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The press release bills this book as a love story, I disagree, it is a story about love. Specifically one man's search for an everlasting love. We meet Wayne Cavanaugh as a sophmore attending the rather blue collar Drexel College where he is studying engineering. Through flashbacks author Rob Costelloe explores Wayne's young life and his fascination with the concept of love. More specifically his quest to take love to a higher plane, an aesthetic that few people can appreciat...

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Cheetahs have been evolving and adapting themselves to the deserts of the Serengeti for many years. However, cheetahs have never been common in the wild, but they're now in grave danger of becoming extinct, due to loss of habitat, high infant mortality, and hunting by humans for hides. Cheetahs can and should be saved because they have a difficult time surviving on there own due to poor parenting skills, cub mortality, and energy demands. The cheetah is also a very important part of the ecosystem and will be disrupted if the cheetah becomes extinct. Saving the cheetah is very important for their niche as well the niche of others. This amazing creature needs to be saved.

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Born Eric Blair in India in 1903, George Orwell was educated as a scholarship student at prestigious boarding schools in England. Because of his background—he famously described his family as “lower-upper-middle class”—he never quite fit in, and felt oppressed and outraged by the dictatorial control that the schools he attended exercised over their students' lives.

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Compiling A Good Term Paper
A good term paper can be considered as such if it includes all the right components to get maximum scores. A term paper is meant to provide students the edge in class to make up on scores at the end of the term. A good quality paper would follow basic rules of essay writing.

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Research Paper Format Title Page
How many times have we seen a research paper format title page being ignored? It has become customary to gather research content and find unique ways to present a research paper. It would be appreciated, if the title page were as interesting and presentable as well. A system has been established where most title pages are compiled using a specified style guide.

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How To Leisurely Write A Great Tourism Essay
A tourism essay makes interesting reading because it reflects recreation, fun and frolic. If it were not for the recession, we would have got many more tours, and the tourism industry would have been flourishing. The good thing is that lack of demand is temporary, and the industry is set to get a big boost.
Choosing topics for this essay should be one of the easiest tasks you could undertake. Just make sure it is a current topic or hot spot, and you would have hordes reading your essay with delight.

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How to Write a Persuasive Speech
Here are some key points to consider when you need to know how to write a persuasive speech. First, RESEARCH – it is essential that you develop research with a critical eye, persuasion is rarely successfully when the information you gather is easily disproven by peer-reviewed sources or up-to-date results. Next, it is a contest – a persuasive speech has a primary objective – to prove that your viewpoint is the viewpoint that your audience should have – whether in defense of a new technology or in defense of some atrocity that you would not prefer to defend. You must persuade your audience into believing that your particular viewpoint is the right viewpoint.

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Essay on Father
I have been asked numerous times throughout my life what my dad is like. I have always asked the person to clarify if they want to know about my dad or my stepfather. Both have been a very important part of my life; however, they have significant differences. The same question always arises: If a man is my father does that automatically make him a dad? I believe anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

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Research Paper on War
To write a research paper on war, all you should know is about the war and the writing pattern of a research paper on war. The first thing that you should be aware of is the war. Try to collect as much information from various sources that help you in terms of war information. Read many books, search articles by various authorized and good research paper writers, check journal entries, try to see the news briefings when there was war to write a research paper on war. For writing a research paper on war, one thing that you should know is to be objective although it is quite difficult as everyone is naturally attracted towards the place of his/her abode but you should try to be neutral.

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Have you ever questioned yourself whether you are happy of not? What does it mean to you? Happiness is a state of inside being of each person and comes from different sources depending on the desires and kind of personality. The scientists all over the world have done good deal of research, philosophers and writers have written thousands of books on this topic in order to describe this state. But the topic is still open to questions and discussions. This fact means that happiness is important and integral part of out life.

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Financial Statements
Financial statements are a source of information for customers, creditors, managers, employees, regulators and other stakeholders of a firm to assess its past and future performance. The quantity of information available from the financial statements can be quite inundating. Financial statement users, therefore, adopt ratio analysis to counter this burden of information overload and get an accurate picture of the firm performance.

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Things to Consider in a Descriptive Essay
Are you the type of person who is articulate? Are you able to deliver good descriptions of things? If you answer to these two questions with a yes, then you can write a quality descriptive essay. Obviously this kind of essay only means one thing, to describe the subject involved. But before you become very confident, let us tell you that any types of essays should follow the specific rules in writing. Therefore, we will teach you how to write a good descriptive essay.

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You Need Essay Assistance
Do you know where to get essay assistance from the internet? It is a very good thing to know because sometimes, we will run out of motivation to write our papers. It is also possible that you won’t be able to compose your essay because of lack of time and energy.
You should understand that some easy essays can be written in a few minutes. But what if you are going to write a term paper, research paper or an essay research document?

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Custom Term Papers – Your Wish is Our Command
Academic essay writing is part and parcel of a student life, starting from the school going days and carrying onto higher things like research paper writing, thesis writing or term paper writing. Whatever essay writing the student is doing it is essential that the student knows the nitty-gritty details of it thoroughly. One should be familiar with the various essay formats that are standard and followed everywhere. These are the different types of formatting like the MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard and one should know them well.

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Papers on Artificial Intelligence: Several Ways to Get your Paper Done
Papers on Artificial Intelligence: Several Ways to Get your Paper Done
Can you not decide how to complete your artificial intelligence paper? Have you actually tried using your natural intelligence to solve this problem? Have you developed some plans for writing, tried various ideas? Or, you just sit and wait until a great topic idea for the artificial intelligence essay suddenly pops up in your mind?

Download Papers on Artificial Intelligence: Several Ways to Get your Paper Done
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Outline for an Essay
What is the purpose of having an outline for an essay? The main concept behind writing an outline is to let the writer have a guide and direction in writing. Usually, we can simply write stories and narratives the way we want to tell it. This is only applicable if you will be writing an informal essay. However, if you are going to write an essay that will include professional contents, then you need to use an outline. Essentially, an outline will serve as the platform to which you will format an essay discussion. You should have an essay outline if you want to write a coherent article. Let us take a look at the basic outline structure of an essay.

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Selecting Debatable Controversial Essay Topics
Controversial Essay Topics Should be Cause for Discussion and Debate

Controversial essay topics are considered complicated to write essays on. However, they are also considered the most interesting. Controversial topics are interesting as they arouse much cause for discussion and argumentation. Writing these types of essays not only improve students’ writing abilities but also debating abilities.

How to Write a Controversial Essay
A controversial essay will have the student selecting a subject, taking a stand on the subject and defending the position taken. The stand on the topic will be defended by using supporting ideas and issues discussed by others on the same topic. Most controversial essays are full of opinions offered by others. Therefore, students will have no problem providing evidence to back their opinions. It should be kept in mind that all supporting evidence used should be cited in the proper format the essay is written. It will be greatly advantageous to students if they go through a few controversial essay samples to obtain an idea of how the essay is written.

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Careful Selection of Your GED Essay Topics Will Reflect Your Intellect
Choosing GED Essay Topics of Controversial Nature Can Add to Reader’s Interest

GED tests are meant for students who do not have a high school diploma. There are five major subjects which a student will be evaluated on. To pass the GED test students must score more than 40% of the high school going students. Students have to study and take tests which are the same level as high school skills. In order to write an essay for your GED test it is important for you to come up with some good GED essay topics.

Download Careful Selection of Your GED Essay Topics Will Reflect Your Intellect
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Dissertation Printing to Add Glitz and Style to the Dissertations
If you want to get your dissertations printed, you should look for a service that specializes in dissertation printing. There are many vendors who specialize in dissertation printing and you can find them on the internet or in your classifieds directory.

There are some things that you need to remember when ordering for your dissertations to be printed. First, the dissertation printing service usually takes your requirements and then decides on the format and layout of the printed material depending on what you want. Hence, before ordering dissertation printing, it is better to get your requirements together and decide on the appropriate design for your dissertations.

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Essays on Modernity: Helpful Tips for Panic-Stricken
You are a modern student who is used to all the commodities and conveniences of the modern life. They help you cope with various daily tasks and make your life much easier. Yet, when it comes to writing an essay on modernity, you feel absolutely helpless. And even such powerful modern tool as Internet cannot help you complete this task.

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