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A paradigm has been described as ?A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.? Each writer comes at their work with a certain paradigm at work. Each writer will write with a set of assumptions about the world around them, they will subconsciously include concepts and values they find imperative. In the broadest perspective possible each writer will express their worldview in some form o...

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If you want to learn how to write so that people will not only read what you write...but also be compelled to take action based on your words, then take these steps. You need to identify persuasive writings and examine the writing style. Think of the last time you read something which made you take action. It can be a simple headline for an ad which caught your attention or an inspiring story in the local paper. When you identify the persuasive writings, you can can the...

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How? I write for the internet. It really is not a difficult or complicated business model and one any competent writer, or anyone with the ability to string a decent sentence together, could replicate or modify to suit their purpose. I am a writer not a business person, but I know this is working for me and that it could work for you, too.

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In the past nine months American economy has shown an economic growth of 5.6%. Improvements in work industry are providing higher-paying, more permanent jobs than before, with less than 10% of new jobs created in 2005 being temporary (economist.com). With better employment opportunities and steady economic growth, America will become even more of a consumer culture than it is today.

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Who Else Wants To Write A Great Illustration Essay?
A great illustration essay leads by examples. Determine your thesis statement, and provide examples to support it. Topics are not a problem in this case. You could choose quotations, facts, events, an incident you faced yourself, other people, statistics, stories, and samples. The idea is to illustrate or provide examples to make your thesis statement clearer, more interesting, and more convincing.

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Argumentative Essay on Euthanasia
Euthanasia is a serious political, moral and ethical issue in today’s society. Most people either strictly forbid it or firmly favor euthanasia. Although, I have no political background or confirmed religion, I choose to formally educate myself on the matter of euthanasia. I feel very strongly about this issue because I am affected by the matter on an almost everyday basis. I am a patient care technician in an emergency room and also work on a cardiac unit in one of Michigan’s top 100 osteopathic hospitals. I’ve actually watched people in pain eventually die.

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The Taming of the Shrew Essay
William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew” is a lighthearted, slapstick comedy written in the 1590’s. This particular era is classified as the Elizabethan era. This famous play has been chiefly based on courtship and the concerns of married life. Both of these characteristics were profoundly relevant to society at this time, in fact this was a society concerned with marriage in general. People living in this era often married for power, land or money rather then for love. Marital disputes became very popular in literature, as this era did not offer any avenues out of an unhappy marriage.

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Expository Essay Writing
In this article we will try to get you acquainted with the basic rule and strategy which must be used while writing an expository essay. We have collected basic tips on how to write a good expository essay.
Expository essays are the essays in which writers are required to give information, explanations about the subject or define something. The best way to write an expository essay is using the combination of statistical information and facts about the subject.

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Term Paper on Immigration
Immigration is a natural phenomenon that has been happening since the start of this world. People have been migrating to and from different places due to different reasons including religious reasons, climatic reasons, seasonal changes, political reasons, natural disasters, and financial reasons, etc. People migrate even now due to political conditions like war, natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and famine, and in some areas, for grazing cattle and for looking for greener and less dry pastures.

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Comparison and Contrast Essay
You are about to write a comparison and contrast essay but you do not have any ideas what it is. What will you do? In learning how to write a specific essay, you must have the right sources of information. In this age of computer and the internet, you can easily get some info about writing a comparison and contrast essay. The only thing you need now is a good website to teach you.

There are many other different essay types.

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Essay on Romeo and Juliet
If you have read the play Romeo and Juliet, then you can easily write an essay about it. It does not take a literary master to write an essay on Romeo and Juliet. There are many options for you. This way, you can easily convey what you have to say about the story of two lovers caught in tragic circumstances. But what if you can order an essay online? For sure, you no longer need to read the story of the two lovers.

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A-level exam paper for high school and college students
An A-level exam paper is usually used for evaluation purposes. In college you need to get a high grade for such a requirement in order to qualify to pass for the subject. Sometimes, an essay format in this criterion may also be used for college admission tests. Now, what separates such kind of essays from any other forms of articles?

Ethically speaking there is not much of a difference between an A-level exam paper and the essay types that you have been writing. However, the level of research skills, the utilization of correct grammar and technical writing aspects and the consideration of topic interests are more demanding.

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School Paper Format – A Basic Guideline
Academic essay writing is a part and parcel of school life and all students must write them irrespective of their class and subject. A student can choose from the various types of essays and write accordingly. He may wish to choose from a set of personal essay topics or may want to do a critical analysis. The essay type may also be set by the instructor leaving not much choice for the student. In that case a student will have to a little more research work as the topic may not be of his liking. A school paper format will be most generally in all cases be written on regular white paper measuring 8.5 inch x 11 inch and it should be computer generated unless otherwise specified.

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A Separate Peace essay: Some Ideas What to Write About
A Separate Peace essay: Some Ideas What to Write About
While studying at college, students often have problems with writing works on various problems, and A Separate Peace essay is the one which usually provokes difficulties. It depends on the genre of the roman, historic situation, its plot, etc. The article offers some topics and ideas how to organize one’s thoughts and write an appropriate essay about A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

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Term Paper Topics: Good Places to Start your Quest
Term Paper Topics: Good Places to Start your Quest
Choosing term papers topics is what the process of term paper writing actually starts with. For many students, it is rather a stressful and time-consuming process. But you know what? It is better to spend more time coming up with the right term paper topic than try to cover the first issue you hit upon.

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Career Research Paper
Career Research Paper
A research paper is an academic paper, writing it takes longer than a usual essay writing, and requires additional steps to be taken such as literature review writing (in order to make the reader aware of the sources you get the information from).

The main topic of this article is career research paper writing. We offer you the best ideas that can be used in your career research paper.

First of all, in order to create a good career research paper you should turn for help to the books. It is necessary to find as much information as possible about the chosen career: possible professional growth, salary, position etc. It is desirable to ask professionals about the topic you have chosen. You should firstly choose the career research paper topic, then, grounding on it, you can continue your research.

One of the best career research paper methods is interviewing. You may ask people, who have had some experience in the sphere you are interested in, different questions.

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An Essay on Courtesy: Hints for Writing
An Essay on Courtesy: Hints for Writing
So, you have to write an essay on courtesy. What is more, your tutor did not specify any problem for discussion. You cannot boast about thousands of thoughts and ideas you can introduce in your courtesy essay. Do not panic! This article will give you some hints for writing an essay on courtesy, and you will certainly get inspired.

- A Cause and Effect Essay on Courtesy – “Courtesy Is the Best Weapon of Swindlers”.Courtesy is a widely used means of winning somebody’s trust. Unfortunately, some people use it to fraud others. So, write a cause and effect essay on courtesy discussing how courtesy helps swindlers trick. No doubts, such cause and effect essay on courtesy should be well-grounded. Present examples from real life for this purpose. Ask your friends, parents, and relatives about their personal experience of being tricked. Include the stories into your courtesy essay.

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Writing Interesting Gang Essays
There are many themes that Gang Essays can concentrate upon. Gang violence is not a recent phenomenon. Gang culture, history of gangs in USA, gangs and the underworld businesses, poverty and the gangs, sociology of gang violence and prevention of gang violence are some of the many themes that comes to mind when talking about gangs. This is one of the controversial essay topics and students can select any theme and a narrow topic to research. This helps them to bring in some deep specific content rather than vague general information everybody is familiar with.

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Essay Materials: How to Collect Them Effectively
Materials for an essay, in other words, can be defined as a basis of a paper. The more materials you collect, the more reputable and informative they are, the higher your chances are to create an excellent essay and get a good grade. Yet, do you know how to collect materials for essays? Do you know how to make this process effective and productive?

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APA Format Essays: If Your Teacher Is an APA Style Maniac
Is your teacher an APA style maniac who sleeps with the latest edition of the APA manual under his/her pillow? Then it is better to learn at least some basic rules of writing APA format essays. You will never get a high grade if you fail to meet APA style requirements.

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