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Publishing a book is one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert in your field. Not only that but the book demonstrates your expertise in its best and most organized format. And perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that your book allows people to be introduced to your expertise without you doing a thing. Yes, you have to write it and get it published. And you also have to market it. But after that, you can sit back and let people read it on their own time. So...

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When we think of ancient Egyptian art, we think of deteriorating stone statues, bits and pieces of old architecture, and faded paintings of animals in dark caves and caverns. All of these ancient ruins are part of what shaped Egyptian culture back in the times of Dynasties. Their artwork not only revealed so much of their religion, rituals, and culture, but it also served as a basis for developing and advancing art.

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Daniel Defoe is credited with writing the first long fiction novel in literary history. Drawing from established literary genres such as the guide and providence traditions and the spiritual biography, Defoe endeavored to illustrate the life of a man who "tempted Providence to his ruine (Defoe 13)" and the consequences of such actions. While stranded alone on an island the character of Robinson Crusoe seems to have a religious epiphany about the role of Providence in his life and resolves to live in accordance with God's will.

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Original Essays: Two Meanings and Two Interpretations
Recently, you received back your essay from a teacher and saw a strange note on the margins: “an essay is not original”. What can this mean? What does the teacher want to say and want you to do? Let us explain you the meaning of an “original essay”. Mind that these are just our assumptions and it is better to talk to the teacher and find out his/her vision of an original essay.

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Neil Postman Essays: Discussing Ideas of a Media Theorist
“When we begin relying on the Internet for all of our news and information we will turn into a nation of zombies”.

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books”.

These are several quotes of Neil Postman – a famous American media theorist, cultural critique, and an author of popular books and articles. Your teacher has assigned to prepare a Neil Postman essay, and we are sure he/she is not waiting for some sort of a biography essay.

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Published in 1955, “Lolita” deals with the uncommon erotic predilections of the aging scholar Humbert Humbert, the book’s narrator-protagonist (RandomHouse.ca “About this Book”). It is a tragic comedy story of Humbert’s pedophilic obsession with the “nymphet” Dolores Haze whom he would rather call by the name Lolita.
Annabel Leigh is Humbert’s original nymphet obsession. In fact, the divorced scholar ascribes his “nympholoespy” or lifelong passion as having been triggered by his losing his childhood sweetheart Leigh. Charlotte Haze, despite the fact that he married her, was not really Humbert’s idea of a nymphet primarily because of the biological age factor and her mature love marked by possessive passion (Chia-chin Tsai 68).

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Law Essays
Law essay assignments usually concern the discussion of the people rights and justice system. To write a successful law essay you will need to apply a lot of theory and knowledge. You cannot discuss law without knowing actual rules and regulations. Sometimes you can debate one or another issue, express your point of view, but in most cases in order to write a good argumentation you will need to have specific evidences. Sometimes your essay task will be to research some topic. For this purposes you can do two types of research: quantitative research, which relies numerical data, and qualitative research, which relies on field observations.

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Research Term Papers
Writing successful research term papers requires the skills of choosing a topic, focusing in on a thesis, investigating the subject, analyzing information, and reporting the results. Careful investigation of your own opinions, the facts about a situation, and the judgments of others will help you write a successful research papers or term papers.
Because research writing involves so many different skills and activities, it is especially important to be systematic in your approach. In order to complete your research term papers successfully you will need to go through several steps in your writing process. At first, you will need to analyze the paper assignment.

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The Pattern for Writing: Essay Templates
Are you willing to use essay templates? If this is your first time to write an essay, we suggest that you also use a template for guidance. What is a template by the way? A project can be done if you have all the knowledge and skills required. However, there are situations when you need a guide platform to get you started with the project. This platform is called a template. When writing an essay, a template can be useful if you think you do not have any ideas about what parts to include. It can be your layout guide.

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Technology Essay – What to Write in an Article
It is important that we know how to tackle the topic of an essay based on the classification of the article. If you are going to write a technology essay , be sure to consider some subjects that are relatively significant. A sample essay may be needed but for the purpose of this article, let us discuss some key pointers in selecting the topics for your requirement.

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Essay Format Sample
The last time we discussed essay format, the main intention is to provide you with styles of writing when it comes to citation. Today, we will give you some essay format sample guides to help you with writing. Our main objective is to give you details on the different essay formats that deal with the main intention of the writer. Of course, in order to make your life easier we will provide you with some sample materials. Let us get started with the different essay formats according to purpose of writing.

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School Paper Format – A Basic Guideline
Academic essay writing is a part and parcel of school life and all students must write them irrespective of their class and subject. A student can choose from the various types of essays and write accordingly. He may wish to choose from a set of personal essay topics or may want to do a critical analysis. The essay type may also be set by the instructor leaving not much choice for the student. In that case a student will have to a little more research work as the topic may not be of his liking. A school paper format will be most generally in all cases be written on regular white paper measuring 8.5 inch x 11 inch and it should be computer generated unless otherwise specified.

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Process and Procedure Essay Example – Get an Expert Guidance
A process and procedure essay gives a detailed explanation of the sequence of events as they unfold in a process involved. It aims to explain a definite process or procedure through a series of steps or sequences and helps the student to learn how to develop logical thinking and reasoning skills while discussing them, gradually as they unfold. A process essay generally describes a procedure in so much detail and with so much thoroughness that the entire sequencing becomes clear to the reader and no questions remain to be asked.

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“The House on Mango Street” Essays: Discussing your Favorite Story
“The House on Mango Street” Essays: Discussing your Favorite Story
Even if you say right now that “The House on Mango Street” is not your favorite story, we will hardly believe you. Most probably, you have not read it. If it is so, then do it as soon as possible and make sure that it is really the most fascinating thing you have ever read. Besides, you need to write a “The House on Mango Street” essay, which also requires your awareness of the story.

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Reflexive Essays: Information for Consideration
Reflexive Essays: Information for Consideration
Have you never written a reflexive essay before? Then, you definitely need to read some basic information about this kind of essays to get started. We are glad to present general guidelines and give recommendations for writing right now.

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Canadian Identity Essays: How to Prepare a Great Paper
Canadian Identity Essays: How to Prepare a Great Paper
“In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect”.
Bill Clinton
“Canada is the linchpin of the English-speaking world”.
Sir Winston Churchill

You can find a lot of other quotes and use them in your essay on Canadian identity, because they perfectly characterize Canada as a country and its people.

By the way, if you are an American student and have to prepare a Canadian identity essay, make sure you realize that Canada differs from the USA greatly. Many Americans draw parallels between two countries. In fact, writing a Canadian identity essay about the influence of the United States on Canada is a good idea.

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Order Essay
For sure, you already know that you can order essay online. This is a fact that many students tend to enjoy. They can simply order an essay and then receive a quality article that they can submit in class. However, there are certain things that you need to consider before you purchase any articles online. We will give you some useful tips how you can maximize the benefits of ordering an essay from the internet. This way, you will be able to get the worth of your money and be able to submit a good essay to your teacher.

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Considerations Which Should be Looked into When you Buy Essay Online
What is an Online Essay?

There are many online writing services which offer students the facility of buying their essay. This essay whether it is a controversial essay or a history essay, will be written in the manner which fits the student’s requirements adhering to all essay writing norms. The student will need to select a good company to entrust their work and he or she will be able to purchase a custom written essay of high quality.

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Select the Right Sample Essay Paper for Your Reference
Sample Essay Papers Are Useful in Guiding Students on Essay Writing

Many students find that when they have to write essays, they lack the knowledge and the skills to develop a good essay that meets the required standards. This issue is further aggravated by the fact that all essays are not to be written same and that many differences exists among different essay types. These students therefore struggle with various aspects of essay writing. Going through a sample essay paper is a good solution in such situations where students can gain a good insight in to how an essay is written well.

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Importance of Writing an Essay Outline
Writing an Essay Outline is an Essential Phase in Essay Writing

An essay outline can be considered as the skeletal structure of the essay. It facilitate the structuring of the essay writer’s thought process and streamline the writing by avoiding repetitions, omissions and overloading sub sections. By engaging in this essential phase of essay writing, the quality of the essay can be improved immensely. Therefore knowledge of writing an essay outline is important to any writer.

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