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Film Censorship Essays: Needed or Not
ensorship Essays: Needed or Not

“Pontius Pilate was the first great censor, and Jesus Christ the first great victim of censorship”.
Ben Lindsay

Is censorship really necessary? Does anybody have the right to decide what we should or should not watch? What would happen if we had an opportunity to know and see everything hidden by the government?
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Film Analysis Essays: A Couple of Successful Strategies for You
Film Analysis Essays: A Couple of Successful Strategies for You
We are almost 100% sure that writing papers on films is one of favorite assignments for students. To prepare a good essay on films, you need to sit down with a bucket of popcorn in front of TV and watch your favorite movie, right?

Well, not exactly! Sure, watching a film will be one of the most important stages of your work on the film analysis essay. Still, as you can guess, it will not be enough to make an A+ paper.

As always, you cannot go without theory, which is important even for discussing films. In this article, we want to introduce two common ways of writing film analysis essays that include both watching films and touching upon theoretical issues.
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Essays on Films: What to Write about

Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”
Ingrid Bergman

Writing papers about films is probably one of the most interesting and captivating assignments for students. All you need for a good beginning is popcorn, cola, and a ticket to the movie. The other option is to stay in your cozy armchair, drinking your favorite tea, and watching a DVD at home
Film Studies Essays: Proven Ways to Get Your Essay Done
Film Studies Essays: Proven Ways to Get Your Essay Done
On the one hand, writing film studies essays is so exciting. There are so many amazing movies to discuss, opportunities to share your opinions about some recent works of movie makers.

On the other hand, creating an excellent film studies essay is not easy at all. Any movie is a complex mix of scenes, hidden messages, actors’ play, various sound and visual effects, and so on.

If you are stuck a little with your film studies essay, do not worry. First, try analyzing free film studies essays. Besides, answer the following questions:
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Film Studies Essays: Exclusive Suggestions
Many students enjoy discussing films. Thus, writing film studies essays is one of their favorite assignments. There are some many cool things to talk about. However, this great variety of ideas for film studies essays can become an obstacle.
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Film, Television and Photography Essay
Writing a paper on film, television, or photography has always been a problem. In most cases it is a descriptive essay, term paper, research paper, where you need to express your personal opinion, do some research on the history and dig some information on the piece of art, and summarize the paper with some strong points.
The essay writing process always starts with a suitable topic. You need to surf around the media to find the exact topic for your essay, term paper or research paper. It can either be something from modern media, or you can try to use something famous from the past.
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Essays on Theories: Exploring Theoretical Aspects of our World
If you think that theories exist only within some sciences, you are not exactly right. Basically, the world we live in is full of theories, it consists of theories that explain almost any phenomenon and event.
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"Quinceanera", starring Emily Rios (Magdalena), Jesse Garcia (Carlos) and Chalo Conzalez (Uncle Tomas), is a feature film directed by Richard Glazter and Wash Westmoreland and released in 2006 getting awards at the Sundance Film Festival shortly afterwards.
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How to Approach the Casablanca Essay Assignments
Casablanca essay offers the students a variety of topics to explore as the film is rich in themes and contains outstanding performances by the cast. The film is recognized for its superb direction too. The film received eight nominations and three awards for the best picture, best direction, and best screenplay at the 16th academy awards, which goes to show the stature of this film. Its, characters, dialogues and music has become all time favorites and the film is considered one of the greatest films ever produced. The students can select a good topic from any of the interesting essay topics that explore themes, characters, performance, direction and plot or any other aspect of the film.
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Writing an outstanding “A Beautiful Mind” Essay
Before starting to write A Beautiful Mind Essay, students shall consider watching this great film. A Beautiful Mind is an award winning film on mathematical genius John Nash who won the 1994 Nobel Prize for Economics. Film was released in 2001 and won four Oscars including the award for the best film. Acclaimed as one of the best films of all-time the film shows about the mental disorder paranoiac schizophrenia which he fought against bravely and the courageous and understanding support given by his wife for overcoming the illness.
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Film Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing for the modern student has become a major part of the curriculum and is considered an integral part of formal education in schools and colleges. It may consist of writing literary criticisms, argumentative essays on controversial research topics, personal essays where the writer may relate experiences from his own life. Often writing a good essay is essential to get an admission into a premium college. There are various subjects and topics one can write an essay on. A film essay would mean writing a critical analysis or a narrative essay describing the basic plot of a movie.
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Your Freedom Writers Essay can be Outstanding
Writing the Freedom Writers Essay can be a satisfying experience for the students who watched the film. Freedom Writers is a film based on the non-fiction book Freedom Writers Diary by a teacher, Erin Gruwell. The story is about how a young teacher succeeds in motivating the students in her class of “unteachable”s to learn tolerance and study to graduate from college and go for higher education. The film shows the racial conflicts among the students in the class, opposition to Gruwell on her unorthodox ways of teaching from colleagues and superiors and the sacrifices she makes for teaching the kids from lower strata of the society.
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Once Were Warriors Essay
New Zealand feature film Once Were Warriors, directed by Lee Tamahori, has a brilliant and captivating beginning that immediately engages the audience’s attention. Both the beginning and the ending contribute greatly to the film’s popular success and have been made specifically to introduce motifs and symbols, key characters, relationships and conflicts.
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Shawshank Redemption Essay
“Shawshank Redemption” is a film, directed by Frank Darabont adapting it for screen, based on Stephen king novella “Rita Hayworth and the shawshank redemption.”
This film takes the audience on a journey of despair and hope of individuals in Shawshank. Constant Routine, forced Conformity, power abuse and the struggle of hope
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Ideas for an Essay on Citizen Kane
Ideas for an Essay on Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane is the first American dramatic feature film directed by Orson Welles. In far 1941, Welles had no idea that his movie would influence the history of cinematography so greatly. He introduced an absolutely new flow in the cinema.

So, if you have to write an essay on Citizen Kane, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Welles’ life, works and this film in particular.

In this article, we will present you several ideas that you may use to prepare a thrilling Citizen Kane essay.
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