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There's an estimated 3 million Independent authors worldwide. If these writers join forces the potential impact is staggering. As of right now, the print-on-demand companies estimate that over 90% of their authors sell less than 30 books per year. The question is: how do you expand the position and exposure in the bookselling market and offer Independent authors an opportunity to sell more books? The traditional brick and mortar marketplace has an established base of ap...

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The Canadian fur trade, which grew out of the fishing industry, began as a small business, but would expand and become not only the exploiter of a primary Canadian resource, but the industry around which the country of Canada itself developed. The fur trade started shortly after the discovery of the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland. The fishermen who fished there were the first people who traded furs with the Indians; this trade was a secondary means of profit for the fishermen. Later this secondary industry became a profitable big business due to changes in European fashion, and fashion techniques. While the fur trade brought economic growth and land discoveries, it developed its very own complex trading network throughout the wild, which laid the groundwork for a nation both geographically and financially.

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In the times that we live in today, in a relationship men and women have equal rights. Relationships are based on the idea that it takes both men and women to make a relationship work. There is a mutual respect between partners. However in the Nineteenth century, women had virtually no say in their lives or relationships. The men controlled everything. Women allowed their feelings and opinions to be controlled and influenced by men. This society that allows this to happen makes it harder for women to overcome such repression. It gives the sense that men are better than women. This is not always the case; there are relationships where women have the ultimate control. This is shown in "Editha" and "The Yellow Wall-Paper" at some point in each story there is a shift in the power, the spouse that has initial control loses it and in both stories, the women gain control.

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A million ways to describe beauty, causes contraversy. Everyone has there own opinion and no one is wrong. But beauty to me is a word that means more than one thing. Beauty is not only skin deep, to me it’s the world and all it has to offer. It’s the emotions, pain, struggle, courage, happiness, sadness, but most importantly the good that comes out of them.

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Internet Laws and Our Rights essay
The world is just at the dawn of the Internet revolution, a revolution that promises both benefits and new sets of challenges, if not problems. The benefits manifest themselves in political, economic, and social dimensions. The policy challenges are more numerous, but four in particular have attracted significant attention: privacy, intellectual property protection, taxation, and "open access" to high-speed or "broadband" networks.

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Persuasive Essay on Global Warming
Global warming is one of the most challenging environmental problems in existence today. It threatens the health of the earth’s inhabitants and the world’s economies every day. With global warming comes longer and more intense heat waves and storms. Along with those climate changes, come more pests which in turn can carry devastating diseases. Forestry and farming are feeling the negative impact of global warming and we’re also seeing traces of a devastated ecosystem. To prevent further damage and begin repairing the damaging effects of global warming, policies must be implemented and diligently enforced.

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Research Paper on Gold Rush
Gold in California was accidental discovered near an American river that would change the young growing state. All across America, young men made the decision to go to California. People came from Europe, Asia, and South America in search of instant wealth. The new American dream was to get rich, and to make a fortune quickly.( Miller 151)

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Best Buy Company Inc.
Beat Buy Company is the largest retail company, originated in United States. It was established in 1966 with the name “Sound of Music” and because of some natural disasters it renamed to “Best Buy Company” in 1983.
“The company opened its first store in 1966, and called it “Sound of Music”. After a tornado hit one of its stores in Roseville, MN, it held a “tornado sale”, and later reopened in 1983 under a new corporate name, Best Buy.” (Matthew Kemp)

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Understanding the Correct Essay Format
Usually, students are not concerned with the realization of the correct essay format. This is seldom a topic for discussion in writing an essay. But the truth is the essay format is one simple but very important aspect of any articles. It provides the readers a visual structure as well as content management structure to understand the essay’s contents thoroughly. An essay format may be in the technical side of the writing process but you need to learn a few things about it.

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Tourism Essay – Know the Facts
What is a tourism essay? Are you required to write such an essay article? Let us discuss the things that involve this particular topic interest for writing.

A tourism essay is simply one of the many aspects in subject scopes for writing. Actually, it is the same in format with any other types of essays in terms of format. You need to have an introduction, thesis statement, body and the conclusion. The only difference that sets it apart from other essays is that it reflects only a topic about tourism.

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Natural Resources Essay
The world of biology relates not only to the biological aspect of learning. In writing an essay, you may also be required to compose anything that relates to other fields of interests like a natural resources essay. Practically speaking, these types of essays are really going to accommodate different fields of topic structures. Natural resources can be written about money management, economics, political science, environment and human development. Such a large scope of topic influence can lead to better selection of topics for you.

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Personal Essay Prompts for Beginners
Personal essay prompts do not actually have any differences compared to ordinary essay writing guides. Actually, almost all types of essays that do not perform researching have the same three-part article build up. Whatever the essay outline may be, the introduction, body and the conclusion will always be included. Have you ever thought of buying custom research papers.

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Business Essay and the Topics that you can write about
When there is a need for you to write a business essay, you should be able to come up with a topic that you can really inject to your readers. In order to do this, you must have the capacity to choose the essay that will make your audience appreciate what you have written. Let me give you some guide parameters on how to select a topic that you can write about.

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Buy Term Paper-A Splendid Way to Get an A or Even Better
Research papers and essays are very important parts of your education and that is exactly why term papers should be written with care because a small research paper could bring out the best grade if it is up to the standards of your instructor. However, you can always take the easy road if you buy term paper. It is not highly advised but under certain circumstances you might have to go ahead and buy it. But if it is possible, you could always use the copy that you bought as reference material and write your own essay.

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Writing A Process Essay
How to make writing process essays effective and creative
writing a process essayProcess essay is a type of an essay which describes how something is arranged or how it is possible to arrange something. That is why, before writing a process essay you should examine the process you are going to describe. Plus you need to find an aspect that would be interesting to the target audience. Try to define who is affected by the process and in what way. It helps to determine the target audience’s interest.

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Treasure Island Essay: A Story of Pirates and Ocean Voyages
Treasure Island Essay: A Story of Pirates and Ocean Voyages
Travelling is really exciting. However, voyages can be considered even more interesting when talking about different adventures. Books and movies suggest a great variety of variants for travelling. You can go to Europe after reading a book about one of European countries.

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Marriage Essays
Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who are in love with each other. Well at least this is a simple definition of marriage for a great number of people. However, there are also some concepts about marriage that are either too radical to accept or too abnormal to consider. This is actually a good concept because you can write marriage essays minus the monotonous definition type of writing an article. We will talk about how you can write a quality marriage essay today.

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Essay Writing Contest – The Perfect Way to Test your Writing Skills
An excellent way to test your writing prowess and creativity is to enter an essay writing contest. Contests such as these have many more benefits than winning excellent prizes. They provide students with the ability to perfect their writing skills, and be recognized for the talents they possess. They can also become independent and conduct research and plan their work on their own as this is not a supervised task. This in itself makes students more aware of their surroundings, as topics such as unemployment, poverty; global warming and terrorism are some of the topics they will write on. With the wide publicity received by essay competitions such as world bank essay competition or the UNESCO essay competition, via the internet, many can now take part from any corner of the world.

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Essays against Capital Punishment: Different Factors to Be Considered
“Most people approve of capital punishment, but most people wouldn’t do the hangman’s job”
George Orwell

On the one hand, the problem of capital punishment seems to be a bit philosophical. Do people have the right to decide whether someone deserves to be killed or not? Can we take the life of another human? Should somebody who killed be deprived of the right to live?

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Research Proposal Help: Get It in 3 Minutes
Summer vacations are not over yet, but you still feel that the academic year is approaching and you have to get ready for it. A lot of new tasks and challenges are waiting for you, no matter whether it is your first or last year in college/university.

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