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24 million adults in the United States consider themselves creative writers but less than 5% have ever been published anywhere. 172,000 titles were released in 2005. It has been estimated that at any one time there are between 5 to 6 million manuscripts looking for a publishing home. Many writers are turning toward publish-on-demand (POD) houses like iUniverse, AuthorHouse and Publish America to get their books into readers? hands. About 25,000 titles will be released by POD ...

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I just finished a set of conferences with my students which inspired me to write about the most important rule of writing -- writing is a process. So many of difficulties struggling writers face occur when they ignore this simple rule. Once you embrace the fact that writing is a process rather than an event, once you recognize that the more time you give the process to work the better, then not only will writing be easier you will also write better. Writing is a process...

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More than seven hundred years ago, when the students of la Sorbonne attended a debating session, those young men from different European countries were speaking in Latin, a then dominant language of the educated. Now at the dawn of a new millenium, we are here exchanging our respective views on the impact of English¡ª¡ª a language which is now playing an even larger and much more important role than Latin did in the Middle Ages.

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For those who are accustomed to Pablo Neruda s predominantly either romantic or political poetry, Sweetness, Always may result confusing and somewhat deceiving. However, Neruda beautifully uses deception to convey a message of protest against the lack of sweetness and the starvation of the soul.

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Graduate Program Essays: Free Writing Tips
You have finished your undergraduate studies and now want to continue in the graduate school. Do you remember the process of writing a college admission essay? Do you remember how important it was, how nervous you felt? Sorry to tell you, but you will have to get through this once again. This time, your mission is even more serious, because you have to write an essay for a graduate program.

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Write Term Paper Topics
It is easy to write term paper topics that are of interest to students. The simple logic can be applied to any topic, but a term paper is an important academic exercise that would enable them to get high scores at the end of the term. The purpose of the paper is clearly given in the guidelines offered by teachers.

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Tips On Essay Writing
Referring to tips on essay writing is a useful exercise before an essay is compiled. Some basic elements are common for all types of essays. Students may have to write persuasive or argumentative essays, narratives, cause and effect essays, or comparative essays. They have to improve on writing skills with each passing year in school and college. In time, they would be experts in a particular field.

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Essay References
Essay references are made at the end of an essay either as a footnote or bibliography. It is left to the writer to choose the method as per the curriculum. Essays are written on various topics covering several subjects. Students have to take reference from sources in order to write an informative and content-rich essay. References made have to be presented in a methodical manner. This is not an easy task, if students are not used to preparing an annexure or following a standard style of writing like the Modern Language Association (MLA). Each writing style has its own way of referencing.

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Finding The Right Critical Essay Topics
Writing on critical essay topics is quite difficult for students especially if they have just started to write essays. Often, there is a bit of confusion about how to go about it. The notion is that a critical essay is meant to criticize or offer negative remarks about a topic, which is a big misunderstanding. It is not always true and often the analytical skills of a writer are tested when producing really good critical analysis essays. The way to go about it is to first choose good topics that you are familiar with.

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Lewis and Clark Essay
During their expedition, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Met and Encountered many different Indian tribes. Since Lewis and Clark met so many tribes they decided that they would greet every Indian tribe the same way. Some of the tribes greeted them with gifts, while others greeted them with immediate violence.

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Antigone Essay
The main characters of all Greek dramas are usually alike in some ways and different in others. Medeñ, by Euripides and Antigone by Sophocles are Greek dramas, and so the characters, Antigone and Medeñ also have similarities as well as differences. By comparing and contrasting these two characters, we gain more knowledge about their motives and ambitions, and as a result, we can more easily understand their behaviors. By doing so, we also obtain a better insight concerning what basis each one comes from.

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How to Write a Thesis
Writing a thesis is a task that requires a lot of time, diligence, and skill. It cannot be easily done by a person doing part-time job or by students who are taking too many classes at the same time. Anyhow, writing a thesis is something that should not be considered a troublesome thing.
There is no kind of complication at all when you are writing a thesis. You can write a good thesis in no time with just a few instructions. You just have to keep a few points in your mind and you will be able to write a thesis that will outshine all that you have ever seen.

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How to Write a Graduate Essay
There are several useful essay writing tips for students about how to write a graduate essay. Writing a good graduate essay requires from each student good writing skills, imagiantion and patience. Before graduating they have to be succeed in writing any assignments and academic papers.
In a graduate essay, we deal with the four parts. Which are Introduction, the Main body, the Conclusion and the Outline. As compare to a school level essay graduate level essay require better words and more comprehensive detail, best quality of writing skills and compact link between paragraphs in the main body are main features of a graduate level essay.

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Old Testament
The year of the fall of Samaria was approaching. Hoshea, son of Elah, was ruling over Israel. As most of the kings before him, Hoshea “did evil in the eyes of the Lord”. Therefore, God put curses on Samaria with the invasion of Assyria. All Israelites had to leave their land and move to Assyria. The king of Assyria took the complete power over the land of Israelites and “brought people from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath and Sepharvaim and settled them in the towns of Samaria to replace the Israelites” (2 Kings 17:24).

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History Essays
Writing a history essay require reading a lot of texts, learning historical events, analyzing and interpreting them. In history courses, your texts will be the records of men and women who have documented public and private lives and events in letters, government files, voting records, newspaper articles, radio and television broadcasts, and photographs.

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Essay Format – Parts of an Essay
A custom essay can easily modify the introductory paragraph to make it more appealing. To catch the attention of your readers, you may put a question at the first line or provide a quote to visually catch the readers’ attention.

The different essay types can also influence the course of writing the body paragraph. This is the main discussion parts of the essay. For example if you are writing an argumentative essay, you can modify the body by having enumerated paragraphs that will support your claim.

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Essay Service from the Experts
Looking for an essay service? Well you have found the right site where you can avail of the services offered to students. We have been providing great assistance to people who are no longer able to write their essays. Now, you can submit a quality article without having to write it. Let me guide you on what help we can offer to you.

An essay service does not merely involve writing. We are actually presenting to you the two most common essay services that we render to our readers and clients.

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Sociology Paper Topics – Study the Social fabric Around you Well
Sociology is a study of the society at large. It examines the human and social interactions and studies the processes that seemingly bind or break people living within a society. It also classifies social behaviour of man in to urban socialisation, culture socialisation, gender socialisation and many more. It is basically the study of man and his interactions with the society that he lives in. Study in sociology demands that the person opting for it should have a clear mind free of any prejudice and be able to look at things objectively without any bias.

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Interesting Ideas for British Essays
Interesting Ideas for British Essays
“The British nation is unique in this respect. They are the only people who like to be told how bad things are, who like to be told the worst.”
Winston Churchill

If you get an assignment to write British essays, the first thing you should do is narrow down the topic. Do you know why? Well, British essays may be devoted to different topics: British culture, people, traditions, dishes, etc…

If your tutor did not specify the topic of your British essay, you are welcome to do it independently, taking into consideration your preferences, interests, and knowledge.

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Public Relations Essays – Two Plans for Writing
Public relations are a very popular concept these days. Are you sure you have a clear idea of what PR is? Can you give at least an approximate definition of PR?

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