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I never considered myself a particularly spiritual, or for that matter, a religious person. But I've found that in writing The Osgoode Trilogy, particularly the third, A Trial of One, that compassion has become very strong theme which runs through all three novels. I just found this quote from Thomas Aquinas ? "I would rather feel compassion than know the meaning of it." Surely, this must be the difference between the understanding of the head and the heart. In the fir...

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I began my writing career as a poet, and I?m still a poet. So my journey into fiction was never a planned career move. In fact, my first short story arrived as a complete shock. No kidding. Because I have written and published poetry in books and magazines for years, I?ve developed a writing schedule that provides time to write every day, always a half hour after breakfast each morning and again after dinner every evening. I also keep a notepad and pen next to the bed to c...

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Self publishing might be the best way to publish your book. There are several advantages to self publishing that you might not have considered. First, and most important, self publishing places you firmly in control of your book. When someone else is paying you to publish your book then they make many decisions regarding the editing of the manuscript, the cover, the title and the marketing that can impact not only how well your book will sell but also how it will be receiv...

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When the verdict was read my client smiled broadly and rapidly turned toward me and shook my hand vigorously and patted my shoulder at the same time. His quickness of movement surprised me and as I stared into his smiling eyes and I saw no relief, only gladness. He again reacted when he saw my look and darted his eyes upward as if to thank the ceiling. He brought his gaze back down as open eyed innocence. ?Thank you much, counselor, thanks to you very much!? This time he s...

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Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson, has delighted readers for generations with

its exhilarating adventure, rich action, and complex characterization. Kidnapped is the

story of young David Balfour, an orphan, whose uncle Ebenezer cheats him out of his

inheritance and makes plans to have him kidnapped and sold into slavery. David’s Uncle

Ebenezer is a very money hungry man as are many of the other people David encounters

on his journey. Many of the people David encounters on his journey including Uncle

Ebenezer, Captain Hoseason and his crew, David’s first guide to Torosay, and even

David’s close companion, Alan Stewart, all have greedy intentions at times. They act

innocent at first, and even if they are, they can’t help trying to get the best of David to

obtain more money. One of the themes in Stevenson’s Kidnapped is that often people go

to extremes to satisfy their greed for money.

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Spacial relations is a complex subject that can be interpreted in many different ways. A clear explanation of spatial relations is easily understood with the study of proxemics. So what is proxemics? Well the term proxemics came from E.T. Hall, a researcher in 1963. Proxemics is the study of the nature, degree, and effect of the spatial separation individuals naturally maintain (as in various social and interpersonal situations) and of how this separation relates to environmental and cultural factors. Proxemics is made up of featured spaces: fixed space, semi-fixed, and informal.

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Astrology is the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. Many people look to astrology as a means of predicting what will happen in their future. Such predicting is made through a person's horoscope. This is a person's zodiac sign determined by the month that the person is born in. For the month of December Susan Miller makes her predictions of how the planets affect the zodiac sign Virgo.

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Essay Writing Guidelines
Essay writing guidelines have been drafted so that a writer can start off on the right track. It is imperative that students learn the right way of approaching any exercise which involves essay writing. The process could involve essays, dissertations, and research papers. Students have to understand the subject matter and the basic content that needs to be included in the essay. The following guidelines are meant to show the direction one can take to compile good essays. The basic requirement for any writing exercise is to use simple and easy-to-understand language. Use short sentences that are related to the topic. The process of writing would get complicated as the length of the essay increases.

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Rationale of the Study
Most educators, parents and community members want their schools to be good ones, so school improvement is a major function of educational administration. It is necessarily an ongoing activity because past successes are no guarantee of future ones.
School administrators typically care about students and want to help them. But caring, although important and desirable, is by itself not enough. The basic problem is how to keep a school moving in direction that will actually benefit the students.

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Essay About Life
One of the most popular essay topic among students is “Essay about Life” where every student tries to describe his/her life, problems, priorities and outlooks. To write a good essay about life one should be able to reflect a little, to release his/her mind from other thoughts and to start writing an essay on life.
Here’s a sample essay about life written by one of our professional essay writers:
“Life is beautiful and yet life is not a bed of roses. Though it is full of ups and downs it has many facets of blessings and successes.

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Global Business Management
Global business management can be defined as the interaction of people from different cultures, societies, and various backgrounds in undertaking various business activities with the aim of achieving their goals for example earning profits from their investments. Because of invention of advanced technology the world has increasingly become a village and as a result global business is the modern form of business in this 21st century. Because of globalization there have been great disregard to national borders, governments have lower hand in controlling the flow of their economies and MNC’s are now not restricted to only one particular country as it was before.

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Persuasive Essay
Before we can give you the instructions in writing a persuasive essay, it is appropriate that we provide you the definition first. What is a persuasive essay? A persuasive essay is an article that utilizes reasoning and logic for a claim to be valid and true. The most profound reason why you will write this paper is to influence the readers to adopt an idea. Your main mission is to make an idea seem more acceptable and more valid than the other does. In most cases, a persuasive essay will be more effective if the writer can actually support his claims with evidences and proofs.

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Methodology Sample
Is it true that methodology chapters are only good for dissertations and thesis papers? Well, if you will see some of these research articles, you will notice that they really include methodology chapters. However, this part is not exclusive for such papers. You can always write a methodology if you are simply writing an essay. In fact, methodology does not only involve a particular type of paper where you can put it. What is more important is you know why you need to put a methodology segment. In this case, let us discuss the main role of a methodology sample for you to learn how to construct a research article.

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A Level Paper – An Achievement that all Students Dream of
An A level paper is something all students dream of and aspire to write. It is definitely not easy to write one and if you don’t have the flair for writing then it is even more difficult to produce one. To be able to come with a first class paper involves many aspects of writing. First one will have to choose the perfect writing topic. Whether one is doing research paper writing or term paper writing or a school assignment, one has to choose the topics very carefully and with much thought. The topic chosen must be something which the writer is interested in and at the same time it should be appealing to the reader too.

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How to Cite a Paper – Your Entire Research Paper Depends on How Correctly you Cite and Refer
How to cite a paper? A very important question while doing essay writing, term paper writing or research paper writing. In fact any sort of writing demands that the writer knows the correct essay format and the associated pattern of referencing. Any good research work will involve in-depth study and investigation on the chosen topic. A thorough research work will give evidence and direct quotations from other related works to support one’s line of argument and prove one’s stand on the stated thesis statement.

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Research Proposal Help: Things You Should Know
Research Proposal Help: Things You Should Know
When it comes to writing research papers, almost all students think about a research paper proposal first. Although in the great majority of cases it is an obligatory requirement, some teachers do not ask to write proposals.

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Van Gogh Essays: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
Van Gogh Essays: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
Did you know that only one work of Van Gogh was sold during his lifetime? It was The Red Vineyard. Actually, that piece of art was bought by Anna Boch. And no one can say for sure whether she bought it because of pity for Van Gogh or because she admired his talent.

Of course, nowadays Van Gogh is considered one of the most well known Dutch Post-Impressionist artists. Was he so popular during his life? What do you know about him and his works? Well, guess now it is time to present interesting information about this amazing person in Van Gogh essays. So, you have to write Van Gogh essays. Right? Then continue reading.

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Richard Wright Essays: Helpful Tips
Richard Wright Essays: Helpful Tips
“The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.”
Richard Wright.

Richard Wright became popular after the publication of his autobiographical story Black Boy and a novel Native Son. This person was a grandson of slaves. He worked as a dishwasher, deliveryman, and porter before he became a well-known African-American writer. Now, Richard Wright will become the subject of your next essay paper.

So, your task is to write the essay on Richard Wright. Are you looking for some information about Richard Wright? Do you want to amaze the reader by preparing outstanding Richard Wright essays? Well, then this article is just what you need. Right now, we would like to introduce several interesting ideas that you can present in Richard Wright essays.

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Division and Classification Essays: Writing Help
Division and Classification Essays: Writing Help
If you deal with a division-and-classification essay, you have to know two things:
- What does division mean?
- What does classification mean?

So, this is what our article will be about. Right now, we will talk about the things you should know to prepare a good division-and-classification essay and get a high grade.


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Where to Buy Custom Essays: Useful Tips
For every student, life in college or university is associated with unforgettable events and deep emotions. However, student life also associates with a difficult working process full of assignments and…lack of time. Still, lack of time is not a problem if you use custom writing services. The most important thing is to know where to buy a custom paper of the highest quality.

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