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Writing is a creative activity. Whether you are writing about your own life story or creating stories based upon the plots and characters that exist within your imaginations, creativity matters. Fiction is the purest form of storytelling that is told with written words. In Fiction writing there is a great deal of flexibility.

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Start right now.......... The most difficult thing in every task is to start. You are lost in a whirlpool of ideas, but nevertheless, you can't choose the most appropriate to embody. Do you experience such situations? I presume , you do as most of people.

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The common belief that Canada is far less racist then their neighbors to the

south is perhaps one of the greatest falsehoods of North American society today.

Through out history, Canada has been home to many race-based atrocities. Because

of time and lack of media attention these events have been buried. To such an

extent have these issues been neglected that the general public now cannot

recognized them or discern them as part of their country’s past

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Leaders and Managers
Refocusing has become one of the major strategies pursued by large organizations in the 1990s. Prior research in the area of upper echelons (top management team) leadership has revealed that there is a strong relationship between top management team characteristics and organizational strategies and outcomes.

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Expository Essay Examples
Expository essay examples help in the review of a topic aimed at providing detailed information about it to readers. The word “expository” means to explain. An expository essay therefore presents facts that are based on solid research. A neutral and balanced viewpoint is necessary to write such essays based on how an event actually happened. Writers have to resist any attempt to provide their own inputs about it. The basic idea is to ensure that readers get a complete and clear picture of the event, situation, or process. For example, a book on cooking would be an expository piece of literature.

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Sample Critical Essay – Why You Should Use One
A sample critical essay would be the guide you need to write critical essays. It could be used for critical analysis of novels, arts, poetry, science, and white papers among numerous other fields. The key to writing critical essays is to sound learned even if you actually know nothing on a particular topic. The process of planning and writing should be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes you might have a problem starting with your first critical essay. At such times, you should refer to a sample critical essay.

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Seamus Heaney Essay
The religious and political conflict in Northern Ireland is a deep seeded, highly emotional issue. Put simplistically, it is a centuries old battle between the Native Irish Catholics and the Protestants, who are supported by the British government. Seamus Heaney, born into an Irish Catholic family, is well aware of the intricacies and emotion involved in this situation. By the nineteen sixties, through his poetry Heaney had become a well-known public figure.

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The Merchant of Venice Essay
In the play The Merchant of Venice, Shylock, a money lender, has the right to take a pound of flesh from Antonio, a Merchant. Shylock was abused and not given the same rights as Christians, who thought themselves as far superior to the Jews, Shylock’s religion. Antonio had agreed to the bond which he and Shylock made, which entitled that if Antonio was not able to repay the 3 000 ducats by a certain day, then Shylock would cut off the pound of flesh. Antonio could not repay Shylock the money so Shylock, by law, must take the pound of flesh.

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Is Money an Effective Motivator at Work?
Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal (Princeton University). In today’s competitive and challenging world of business, getting good and efficient people for any business enterprise is like asset building. A good management of a successful organization always retains their human assets because the success is traced back by their motivated team of staff and workers. Motivation is directly associated with the success of any business establishment.

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Job Essay
Are you working on writing a job essay? Essentially, it is a good essay topic to have because well know that it is hard to find a job these days. But what are the main implications of writing such an essay? Well you can easily reach others how to land on a job, how to make money with a business or how to write a good resume. In any case, a job resume is simply an article that will inform readers with things related to jobs. Let us talk about the possibilities of writing an essay that will involve job topics.

Now that you are prepared to write a job essay, let me give you some topic interests to write about even if you are targeting a narrative essay, analytical essay or essay report. Here are the main features of ideas that I have come across with.

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Heart of Darkness Essay
Heart of Darkness is a novel written by Joseph Conrad. It is about a character Charles Marlow assigned by a Belgian company to become a ferryboat captain. The boat is set to navigate in Africa, which is the main setting of the story. The Heart of Darkness is a prized masterpiece in the American literature. That is why many school levels are adapting a curriculum that contains the novel. In this case, there may be a chance that you will write a Heart of Darkness essay.

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GED Essay Topics
There are numerous ways for a student to receive certification from GED. These possible testing evaluations are carried out so that a high school student may be recognized as someone who has taken education based on American or Canadian standards. One of the main concerns of students is the creation of GED essay topics . Let us discuss how you can improve your writing and pass this evaluation test.

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Analytical Essay Prompts
Analytical essay should improve your knowledge or understanding of the topic. As an analytical essay writer, you have to investigate the issue, emphasize 'how' rather than 'what', focus on the topic rather than on your point of view, discuss different aspects of analytical essay topic, and make your arguments clear and logical. Paper should contain introduction and conclusion. Be sure to use transition words and phrases, it helps the reader to follow your thinking.
Analytical Essay Prompts: Writing

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Essays in German Language: Winning Strategies for You
Essays in German Language: Winning Strategies for You
So, you study German as a second language. Like with any other class, you should be prepared for writing numerous essays. If you are good at making essays, most probably, you will not face too many difficulties.

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Film Analysis Essays: A Couple of Successful Strategies for You
Film Analysis Essays: A Couple of Successful Strategies for You
We are almost 100% sure that writing papers on films is one of favorite assignments for students. To prepare a good essay on films, you need to sit down with a bucket of popcorn in front of TV and watch your favorite movie, right?

Well, not exactly! Sure, watching a film will be one of the most important stages of your work on the film analysis essay. Still, as you can guess, it will not be enough to make an A+ paper.

As always, you cannot go without theory, which is important even for discussing films. In this article, we want to introduce two common ways of writing film analysis essays that include both watching films and touching upon theoretical issues.

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How to Write a Persuasive Essay
We will talk about how to write a persuasive essay. Many students are having a hard time writing this article. But this should not be a problem to you. Since you can access the internet, for sure you can find many articles about writing an essay in general. However, to have a simple and specific scope can prove to be a challenge. Therefore, we will have a small talk about writing your persuasive essay.

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TOK Essay Provides Your Views on and Interpretations of Knowledge
TOK Essays Need to be elaborated through Examples

If you are studying for International Baccalaureate qualification or IB, then you will need to prepare for writing a TOK essay. This commonly used abbreviation stands for Theory Of Knowledge essay in which students are expected to extend their opinionated view on a given essay topic related to the concept of knowledge. These essays are in the word range of 1200 -1300 and allow the writer to extend a clear but concise argument on the given subject with the backing of good examples. Let us discuss some of the key points which can ensure a good grade for your essay on knowledge.

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Selecting Debatable Controversial Essay Topics
Controversial Essay Topics Should be Cause for Discussion and Debate

Controversial essay topics are considered complicated to write essays on. However, they are also considered the most interesting. Controversial topics are interesting as they arouse much cause for discussion and argumentation. Writing these types of essays not only improve students’ writing abilities but also debating abilities.

How to Write a Controversial Essay
A controversial essay will have the student selecting a subject, taking a stand on the subject and defending the position taken. The stand on the topic will be defended by using supporting ideas and issues discussed by others on the same topic. Most controversial essays are full of opinions offered by others. Therefore, students will have no problem providing evidence to back their opinions. It should be kept in mind that all supporting evidence used should be cited in the proper format the essay is written. It will be greatly advantageous to students if they go through a few controversial essay samples to obtain an idea of how the essay is written.

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Essays on Mental Health: Are You All Right?
Do you feel anxious, depressed, or panic-stricken because of your essay on mental health? Can you not cope with these feelings? Can you not get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions and start working on your paper on mental health? Well, then we have bad news for you. The thing is that you have all symptoms of some mental health problems, which makes your paper on mental health a very important assignment to you.

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Writing Efficient Papers on Robert Frost
They leave us so to the way we took,
As two in whom them were proved mistaken,
That we sit sometimes in the wayside nook,
With mischievous, vagrant, seraphic look,
And try if we cannot feel forsaken.
Robert FrostRobert Frost, In Neglect

The destiny of Robert Frost was really tragic. His father died because of drinking problems. His mother died from cancer. His wife died from a heart attack. His daughter Elinor Bettina died three days after her birth, daughter Marjorie died because of puerperal fever, son Elliot died of cholera, and son Carol committed suicide. Only two daughters outlived the father.

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