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There is a stigma associated with writers turning to editors for assistance with their work. Some people see outside editing as an unfair advantage, a form of literary cheating. Writers are expected to be able to objectively evaluate their own work. Interestingly, this is exactly the opposite of what one finds in other professions.

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Writing throughout history has transformed itself to either an immortalization of one's thoughts or a lucrative business. The first is the essence and the other one is the consequence. With respect to the art of writing itself, it must always be treated with reverence. Not that too many great people have dedicated themselves towards glorifying the art or that it has become a means by which we have learned history and man's life but because it is in itself, a vital part of ...

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In Alain de Botton?s engaging book, The Art of Travel, he distinguishes between the anticipation and recollection of travel versus the reality of actually traveling. When we anticipate, we study travel brochures and create in our imagination all sorts of exotic adventures, lying ahead of us. Once really there, we photograph the Eiffel Tower with our friends or family, their arms slung over one another?s shoulders and grinning into the camera. That forms the recollection, t...

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To hope for the end of history is human. To expect it to happen is unrealistic. To plan for it is disastrous. (Huntington, 43) These are the closing sentences in Samuel Huntington s critical response to Francis Fukuyama s essay on the end of history. The theory of endism, hypothesized by Fukuyama, is not convincing because he over looks the challenges presented, ignores the proceedings in much of the world and doesn t account for natural human tendencies.

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Euthanasia (from the Greek meaning of "good death": (well or good), thanatos (death)) refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering.

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Animal Rights Essay
If you need to write a paper on animal rights – and you need help in formulating the idea you want the paper to say – you have come to the right place.
The problem of animal rights is a very righteous topic today, as some animals are on the edge of extinction, and without any actions in near future they might totally get extinct. By writing an essay on animal rights – you commit your desire to help solve this problem and assist in any actions that might help resolve this issue.

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Role of the Pastor
The role of the pastor of a local church is unique in some ways from other believers’ and yet has many things also in common with them. It is helpful here to draw a distinction between the church member and the Senior Pastor of the local church; that is, the one who is called to be the overseer of the body of believers.
In Ephesians 4:11ff a distinction of giftedness is made by Paul between those who have leadership gifts and those who are gifted in other ways. According to this passage of Scripture, the purpose of the gifts to be pastors, evangelists, apostles, etc are for the equipping of the saints for service; to build up the Body of Christ. I have heard it said by a mentor of mine that the pastor’s job is to work himself out of a job.

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How to Write a Critical Essay
Many students dread writing a critical essay. It is because of the fact that they need to read a certain document or material, and then provide an analysis of its contents. These steps are just too much for them. But if you are still not familiar with the critical essay writing steps, then we will give them to you. There is nothing you can do but to write an essay if your teacher requires you to do so. The best thing for you to do to is to learn how to write a critical essay.

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Gaining Benefits in Writing a Leisure Essay
What is a leisure essay? You are probably used to writing an essay that adheres to your instructors request in class. However, there is also what we call a leisure essay in which you are free to write anything in your essay article without having to worry about the formatting and instructions of your professor. This is also sometimes referred to as a hobby for writing. Essay writing should not only be something that can be done inside the four corners of the classroom but should also give you a relaxing and fulfilling feeling simply by writing your thoughts and ideas.

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College Essay
Writing an essay may tackle different goals of building a composition. You can argue, classify, provide logical reasoning, narrate and persuade. But for a college essay, it can sometimes be a demanding task to think of such goals especially if you are going to write a highly developed article. So what are the characteristics of college essays that separate them from ordinary essays?

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A Guide To Write A Term paper proposal
Term paper proposal is the first step in term paper writing. This is an important from of academic essay writing and should be accorded the seriousness it deserves. Whether you write for a research proposal format or a for a term proposal format most often a proposal starts with a single thesis statement around which the entire essay develops. The statement will have to be defended with arguments backed with strong and logical evidences.

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Writing an Analysis Essay for a Design Product
Suppose you are given a task to research and report about a design product, you may be required to make analysis and write an essay for your report. Such an essay is referred to as an analysis essay. It tends to exhaust the study of the subject in a number of dimensions. A design product is that product created or manufactured through a series of activities and considerations in a process following specific models and standards.

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School Paper Format – a Way to Make Your Paper More Appealing
Every paper needs to follow a particular format regardless of it being in school or college. School paper format is very easy if you know what you are faced with. You have to write assignments, essays, research paper in school and all the way through to college. If you don’t know the format of your school paper, then you are in trouble because the right format in your paper accounts for a certain percentage of marks in your grade. It is always great if you know the different types of formatting in detail or at least in brief because it will be useful, if not in school, in college.

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Scholarship Sample Essay: Tips to Be Followed in Writing
To get a scholarship means to work hard for a student. It is necessary to work on yourself and develop personal skills, performing good results in all subjects and academic activities. Scholarship sample essay writing is considered to be a part of this hard working process. The students are to understand the peculiarities of essay writing contributing to their academic results improvement. The article will disclose scholarship sample essay instruction for correct writing and tips to be compulsory followed by everyone.

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Essay Websites: Different Types and How They Work
Essay Websites: Different Types and How They Work
Nowadays, students can find all possible assistance with their studies on the Web, starting from useful tips and hints for completing this or that paper to essay writing sites that can do all the work for you. In this article, we want to focus on essay websites, tell you about various types of such sites and specific services they provide.

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About Essays for Sale
About Essays for Sale
Have you ever heard about essays sales? Have you ever used such service? Well, it is not surprising if you have. Nowadays essay buying boom touches almost every student.

Instead of spending time on writing an essay, students can easily use one of the essay writing services and buy a worthwhile essay for sale. What do you think about essays for sale? Is it good to spend money on those things you can do independently?

Well, if you are interested in the services of essays on sale, this article is for you.

Do you want to know where you can get a good essay for sale? Do you know what you should pay attention to while choosing an essay for sale? You have to know this in order not to make a mistake in your choice

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Teaching the Five Paragraph Essay
Teaching the five paragraph essay to students in middle school and high school is not an easy task. The teachers are expected to use the proper techniques and the tools for teaching essay writing to students. They have to design the essay questions or the topics for the essays to develop the students’ skills in language and writing as well as creative and analytical skills. To help the students to grasp the basic ideas and develop these skills teachers must carefully select their teaching aids and tools.

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Financial Assistance Essays: Rules to Follow if You Need Money
Almost all students always need money, either to pay for education or for some other expenses. Almost all students have to work, at least, part-time to cover those expenses, and usually, money that students earn is not enough.

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How to Edit Essays: Several Effective Strategies
Summer is almost over, and you should recollect all the academic habits that you had. Hope, editing essays was one of your habits and you never skipped this important stage of essay writing.

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Process Analysis Essay Topics
Process analysis essay topic should hold appeal to the reader. It is not enough just to learn how to write the essay. It is necessary to come up with excellent process analysis essay topics. Process analysis essay is a piece of writing in which the author should analyze step by step the set of activities which belong to the process.

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