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Writing Articles and submitting them to article directories have become extremely popular in recent times. The question that is uppermost in the mind of an author is "Will my article be picked up by other webmasters and published in their website?" "Will the readers click the link in the resource box and visit my website?" If this does not materialize then the time and energy spent on writing articles will be in vain. On the other hand if your article had the right recip...

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MBA Application Essays: How to Get into a Business School
Do you know why your application to an MBA program will be more complicated than other applications? The reason is simple. These days, competition is really tough. Too many people want to be successful businessmen or managers and thus apply to MBA programs. Therefore, you can be sure that almost every applicant will have high GMAT scores, will have perfect letters of recommendation, and big lists of various accomplishments, extracurricular activities, etc.

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The first episode, "Gumbo" traces the roots of jazz from the 1800s to 1917, looks at the earliest days of jazz starting in New Orleans, where diverse influences and traditions pooled together. Ken Burns uses historical fact and personal accounts to illuminate the story of jazz and how it coincided with the maturation of America. Jazz roots itself in New Orleans for its first installment, Gumbo.

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Animal Essay
An animal essay on the pets we keep at home or those we see at the zoo would certainly bring back fond memories of our childhood. More often than not, a pet is brought home to offer company and amuse children. Slowly, their endearing nature makes them a part of our homes. Dogs, cats, and even leopards have been tamed. They have adjusted to the human way of living. Dog training has become part of rearing the pet. For those in the cities, it has become a daily routine to take them for a walk with a potty kit in hand.

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Research Paper on Pharmacy
A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is a expert on pharmaceutical drugs and how they act to fight disease and improve the heath of the patient. Pharmacists are responsible for the implementation of drug therapy with the intention of improving the quality of a patient’s life. Some examples of such improvements include curing diseases, reducing or eliminating a patient’s symptoms, slowing the process of a disease, and preventing disease. A pharmacist works with patients and other healthcare professionals in order to design, implement, and monitor a drug therapy plan specifically designed for that patient.

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Why is it Important to Write Essays?
Writing essays is like studying your soul. Have you ever wondered why do teachers and professors give you this bunch of written assignments? Why can’t they ask you all that in an oral form? The answer is quite simple. When you write an essay – you learn to express yourself in a more logical way, and also you develop your writing skills, your vocabulary and your own writing style. And all that is not an oral activity. By writing simple essays you can grow to be a very talented and creative writer or speaker, or logical thinker or whatever. Writing develops you in many ways.

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The Future of Life in the Zeroes
Today a small piece of plastic enables you to make a telephone call from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. A mobile phone no bigger than a playing card would electronically transmit words to a computer screen, send a fax and receive replies on its tiny screen. Technology that was once science fiction-is now with you.
As we have entered what some call that “Zeroes” (the opening years of the new millennium), the future life has already begun to happen. Take a look in your bag or briefcase and you may find another small piece of plastic on which you can play your favourite music.

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Policy Analysis: Politics and Policy Analysts
Policies develop from a process centered mostly on politics. The policy analysts take different approaches in formulating policies that consider the social welfare, economic, political and cultural factors that influence them. The interpretation of these policies however, is political in nature. (Radin, 2000) In policy analysis this approach is called policy process. Mostly, it determines the processes as well as the means employed to explain and influence the role played by all the stakeholders involved in the policy process. This applies more in the public policies. The process is diverse qualitatively and quantitatively especially in case studies, statistical analysis and survey research. (Nagel, 1999) Unfortunately careful analysis on the part of politicians is not there.

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Titles in Essay
What is the main purpose of writing the titles in essay papers? We use titles to make one article stand out from the rest. The title gives the paper item a certain brand, which the readers will remember. Of course, titles can also turn into the “names” of the article that the readers will recognize if they are to review its contents. There are certain things that you need to be aware of when writing the titles in essay. We will discuss these details in the next few paragraphs.

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Design Essay – Different Scopes for Different Folks
Sometimes, teachers would simply give an instruction that is too general. This may be intentional especially in an essay writing project. One great reason is to make the students more resourceful and creative when they are tasked to complete an essay paper. Now, if your teacher told you to write a design essay, then there are many ways for you to be creative. Let us discuss some topic genres that are acceptable in an essay with the word “design”.

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Essays – Categories and Functions
The possibilities of topic parameters are endless in writing essays . From simple narration of a story to building arguments over an opinion, you can definitely choose the type of article that you wish to develop. But what are the common types of essays that most students write?

Essay papers are usually required by teachers to improve the writing abilities of students. These materials are also used for evaluation purposes to be included in the grading system.

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Classification Essay
Have you ever tried classifying things when you are still a little child? You probably grouped the same trees, classified the same shapes or even organized your playmates according to their heights. At least one point in our lives, we have classified things according to some physical attributes. In essay writing, you can also do this by composing classification essays .

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Love Essays – “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.”
“Love, the strongest and deepest element in all life, the harbinger of hope, of joy, of ecstasy; love, the defier of all laws, of all conventions; love, the freest, the most powerful molder of human destiny…”
Emma Goldman (1869-1940), U.S. anarchist

Download Love Essays – “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.”
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Industrial Revolution Essays: Creating a Revolutionary Paper
Industrial Revolution Essays: Creating a Revolutionary Paper
Yes, the Industrial Revolution is not a new topic, and many essays are devoted to it. This is why you are stuck and cannot choose a good idea to cover in your Industrial Revolution essay.

Well, actually you do not have to squeeze your brain trying to come up with something brand new and extraordinary. You will not be able to do that anyway. Yet, who told you that writing a well-organized Industrial Revolution essay, which covers some typical issues is a bad idea?

Just try to find something more interesting about the topic than your textbook gives, some fascinating facts, figures, etc.

Below we offer several specific aspects to consider in the Industrial Revolution essays.

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How to Write Narrative Essays in the Best Traditions of Story Telling
How to Write Narrative Essays in the Best Traditions of Story Telling
How to write a narrative paper? The shortest and the most precise answer would be “Create a story!” because this is what writing narrative essays is all about.

Sounds quite easy, then what is so special about making up stories? Well, if this is what you think, you have no idea how to write narrative papers. Besides, we have even more disappointing news for you. Making up stories (good stories) is not that easy!

So, if you want to know how to write narrative essays, you need to learn some essentials of creating stories. This is what we can help you with.

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Major Keys to Writing Successful Truman Doctrine Essays
Major Keys to Writing Successful Truman Doctrine Essays
If you do not completely understand all aspects of the Truman Doctrine, writing an essay on this topic will not be easy. It was one of the most important documents and decision during the period of the Cold War. We are sure your teacher expects to get outstanding Truman Doctrine essays.

The only way to amaze your teacher is to gather as much information as possible for your Truman Doctrine essay. After you study and analyze it thoroughly, you will be able to introduce some good ideas in the Truman Doctrine essay.

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Referring to Interview Essay Examples
Interview Essay Examples can serve as guides for learning the style, format and structure of an interview essay. But the success of the essay is equally dependant upon the preparation for the interview and conducting the interview. Interview essay is the end product of the hard process of interviewing. Main purpose of the interview essay is to interview a person and share the gained knowledge with the readers. The aim may be to learn about the person, his/her views, or the achievements of the person.

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IVY Dissertations Writing Services: How to Choose the Right One?
So, you are lucky to be one of those brilliant students of IVY League. You have gorgeous prospects to obtain a great job and become successful. However, you have to work really hard to achieve goals. One of the main landmarks of your journey to success is your IVY dissertation. You should understand that IVY dissertations require enormous commitment, much time and effort.

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Essays on Genetic Engineering: Your Vision of the Future
Genetic engineering is not a new issue to talk about. However, it is one of today’s hot buttons, since it can significantly affect the future of the humanity. Our future will be the focus of your essay on genetic engineering. What would you like it to be? Do you think that the way we live now requires some substantial changes?

Sure, genetic engineering is a too general topic. Thus, you need to narrow down the focus of your essay on genetic engineering. We can help you with it a bit. Papers on genetic engineering can be devoted to several aspects. Here are more details for you.

Download Essays on Genetic Engineering: Your Vision of the Future
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Learn the Essentials of Evaluating Essays
Evaluating essays is an assignment that you might also have to complete. By the way, the experience of evaluating essays will be really useful to you. Spotting other’s mistakes, you will learn to avoid them in your own papers.

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