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The Tongan archipelago, located in Polynesia, extends to about 300 kilometers and includes from 150 to 200 islands. The largest islands within the group are Tongatapu, ‘Eua, and Vava'u. Only three other islands are inhabited; Eva, Niuafo'ou, and Niuatoputapu (Goldman 1970: 281).Tonga is on the western side of the international date line. Radioactive carbon dating of a Tongan specimen gave us a date going back to about the 5th century B.C. This date is the oldest of all of Polynesia (Lieb 1972: 79).

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College Persuasive Essays: Basic Principles to Follow
No matter whether you have to write a college persuasive essay as a part of your application process or it is just another assignment from your college professor, you can use the same principles of writing college persuasive essays. We have highlighted these principles below. Yet, we should also warn you that being aware of basic rules is not enough to write effective college persuasive essays.

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Tips On How To Write Research Paper Outline
Learning how to write research paper outlines is an important task for students. Students would have several bits of information to include in their research papers at different stages of their project. It could be from research sources, brainstorming sessions, guidance from experts, or ideas generated from experiments or real-life experiences.

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Abortion essay
Abortion, is an act of violence that a mother inflicts on her own child. Through abortion, the mother becomes the aggressor, and this knowledge may haunt her long after she has dealt with the rape (135). I don't think that just because the mother went through a terrible experience like rape that the child has to go through a terrible experience like abortion.

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Learn the Right Way To Use A Sample Expository Essay
A sample expository essay is the right way to begin writing in detail about a topic you like. Essays can be creative and fun provided you adapt to some standard but easy methods of writing. The easiest way is always to refer to a sample expository essay. Start with brainstorming sessions. You would come up with expository essay topics that you really like. You can then decide on the final topic based on reference information. This is when you start for the first time. You would get familiarized with how to write a good essay.

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The Crucible Essay
Different people interpret things differently. Many things can influence such an interpretation. To understand this concept two different reviews of the film “The Crucible” will be examined. These two reviews will demonstrate that texts, in this case, “The Crucible”, can be read differently. Both reviews have distinctive elements of style and focus on different aspects of the text. While both reviews have pragmatic values, commending the actors on their performances, the two reviews focus on separate aspects of the film.

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Heart of Darkness Essay
While “Apocalypse Now” is based loosely on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, there are many key differences that contrast the two works. The differences in “Apocalypse Now”, however, highlight the main points of Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness is set in the European imperialism era, whereas “Apocalypse Now” is set during the Vietnam war in Cambodia. This difference makes the reader think of the moral justification of both settings, bringing out one of the controversial aspects of the book.

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Research Paper on Pharmacy
A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is a expert on pharmaceutical drugs and how they act to fight disease and improve the heath of the patient. Pharmacists are responsible for the implementation of drug therapy with the intention of improving the quality of a patient’s life. Some examples of such improvements include curing diseases, reducing or eliminating a patient’s symptoms, slowing the process of a disease, and preventing disease. A pharmacist works with patients and other healthcare professionals in order to design, implement, and monitor a drug therapy plan specifically designed for that patient.

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Research Paper on Technology
Over the past decade, new technologies have come about having astronomically powerful impact on the economy. The leaps and bounds that the technology industry has taken weren’t always for the better. The downsides to all of these victories in man vs. machine have come with their problems and a price. These downfalls are far from over and we can expect a global conflict at the hands of technology in the near future. Technology has been used as a theft device in many respects, from jobs to copyrighted property. With unrestricted sources such as the internet, the ways to slow down this moral massacre are few and far between.

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Government Essay Composition
When we talk about an essay that relates to a topic about government, it only means you have to write a government essay. Actually, attaching any term to the word “essay” delivers a message that you have to expect the topic interest based on the attached term. For example, a hero essay is all about heroes, a nursing essay is all about nurses and a government essay is all about governments. So what topics should I write about for my assigned government essay?

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Law School Essay – A Look At the Legal Aspect of Issues
Law school essays are difficult assignments and can be time consuming and laborious at times. IRAC (issue, rule, application and conclusion) is a way or technique of writing very often followed by the law students to write their paper. First the student will have to read the question throughly and if necessary many times, to make sure that one understands it well. Chalk out he important and relevant issues and jot them down to use them later in the essay. Start the essay with the most pertinent issue so that the reader is made aware at once

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Get your notes and citations right in a Chicago style paper
With a clear idea on the style in which a research paper needs to be written, you can ensure a decent grade. A Chicago style paper is different from other commonly used styles. Though the content of the paper is different in more than one aspect, it is true that the style of presentation can vary. There are many styles that are followed in various educational institutions today. You have the APA, MLA, Chicago or Turabian or the Harvard style of presentation. The specific style that needs to be used is often determined by the university or college and in many cases, also depends on the subject that the paper is written in.

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Scholarship Essays
If you want to write a convincing scholarship essay, your scholarship essay should: inform the reader about your life goals (you seek investment to develop your potential, therefore, show why people you sense in life), have the connection between your goals and opportunity for which you apply (draw a clear line between your goals and theirs), and share you life stories (include experienced from personal life, demonstrate commitment, assess your own potential to pursue goals).

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Personal Statement Essays: Essential Writing Rules
Personal Statement Essays: Essential Writing Rules
Personal statement essays, which are also called statement of goals essays or, to put it into simple words, admission essays are something that every student has to deal with when it comes to college application.

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Essays on Eating Disorders: Looking Deeper at the Problem
Essays on Eating Disorders: Looking Deeper at the Problem
Eating disorders, which in a few words can be defined as abnormal eating habits, are a kind of new disease that more and more people suffer from. Nowadays, it is estimated that up to 10 million women and 1 million men in the United States suffer from eating disorders.

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Answering Some of Your Questions about Custom Writing Essays
Custom Writing an Essay needs Sound Instructions from the Customer

The writing of essays is a time consuming task. There is topic selection, research, proper content inclusion and formats which need to be adhered among other things. These are some of the concerns students face when writing essays. As all essays need to be submitted by a deadline, some students will be benefited by obtaining custom writing essays.
The Necessity to Obtain Custom Essays

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A Brief Overview of Types of Essays
Knowledge of Various Types of Essays is an Imperative in a Good Essay Writer

Most often students are given topics to write essays on. While the student has no choice in the topic matter, there is usually a choice in the type of essay which can be written. For example if you were given a topic like “Global Warming”, this essay can be written in various forms. It can be an Opinion essay, an Argument essay or even a Cause and Effect essay. Knowledge of various essay types and how to write them will make you better at the task of essay writing. Here are some of the most common essay types which students can make use of in writing interesting and unique essays.

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Essay Length: So Many Answers to One Simple Question
Essay length… Is it actually such an important aspect of essay writing? Does not the content of an essay play a much more important role? Or the absence of mistakes? Or the proper organization? Sure, all these are significant requirements that one has to meet to get a good grade. However, essay length is the same requirement as any other, and it can also affect the way your paper will be evaluated.

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Essays on Citizenship: Sure-Fire Ideas for You
Have you ever tried to become a citizen of another state? Have you ever thought about the benefits of having citizenship of one particular country? Are you, actually, glad to be a citizen of the United States of America (or whatever country you live in)?

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Interest rate risk of Tetra Technologies
Tetra Technologies is under interest rate risk with respect to a portion of Firm's outstanding indebtedness.As of December 31, 2008, Firm's outstanding long-term debt ($97.4 mil) consists of floating rate loans, bearing interest at rate spread above LIBOR. Consequently, Firm's cash flows as well as results of operations are subject to interest rate risk exposure due to the level of the variable rate debt balance outstanding. The firm currently did not enter an interest rate swap contract or other derivative instrument for hedging exposure to interest rate fluctuation risk.

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