write a Dissertation
How to write a dissertation is the question that has probably been the cause of many sleepless nights for you. Writing a dissertation is not difficult at all, as long as you remember some rules that guarantee a good dissertation for you.
You may have had awful experiences while writing dissertations, but have you ever noticed why you keep getting only Cs and Ds in your dissertation assignments, when the guy sitting next to you gets an A+ every time with half the effort than you?

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The Efficacy And Advantages Of Inserting Foreign Genes Into The Chloroplastic Genome Instead Of The Nuclear Genome
This paper will discuss the efficacy and advantages of inserting foreign genes into the chloroplastic genome instead of the nuclear genome. It will also cover in depth elaboration of relevant issues by using named examples.In DNA, adjacent nucleotides are joined by the phosphate between the 5′ carbon atom of the sugar of one nucleotide and the 3′ carbon atom of the sugar in the adjoining nucleotide. In DNA, one side of the double helix terminates in a 3′ end while the other side, aligned in the opposite direction (antiparallel), terminates in a 5′ end.

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Knowing How to Write Essay Outline is Mandatory if One Wishes to Produce an A Level Paper.
Essay writing is an essential thing for all students and there is practically no student who has not written one in his school or college life. Mastering the job of preparing the perfect essay with the correct essay format requires both time and patience and involves a lot of practice and hard work. The first step in a writing a good essay involves the the forming of a perfect essay outline. So for a student, be it for term paper writing or research paper writing for a thesis project it is extremely important to learn how to write essay outline.

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Analytical Essay Tips
The main purpose of analytical essay writing is to examine writers ideas on the information read and his/her response to the reading done. Analytical essay writing requires reading some books, journals, or documents central to the thesis statement that the writer is researching. So, in this article, you will find some useful recommendations on how to write good analytical essays.

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Research Paper Citation
Research Paper Citation
Research papers on certain subjects and levels require different research paper citation styles. The task of every student is to know the peculiarities, appropriate for the chosen research paper citation style.


APA abbreviation stands for the American Psychological Association. If you want to create a research paper on the topics connected to Psychology, Education, Law or other social sciences, APA is what you need.

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Everything You Want to Know about Debate Essays
Everything You Want to Know about Debate Essays
How should you write a debate essay? It seems to be quite a complicated question for those who face this task for the first time. Is it an argumentative or a persuading essay? So, what do you have to introduce in your debate essay?

We understand that you might have many other questions about debate essays. We are ready to answer them in this article.

So, what are debate essays all about?

A debate essay can be defined as your response to some scientific articles devoted to a certain problem. What is more, in these articles you will find different opinions on one and the same problem.

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Critical Lens Essay
A critical lens essay is a type of essay or format of writing that involves narratives. The essay can consist of several paragraphs but the usual size would be five. If you are going to write a critical lens essay, then let us discuss the different things that you need to know about it. Many students find it hard to write such an essay so let us become the simplifier of this task

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Writing a College Entrance Essay
Writing a college entrance essay is a must for students when applying for admission to a college. College entrance essay is a requirement in the college entrance application process. Students are required to write an essay on a topic given by the college or a topic selected by the student as an answer to a question asked by the college. The topics and the questions are designed so that the responses can help the selection committee members to evaluate the students character traits, choices, preferences and viewpoints.

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Firefighter Essays: Ways of Completing your Paper
Well, you know that a firefighter is a heroic profession and firefighters are courageous and generous people who may sacrifice their life for the sake of others. Yet, you have no idea what the best way to complete your firefighter essay would be.

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Essays on The Crucible: How to Analyze the Play
The Crucible is a famous play by Arthur Miller written in 1953. The play is based on the events of 1692-1693, which took place in Massachusetts and that are known as Salem witch trials.

We are sure that work on this mysterious story will be an exciting experience, and you will end up with an outstanding essay on The Crucible. Hope you have finished reading the play, because it is one of the main keys to preparing successful essays on The Crucible.

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Essays on Alcoholism: Free Ideas to Consider
Terrible hangover and headache, shaking hands, and a strong desire to drink, at least one bottle of beer these symptoms repeat day after day. After a while, there are less friends and close people around. One day, there is no job because no one wants to hire an alcoholic.

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Customized Papers: Chances of Being Caught
Your chances of being caught using a customized paper and many other things are disturbing you right now, since you want to order a customized paper and submit it as your own work.

Well, do not worry! Millions of students do this at least once in their academic life. And it is true that customized papers saved a lot of students lives.

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How to Develop a Powerful Essay on An Inspector Calls
Many students find An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly rather a complicated play to discuss. Writing a powerful essay on An Inspector Calls might seem to be even more complicated. However, you definitely need a good grade, and we know how to get it.

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