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There are hundreds of articles out there telling you how to succeed as a freelance writer - and they're all good. But sometimes instead of telling what you should be doing, it's far quicker and easier to tell you what you shouldn't be doing.

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There is a lot riding on having that perfect resume and that perfect cover letter. It could mean the difference that perfect job or a mediocre job that you aren?t really that happy at. It?s no wonder that the pressure of writing a good resume and cover letter is a little intimating to job hunters everywhere. Millions of job hunters turn to books promising to provide them with the tools to write that perfect resume. People spend hundreds of dollars on computer software that is...

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Got knowledge? Got an enthusiastic target market? Then there's no reason to stick to books, ebooks, audios and videos to convey your expertise. Many more creative options abound, and give you the chance to entice an unsure buyer to make an initial purchase as well as have something appealing for followup sales. Creative packaging also gives you a significantly better shot at magazine and web publicity. Years ago, for example, I reformatted the contents of an audiotape as a...

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Like most creative professions the question of a qualified success in writing is not easy to concentrate into one definitive answer. Just as there are a multitude of writing styles, so too are there many examples of writing success. Examples 1. "If I can just finish my first story, I will have success." 2. "If I can just work up the courage to submit this to a publisher, I will have success." 3. "If I can actually receive a check in the mail for a magazine article,...

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African Americans continue to have high levels of poverty compared to European Americans. What are the causes of these problems, and what are some possible remedies for the future? How are African American women faced with even more discrimination than African American men? There's an old saying that you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've come from. To explore our options of improving social justice in the future, we must first take a look at our past.

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"HER ORIGINAL NAME was Patricia Neal"(Reynolds1), but the author of Fried Green Tomatoes is better known under the alias: Fannie Flagg. In the novel Fried Green Tomatoes she uniquely compares the modern day world to the world in the early and the middle 1900s. As the novel shifts from the 1930s to the 1980s the significance of life is seen through two of the main characters, Mrs. Cleo Threadgoode and Evelyn Couch, as life ends and begins. Fannie Flagg shows that living life to its fullest indeed has its consequences, but is the only way to live a happy life without regrets.

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The muscular dystrophies are a heterogeneous group of genetic musclular diseases, which have three features in common: they are hereditary, they are progressive (ie get worse over time) and each produces a characteristic selective pattern of weakness of muscle groups. (Engel 1994)

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INTRODUCTION: Bacteria, in general, reproduce asexually, but in order to increase diversity, they have developed a mechanism for transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another. The ability to perform this transfer is conferred by a set of genes which are called F for 'fertility.' These genes exist on a small, circular piece of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that replicates independently from the bacterial chromosome, or they can be integrated into the chromosome. The bacterium containing this gene (sometimes referred to as 'male' or F+) extends its pilus to a neighboring bacterium (sometimes referred to as 'female' or F-), and the two cells are attached. This process is called conjugation.

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"Don t give up, don t ever give up."("Jim Valvano"1) This quote was made famous by Jim Valvano in the last couple years of his life. Though Jimmy V knew that he would soon die, he was still able to use this quote in the waning moments of his life. He had the never give up kind of attitude. One that many people try and emulate today. In my opinion though, he was the pinnacle of this style of living. Jim Valvano will always be remembered as one of sports greatest heroes because of the life that he lived, for his tremendous courage, and leadership on and off the court.

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Lufthansa was launched through the buying of 737 jets from Boeing. They were the first one's to do so and because of this they are now the leading airline out of Germany (Wikipedia, 1). "Lufthansa operates more than 300 aircraft and employs nearly 100,000 people world-wide. In 2005, 51.3 million passengers flew with Lufthansa (Wikipedia, 1)."

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Essay on Friendship
Friendship is defined in million ways. Friendship is a relationship that has many dimensions and styles. Friendship can be of between any two or persons and there is no compulsion of age, gender, geography, race, creed or nationality. People living in a house or living in this world are equally to prone to this relationship of friendship. Friendship has no boundaries and no limits.

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The Pavlovian Model in Preparedness Theory
Pavlovian conditioning is basic to learning and is obviously a critical factor in the acquisition of phobias. This model assumes that all members of a species share a common set of reflexes, hard-wired responses to certain stimuli. These unconditional reflexes are critical to survival. Pavlovian conditioning, which relies on these reflexes, or the stimulus-response relationship, has been shown to be fundamental to learning such that all animals learn to adapt to their environment based on this concept.

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Student Essay
A student essay is actually a single generic type of an essay that encompasses a wide domain of interest. Such a condition can let you become a good writer because you are free to write anything that comes into your mind whether it is about a topic interest or a goal. So if you have a good essay topic, you can start preparing to write about it.

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Guidelines to Write MBA Essays
MBA essays are a part of application essays necessary for applying into any of the business schools and colleges. These types of academic essays that form a part of the application procedure, is something a student has control over and can use it well to impress his readers. The selection committee uses these essays to judge you as a person and how well you can stand apart from the rest, in the qualitative aspect. Your quantitative aspect is clear from your report card, marks and other references.

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GED Essay Topic
GED or General Education Development is the evaluation process that a student needs to undergo before completing high school studies and setting off for the college. These tests are conducted to see whether the students have achieved the standard set by the American or Canadian board of education for the high school level. This testing procedure consists of five major subjects on which the students are evaluated. These are science, mathematics, social sciences, reading and writing. The writing part consists of writing essays. Selecting the correct GED essay topic for the test is very important to get good marks in the writing section.

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Analytical Essay Formatting
To follow directly the correct analytical essay format is very important, it is like writing a good analytical
essay. It is better to understand the format first and that start writing the essay. The common front style for this type of essay is Times New Roman or Arial size 12.
Analytical Essay Formatting Give Your Essay The Perfect Look

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Informal essay
Sometimes, teachers will simply request the students to write an essay where they can be what they want to be. Sounds familiar? Well this is a kind of essay that does not give any restrictions to the writer. It is an informal essay. Students really love writing this essay because they can write just about anything. Moreover, they have the freedom to include any thoughts, formatting styles and techniques in writing that they want. In this case, we will discuss how you can write an informal essay.

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Imagery Essay
It is quite unusual for students to include pictures in their essays. While it is possible to include pictures and photos in an essay, there are certain limitations to it. However, for a process in writing imagery essay, the main concept is to write an essay that will discuss something about an image. It is not always necessary that you include a photo in your essays body. However, if you are going to write an imagery essay, it may be appropriate to include at least a small version of the image in reference. Let us discuss how you can write an imagery essay.

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Giving a Brilliant Oral Book Report
Do you think you have a talent for giving speeches but you did not have an opportunity to reveal it? Or, probably, your classmates think that all you can talk about is shops/sports/cars, etc.

Well, you have a chance to prove that giving speeches is one of your strong points. However, before that you need to find out some secrets of giving brilliant oral book reports and prepare one.
What is an oral book report about?

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Things that a Novice Research Proposal Writer Should Consider
If you need to write a research proposal, most likely you expect to get some funding for conducting your research. Do you know what it means? It means that writing your research proposal will turn into a total persuading. Yes, you will have to persuade people to give away their money!

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