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A novel way for a writer to keep prospects and fans in the loop on their progress as a writer is through the use of a web log or ?Blog?. ?This notion of self-publishing, which is what Blogger and blogging are really about, is the next big wave of human communication. The last big wave was Web activity. Before that one it was e-mail.? ? Eric Schmidt This online tool has allowed many writers to share thoughts, humor, politics, and more with any and all who would visit. Si...

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There are great rewards when writing a book for the first time. There is a great sense of accomplishment by the individual person once they have a complete manuscript in their hand. The other reward is obviously money; if you write a good book that is marketed correctly you will receive a reward. Depending on how well you market your book will depend on the size of the pay cheque. The first step to writing a good book is?Writing the book. Start on your computer or w...

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Here is an article telling you what you need to do to achieve success writing online. Technical writing is a field in existence for many years now. But the internet publication revolution today has made success come right at our doorsteps. There are many thousands of authors who make thousands of dollars every month publishing online. Find out how.

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With the emergence of the computer age, online forms, chat rooms, instant messaging and e-mails have taken the place of the old-fashioned paper and pen. Now, instead of organizers, Blackberries, portable computers and mobile phones are being used by many executives and students in keeping track of their daily lives. With the convenience of tapping into keyboards and the ease of reading printed out information, finding a handwritten report or receipt has become a rare occurren...

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I've had so many people approach me about how to boost traffic, increase sales, and get more leads into their businesses. I always tell them that there is a really low-cost way to make it happen for them. Frankly, articles that I wrote three years ago are still bringing me strong and consistent traffic today. That's why article marketing ? the process of ?giving away? your articles ? is one of the best ways to get traffic today, and will be tomorrow, and several years from...

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The short story discussed in this essay is The Watcher which is written by Guy Vanderhaeghe. The story focuses on the learning experiences of the narrator, Charlie, who is an eleven year old boy stuck on his Grandma s farm. Through Charlie s natural ability to observe, experiences with sex, violence, and power Charlie transform him from being a watcher to a participant in the adult world surrounding him.

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The Gathering
Nathanial Delaney, the main character in The Gathering, is new in the community of Cheshunt. No one else seems to sense the sinister atmosphere in Chesthunt, except Nathanial. With the haunted look in people's eyes and the subdued aura around the school, Nathanial thinks that moving to Cheshunt is ridiculous. Suffering the recent death of his father, he lives with his mother and is finding it difficult to relate to children his own age, and is very mature. Throughout his life he has been moved from town to town, and is tiring of this ruthless string of new starts.

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Great College Essay
To compile a great college essay, students must have mastered the various techniques that go in creating an interesting written assignment. The process of learning these techniques starts in school. Very often, students find themselves learning the art of writing with help from teachers and through examples. Teachers help them with difficulties they may have about structure, format, grammar, and vocabulary. Examples offer them reference information on how an essay on a particular topic could be written.

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Create A Ready-Made Narrative Essay Format
A narrative essay format can help in many ways, the most useful being it saves time. You may have many issues about adapting to an essay format, if you were to pick up a suggested format without understanding how it works. You need to develop a format which works for you. You can do this by resorting to certain techniques that always work. In time, you would get to a point when writing becomes easy as you use your own ready-made narrative essay format. Here are some other methods you can use to save time.

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Analytical Essay Instruction
An essay that wants to know further details about a topic is called an analytical essay. Not so many students appreciate this kind of an article because it is quite demanding. Let us talk about the steps in writing this essay and the details that you need to include in it.

The first thing that you must do is to look for another article to analyze. It is like writing for a critical essay but the main difference is that you are writing a non biased paper. When you search for materials to read, make sure that it has a good topics and is relevant.

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Criminology Essay
An essay is one of the easiest projects in school. However, not all students may agree with this especially if one is not really familiar with the processes of writing an essay paper. Now, let us talk about a criminology essay as one of the possible topics for you to develop.

You need not be a criminology degree holder in order to write a good criminology essay. Actually, this is simply one of the many topic interests that you can write about and that there are no restrictions in academic background as to who can write such an article.

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GED essay writing
Essay is one of the core elements of the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test. However, the GED essay writing task is not as difficult as the students believe it to be. It just involves an opinion of students on a particular matter. For instance, students are required to discuss on a particular topic and need to put forward their views and opinions about that point. With some guidance you can really be able to write a good GED essay and can increase your chances of having a good score in the General Equivalency Diploma test.

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Informative Essay – Here Information Matters More Than Your Opinion
Informative essay is one sort amongst the various types of essays written by students and writers. In this type of essay facts are given more importance than personal views or opinions. Here the writer assumes the role of a teacher or an instructor and doles out information to the reader. However, care must be taken to see that this does not turn the essay into one long rigmarole which no one cares to read. So making the essay interesting is as important as making the facts available to the readers.

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How to Make a Powerful Admission Essay
If you are dreaming of entering college or university, you also have to think about making a perfect admission essay. Yes, writing an admission essay is a responsibility, as whether you will be accepted or not will much depend on how good your essay is. Still, it should not intimidate you. While writing your admission essay, you are sure to get a new and useful experience. In this article, you will find helpful tips for successful accomplishment of your admission essay.
Tell the reader what is unique about you

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Good Essay Questions
Useful information on a good essay question for teachers and students
Good Essay QuestionsEssay question is a good way to the teachers to evaluate student’s ability to respond to the matter and level of creative thinking. Good essay question is aimed at evaluating student’s educational level. Unlike multiple choice, true-false and matching exercises questions, essay question demands from students creative respond composed by them personally. That is why, usually the best form of answer is essay as it reveals student’s ability to analyze, synchronize and examine the subject. The difference of good essay questions from other types of questions which require creative answer lies in the fact that essay question writing:

- requires extensive answer which consists of more than one sentence;
- is not limited to one precise pattern of response;
- gives a hint on direction of thinking students should apply;
- implies material to use in answer.

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Essays on Heroes: Who Deserves to Be the Main “Hero” of Your Paper
Essays on Heroes: Who Deserves to Be the Main “Hero” of Your Paper
Tall, strong, handsome, smart, reliable – this is an image of a typical hero that many people have in their minds. Yet, is it really so? We mean, do real heroes always have big muscles, sharp minds, and can do miracles?

This is what you should think about before you start writing your papers on heroes. We also advise you to make a kind of experimentation and ask your friends to describe a hero and his main traits. Results of your experiment can be included into a hero essay.

However, we are sure you are looking for some specific ideas to highlight in hero papers, and we can help you with this. Check our suggestions for essays on heroism and heroes.

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Writing the Most Impressive Law School Essay
The purpose of the law school essay is to convince the admission committee you are a suitable candidate to join the law school in context. Therefore it is in your capacity to make them decide that you are worthy of being a part of their institution. Your admission essay of one or two pages has a great influencing power on this decision. This is your chance to highlight your strengths and identify your character traits that will make an excellent lawyer at the end of your academic studies. You can also state what specialization of law appeals to you most and why this is so. There can be very inspiring reasons for your choice and such inspiration can touch the hearts and minds of the selectors. While it is true that you will have to literally “blow your trumpet” in writing admission essays, make sure not to do it too loud. You should not appear to be conceited and self focused. Gentle persuasion is needed to make them decide in favor of your admission. Make use of few persuasion essay examples to grasp the appropriate persuasive writing styles if you are unsure of how to do this best.

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Response Essays: A Balance between Personal and Critical Writing
At a glance, the gist of a response essay is pretty clear. In a few words, you are supposed to write an essay in response to a literary work, a movie, or a work of art.

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The Essentials of Writing Two-Page Essays
Do you have to prepare a two-page essay? It seems to be rather a simple and short assignment. Yet, if you do not know some peculiarities of writing 2-page essays, hardly will you be able to succeed.

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Mind-Blowing Ideas for Civilization Essays
Actually, civilization essays are an extremely interesting and useful assignment. Civilizations existed millions of years ago. Today, we are living in a highly developed civilization, which has a lot in common with those ancient civilizations. As you know, the great majority of civilizations disappeared at some point in history. So, what destiny is waiting for our civilization?

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