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I like article marketing and find it an enjoyable and profitable way of promoting my websites. I never plan articles, the ideas just come out of the blue from something I have seen or heard. Once I start writing the words just flow, but before I write an article there are two things that I consider. 1. Why am I writing the article? 2. Would it be of any use to webmasters for their sites or for newsletter publishers? It does not take rocket science to figure that I and ...

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Are you a freelance writer or interested in freelance writing? Then you should consider starting a blog to publish your writing. While it is difficult for many freelance writers to think about publishing their writing for free, consider the three different methods you can utilize to profit from with a blog. First, you can simply focus primarily on self publishing all your work to a blog (or blogs if you write in more than one area). The numerous pages of fresh, original co...

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The election of 1972 was one of the largest landslide victories by a presidential candidate in United States history. President Nixon was reelected to the presidency by beating Senator George McGovern of South Dakota in an impressive victory. The Nixon landslide victory tied FDR’s 60.8 percent of the popular vote in 1936 for the second largest popular vote get in American history.

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What seems to be a simple fatal love is possibly the retelling of the opening chapter of the Bible, Genesis. In the short story Rappaccini s Daughter there are many similarities to the biblical Genesis chapters. Many situations, places and characters in the story symbolize part of Genesis. Hawthorne s Rappaccini s Daughter, and the Genesis chapters in the Bible, lush, and beautiful gardens are the setting. The most poignant similarity in my mind is between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Rappaccini. I believe Rappaccini s Garden is Beatrice s World and she cannot help her own nature. Giovanni sees the resemblance when he says, Was this garden, then, the Eden of the present world?-and this man, with such a perception of harm in what his own hands caused to grow, was he the Adam? (Hawthorne 343). The parallels in the Rappaccini s garden are very noticeable and also important.

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"Power serves to create power. Powerlessness serves to re-enforce powerlessness"(Gaventa,1980:256). Such is the essence of the on going relationship between the Powerful and the Powerless of the Appalachian Valley where acquiescence of the repressed has become not only common practice but a way of life and a means of survival. In his novel Power and Powerlessness, John Gaventa examines the oppressive and desperate situation of the Appalachian coal miners under the autocratic power of absentee land-owners, local elites, and corrupt union leaders. His analyses is based on L

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Business Essay
Students writing a business essay have to rely on multitasking and should be in a position to follow established methods that work in communicating with a large and diverse market audience. A business aims to make profits by selling products or offering services. It takes time for it to establish a brand name. One of the most effective ways of spreading news about a product is to use the medium of copywriting.

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Merchant Of Venice Essay
A Merchant of Venice essay should be reviewed as another masterpiece written by William Shakespeare based on the Merchant of Venice. The art of presenting a pictorial view of the period existing at the time should be very evident in this Shakespeare essay. Bassanio loves Portia, a wealthy heiress. He pays a visit to his wealthy friend Antonio’s home to ask for a loan.

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Essay on Emancipation
For months, Jodie had waited in anticipation for New York State University to send their response as to whether or not she had gotten accepted into the college. Her goal was to become a famous movie director after she had gotten a degree in Film Production from NYU, which was located in one of the most happening cities in the country. Her parents weren’t too fond of this idea, and looked down upon her decision to attend the school. They didn’t go to college, so they decided that they wouldn’t allow her to go either.

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Tornado Essay
Throughout history, humans have been amazed and intrigued by the various forces of nature, particularly those associated with weather. This fascination can most readily be attributed to the fact that so many different weather patterns exist throughout the world. This diversity in climates results in a wide range of weather conditions; from relatively calm weather to dangerously violent storms. Despite the great variation in weather patterns among the world’s many climates, tornadoes are one weather phenomenon that have been known to occur in almost every climate on Earth.

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Science Essay
The task in science essay is to investigate the world of nature. You investigations should always be built on observable, verifiable information, known as empirical evidence. When you are writing a science essay, often begin with questions like these:
• What kinds of things are there in the world of nature?
• What are these things composed of, and how does this makeup affect their behavior or operation?

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Literature Essays
Successful literature essay focuses on an imaginative work and discuss how certain passages are related to your interpretation.
Literature is related to the humanities disciplines that are considered to be text-centered disciplines. In literature courses, your texts will be imaginative works: poems, plays, novels, and films. As a student of literature, you may compare and contrast works of the same author, responding to assignments, at least in part, informative. During your education you will complete different types of essay assignments that will vary not only by topic but also by the essay structure.

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Abortion Essays – Who are the readers?
Usually when we are allowed to write a free topic, we are having a hard time what subject to consider. This is true especially if we want to get the attention of more readers to realize the importance of our discussion. If you want to write an abortion essay , then we can discuss the primary audience readers that we can expect to read the article.

An abortion essay may be written in two distinct domains. The first one may be in the form of a scientific explanation while the other may be based on the ethical or moral perspective of the procedure depending on the writer.

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Persuasive Essay Format – Arm Yourself With Evidence Before Setting Off To Convince
There are many types of essays a writer may choose from to do his assigned research paper writing. There are some which are descriptive, some which give only information, some which only discuss personal topics and some which try to do the cumbersome job of convincing or trying to convince the reader like the argumentative essay or the critical essay. However, they are slightly different from a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay aims to convince and persuade the reader. It will try to remove any sort of opposition and focus only on putting aside any trace of doubt in the reader’s mind by logical evidences and arguments.

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The Right Way to Write a Business Research Paper
A business research paper is the right and the best way to analyze a student’s capacity on research and the decisive judgment in the field of business. Choosing the topic is the major step in writing a research paper on business. If the topic is chosen, that’s one hurdle crossed. If your instructor had chosen the topic for you then it’s a great relief but if you have to choose it, choose a topic in the business arena that interests you the most and bear in mind that the topic should also interest your reader. Always confirm the topic of your essay or research paper with your instructor before you begin writing.

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Argumentative Essay Ideas
Prior to writing an argumentative essay, you need to decide on the specific topic for your project. While it may sound as an easy task, it is not such in fact. This article is written with the hope to give you some interesting and relevant argumentative essay ideas for argumentative/persuasive essay writing.

In addition, you should take into account that argumentative essay ideas or topics should be interesting and not overused by students.

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The History of Essay Assignments
The History of Essay Assignments
Most likely, you have already understood that such assignment as essay writing is tutors’ most favorite one. In fact, this assignment, essay writing, has always been one of the most commonly used pedagogical tools. Do you want to know more about the history of essay assignments?

Let us tell you a story of how essay assignments were invented.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived an old and wise Teacher. Students liked him very much for his devotion to science and studies.

The Teacher invented a kind of system that helped students learn new things. He considered writing to be one of the most effective ways to get the gist of studied material and develop various skills.

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Free Comprehensive Guide to Writing 1950’s Essays
Free Comprehensive Guide to Writing 1950’s Essays
- 1950’s was a crucial point in the US history. The changes took place in all spheres, from economics up to culture. That is why this period can be a good topic to consider and learn more about.
In this article, we would like to present the most important facts about this period. You can consider these aspects in your 1950’s essay paper.
The most significant change in the social life of Americans in 1950’s was city-building activities. In the 1950’s essay, say that the USA started building new cities much faster than other countries during the post-war period.

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The Importance of Each Paragraph in the 3 Paragraph Essay
The 3 paragraph essay is one of the simplest types of essays. This type of essay writing is taught to students from middle school onwards. With the writing of this essay, students will be able to handle the more complex and common essay writing requirement – the five paragraph essay. You may consider this a minor stepping stone into writing the more advanced essay and not pay much attention to it. This is a grave mistake as it is the basic foundation which teaches you to perfect the five paragraph essay format. Therefore, having a sound knowledge of this essay is essential.

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Essays on Artists: Writing from a Bit Unusual Perspective
Are you struggling with an essay on artists? Can you not come up with a really captivating topic idea that will make your artist essay stand out?

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Organizational Behavior Papers: Sure-Fire Plan and Helpful Sources
Writing any research or term paper requires you to take certain steps. Definitely, all of them are important for successful completion of your assignments.

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