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Today, Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of http://Bookpleasures.com is pleased to have as our guest, Rob Costelloe, author of Coinage of Commitment. Good day Rob and thanks for participating in our interview. Norm: When did your passion for writing begin? What keeps you going? Rob: I wrote earlier in life, including a teeth-cutting first novel, then I abandoned writing altogether. But I continued to study romantic love as a potential source of fulfillment in people?s...

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There is a lot riding on having that perfect resume and that perfect cover letter. It could mean the difference that perfect job or a mediocre job that you aren?t really that happy at. It?s no wonder that the pressure of writing a good resume and cover letter is a little intimating to job hunters everywhere. Millions of job hunters turn to books promising to provide them with the tools to write that perfect resume. People spend hundreds of dollars on computer software that is...

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Before starting a new project, a new research or just a new stage of your life you think about luck and dream about its presence in your life. You wait for success to come, but it is not going to happen. ?Bad luck?, you say and drop everything. Is your success a matter of luck? Read this article to find out.

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Anyone who writes knows this scenario at one time or another: You have something to say, great ideas to express. So, you go to the page only to find your mind has gone as blank as the sheet or screen before you. Paralyzed, you write not a word. Somewhere in the synapses of your imagination, you know there lives a fully formed novel, or story, or play, or even one single poem, but you cannot magnify it enough to see the individual words. So you leave it for another day?until...

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It is a hot day in the middle of July, and there is a brother and sister impatiently waiting while their mother finishes packing for their trip to Disneyworld. This is their father's last day to work before his vacation starts. Their father is an air conditioning technician, and this morning he was called out to a movie theater to work on an air conditioning unit. This particular unit is located on the roof of the theater. It had been raining the day before; on the roof around the unit water is standing where he is going to have to work.

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Lufthansa was launched through the buying of 737 jets from Boeing. They were the first one's to do so and because of this they are now the leading airline out of Germany (Wikipedia, 1). "Lufthansa operates more than 300 aircraft and employs nearly 100,000 people world-wide. In 2005, 51.3 million passengers flew with Lufthansa (Wikipedia, 1)."

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I chose to do my research on epilepsy. I have some knowledge of this sickness and I have found some interesting facts and more information that will help us as we prepare ourselves to become future educators. As we all know we will be faced with many students, and we must prepare ourselves with the terms, facts and the many learning abilities to fit the needs of the children for they our future.

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Investigation of a Crime essay
The process of investigation begins with the receiving of a report that a crime was committed or due to indirect evidence a criminal act has taken place. An arrest decision takes place as a result of a crime was committed, thus resulting in the apprehension of the perpetrator who has committed the crime.

Download Investigation of a Crime essay
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Five Paragraph Essay Format
The five paragraph essay format has always been the most common format for essays in school. However, does it work for all the different types of essays. The answer is never simple, because people have opinions based on different criteria. What is important is to know whether it can be applied to most essays. The simple answer is “yes.” The 5 paragraph essay rubric is a tried and tested format that works for most types of essays.

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Personal Experience Essay
A personal experience essay has to be a detailed explanation about how an incident or event was experienced by an individual. This is an easy exercise which most students would have attempted in school. Very often, assessors need to understand how students can express themselves about an event in their own words. It gives them an idea of the knowledge they possess in terms of their vocabulary, style of writing, sentence structure, and descriptive skills. Students improve developing essay writing skills in time.

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How To Write A Mathematics Essay
A mathematics essay helps us grasp fundamentals better. It is much easier to solve a mathematical problem than to explain it. Wouldn’t it be fun solving complex problems, if we could explain them. Well, writing an informative essay involves a lot of work. The trouble taken to arrive at systematic descriptions to particular problems has led to many theories being tabulated. It has become easier to prepare a curriculum for students.

Download How To Write A Mathematics Essay
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Essay on Design
The introduction of the internet has had a huge impact on most peoples lives, a new source of information and communication, and for businesses, a new area of advertising, marketing and a virtual expansion of the shop floor.
With the ever changing requirements of businesses and with all the competition that the global network forces on the market, becoming a part of the ‘internet revolution’ and having a web site that reflects the services and calibre of a business, has become paramount for most companies.

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Opinion Essay – Say What You Want
Why is it so important to write an opinion essay? Actually, such an essay provides you the chance to express your feelings and thoughts about subjects that people would not mind tackling about. Also, one of the great advantages of writing such an article is that you can expand your high school research paper topic domain when you are about to write your dissertation. That is why targeting your personal feelings about issues can be so important in learning.

Download Opinion Essay – Say What You Want
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Writing an Analysis Essay for a Design Product
Suppose you are given a task to research and report about a design product, you may be required to make analysis and write an essay for your report. Such an essay is referred to as an analysis essay. It tends to exhaust the study of the subject in a number of dimensions. A design product is that product created or manufactured through a series of activities and considerations in a process following specific models and standards.

Download Writing an Analysis Essay for a Design Product
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Cancer Research Paper for the Students of the Life Science Branch
Cancer research paper is a type of research paper writing that is very common to students who have life sciences in their study course. This field has a lot of ready material to explore and research and is a very interesting theme or topic to write a paper on. In fact there will so much information to start on that one will have sit down and analyse each collected data very carefully and keep only the important and relevant ones. The essay should introduce the topic with a definition and explanation of the term cancer with the help of medical textbooks, journals and other reliable sources.

Download Cancer Research Paper for the Students of the Life Science Branch
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Comparative Essay – Choose Two Themes That are Related
Academic essay writing consists of many type of essays that can be written in different types of formatting for various the type of assignments like term paper writing, school essay writing etc. These essays are the more common types that form a part of the regular essay writing curriculum of a college or a university. A comparative essay like any other essay will follow a standard writing pattern(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard). It will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Here the introduction will give an idea of the topic and mention the two issues that have been chosen to be compared.

Download Comparative Essay – Choose Two Themes That are Related
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Essays on Education in India
Essays on Education in India
Writing essays on education in India means discussing the process of getting an education in India or other education-related issues. A writer should consider the chosen problem thoroughly and express his/her viewpoint on it.

If you need to write an essay on education in India, welcome! In this article, you will find information that can be useful in terms of getting ideas of what to cover in essays on education in India.

So, what problems can you consider in essays on Indian education? Below you will find 3 possible topics.

Essays on education in India: Idea # 1

Write about the impact of religion on education in India

Download Essays on Education in India
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Things not to be Written in a MBA Application Essay
Being accepted into a good MBA program is what every student wishing for a degree in business is hoping for. With an MBA degree the chances of securing a good post which pays well increases. Many top notch companies look for applicants with MBA degrees from good programs. Therefore, being accepted into a good MBA program will be beneficial. To be accepted you will have to write an MBA application essay. Your acceptance into the program is greatly dependent upon how this essay is written. Therefore, you need to ensure that a good essay is written.

Download Things not to be Written in a MBA Application Essay
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Selecting High School Research Paper Topics
A Proper High School Research Paper Topic will Lay the Foundation for a Good Research

When assigned to do a high school research paper, coming up with interesting topics is one of the dilemmas faced by most students. Most students are able to write term papers with ease, but when it comes to selecting ideal high school research paper topics, it will leave them wondering what they should do.

* A topic that can Demonstrate your Knowledge

Your term paper is set up in order for your tutor to evaluate how you have progressed during your school year. Therefore, you have to be careful to choose a good topic to write a good research paper on it. The topic you choose must allow you to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject well in terms of theoretical and application perspectives. When selecting an Exideal topic, you can also consult your tutor for advice and guidance. Whether you choose the topic on your own or with tutor’s assistance, make sure to get the final approval from the tutor prior to proceeding with the rest of the assignment.

Download Selecting High School Research Paper Topics
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Article Writing Course: Explore Writing Method of Articles
Getting high grade for assignment is the dream of every student. But does this happen to all students? Only students that can present excellent and outstanding articles can get high grade. But, how do some students give excellent articles? The answer for this question is simple and is of course a well-known to almost every student.

Download Article Writing Course: Explore Writing Method of Articles
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