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Can a city be a character in a book? Many years ago, in a writing class, I was told that I should try to make the setting, which was Toronto, my city of birth, a character in my book, Conduct in Question. I have puzzled over this piece of advice for many years and only now think I may have an answer as to its meaning. Here?s another question. Can the city you?ve lived in all your life be a character or does intimacy somehow disqualify it? I have often longed to see Toront...

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As you may know, I?m a great fan of the works of the Canadian author, Robertson Davies. So, when I?m looking for inspiration and ideas, I turn to his articles on writing. I came across a speech he gave in 1990 for the Tanner Lectures in New Haven, Connecticut. One is entitled simply Writing, the other Reading. What makes a novel good or even really great, so that it will be read one hundred years from now [or more]? What takes a novel out of its own time, so to speak, and ...

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An antacid is a medication taken by mouth for the purpose of relieving pain associated with acid indigestion, ulcers, and heartburn. The name anti-acid literally means opposite acid ; with respect to the pH scale (which will be discussed later), the opposite of an acid is a base, so it is not surprising to learn that commercially sold antacids are basic, or alkaline.

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The FASB Accounting Standards Codification™ is the source of authoritative generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) recognized by the FASB to be applied by nongovernmental entities. An Accounting Standards Update is not authoritative; rather, it is a document that communicates how the Accounting Standards Codification is being amended. It also provides other information to help a user of GAAP understand how and why GAAP is changing and when the changes will be effective.

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Western Civilization-Antigone Paper
In the book Antigone by Sophocles the author portrays an image of how society was back in classical Greece. This book gives us a idea of what a woman’s order was in society, family life, death rituals, politics and religion. In Athens the king ruled over the land and its people. If any of his people questioned his leadership, they would be sentenced to death especially a woman such as Antigone.

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MBA Application Essays: How to Get into a Business School
Do you know why your application to an MBA program will be more complicated than other applications? The reason is simple. These days, competition is really tough. Too many people want to be successful businessmen or managers and thus apply to MBA programs. Therefore, you can be sure that almost every applicant will have high GMAT scores, will have perfect letters of recommendation, and big lists of various accomplishments, extracurricular activities, etc.

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Tips On How To Write Research Paper Outline
Learning how to write research paper outlines is an important task for students. Students would have several bits of information to include in their research papers at different stages of their project. It could be from research sources, brainstorming sessions, guidance from experts, or ideas generated from experiments or real-life experiences.

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Automobiles essay
The best autos, offering a liberal blend of luxury, performance, safety, and looks are reasonably priced. However one does not need to spend a fortune to enjoy the fruits of man's efforts, as long as he/she sets sights to the affordable best. Autos may be beneficial: the one who drives them, and the one who sees them. Drivers can be thoroughly satisfied with the solid structure and affluent environment it offers.

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Heart of Darkness Essay
While “Apocalypse Now” is based loosely on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, there are many key differences that contrast the two works. The differences in “Apocalypse Now”, however, highlight the main points of Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness is set in the European imperialism era, whereas “Apocalypse Now” is set during the Vietnam war in Cambodia. This difference makes the reader think of the moral justification of both settings, bringing out one of the controversial aspects of the book.

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Research Paper on Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan was possibly the best basketball player in the history of the National Basketball Association. His career spanned over nineteen glorious seasons for the Chicago Bulls. The most recognizable athlete in the world, he is not only the top player of his era, but is quite possibly the best player ever to wear the uniform of an NBA team. The magnitude of his Airness can be best shown through Michael’s soaring hang times and acrobatic moves, but the legend of MJ is characterized by his tough spirit, determination and passion of the greatest player in basketball history.

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Jane Eyre Essay
One of the most famous novels in the 19th century is Jane Eyre. This was written by the English writer Charlotte Bronte whose work was regarded as one of the most influential books in her time. Now for a student of today’s generation, a Jane Eyre essay may be required to be written. If you are faced with such a challenge, then you might probably think what type of an essay would best describe the novel. Let us take a look at some custom essay formats that you can utilize.

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A school essay’s characteristics
For so many years, you have probably written different kinds of school essays. With the education curriculum requiring students to master how to write an article, a school essay will always be a part of the leaning pattern for all grade levels from grade school to PhD levels.

A school essay may take different goals of writing. Depending on the writer, a school essay with argumentative research topics, persuasive subject goals or narrative topics may be composed.

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Basic Tips to Write a Biology Essay
A biology essay means writing about the various life processes seen all around us. The essay will explain in details about the flora and fauna, that are a part of the living world. It may involve writing about microscopic organisms to the largest living mammal, that is a whale. So a biology essay is wide in its scope. Depending on the topic this essay type may also vary. If one is writing a paper on stem cell research, this may fall under the controversial research topics and one will have to write accordingly. Similarly one may be assigned to write a cause and effect essay on the problem of environmental pollution.

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Term Paper Writing – Our Services are the Best in This Line With an Unbeatable Combination of Quality and Price
Term paper writing, research paper writing, essay writing, following the correct essay format etc. all sound too familiar and are a part and parcel of one’s student life. How well a student can frame and write his papers spells out his future academic life. So a little outside help can often give that extra push towards getting good grades. At Essay-911.com we offer high quality writing services that guarantees you getting top grades in the class and have a successful academic career.

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Creative essay
Take time to work on your creative essays with our inputs, tips and samples

Writing a creative essay seems to be the most important item on every teacher’s agenda. There is more and more pressure on a student to exhibit his or her creative writing skills. It might sound quite easy when you hear a teacher say this: bring in fresh and creative ideas into your essay to make it more interesting. This, however, is a lot easier said than done. If you were to work on building your creative essay writing skills, it would require long and committed hours of practice. For most students, time is a constraint. Going through good creative writing essay samples and working on some useful tips could be a more effective way of honing creative skills

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Advantages and Disadvantages Essays: Positive Sides of Completing This Task
Advantages and Disadvantages Essays: Positive Sides of Completing This Task
It seems like you are disappointed a little about the necessity to write an advantages and disadvantages essay. If it is really so, then we presume you do not know much about this type of essay. At least, you certainly have no idea about some important benefits you can get from writing advantages and disadvantages essays.

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Essays in Spanish: What to Keep in Mind
Essays in Spanish: What to Keep in Mind
Do you have to write an “ensayo”? We mean, do you have to prepare an essay in Spanish? “Claro que si,” you may think, “otherwise, I would not visit this website!”

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Fresh Ideas for African American Essays Are Discovered
Fresh Ideas for African American Essays Are Discovered
Let us guess what ideas you have for your African American essay. First, you thought about writing one more essay on Martin Luther King. Then, you changed your mind and decided to devote your essay on African Americans to Malcolm X. Finally, you rejected both ideas and thought that writing about African American literature would be fine.

By the way, this last idea about literature is not bad. African American literature deserves attention, especially literature of the 19th century. The thing is that the great majority of African Americans in the 19th century did not know how to read and write. Still, there are a lot of great authors of those times. Your African American essay can be devoted to one of them.

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College Application Essay Prompts
Purpose of the college application essay prompts is to stimulate, provoke or trigger responses from applicants to a set of questions or a single question which the selection committee would like to have answers for. Some universities and colleges place a high importance on the admission essay while some do not place much importance to the essay. But writing a personal statement also called an admission essay or an application essay is a common part of the application process. Many universities and colleges give a number of essay prompts and an option to select an admission essay topic.

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Scientific Papers: Scientific Topics that Can Be Discussed
Academic papers are tasks for students that presuppose development and demonstration of writing skills. Science is an interesting topic which has numerous branches, each of them can be developed in scientific papers.

The current article contains discussion of scientific papers and provides you possible topics that can be discussed in the course of writing scientific papers.

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