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How to get a book deal without being scammed is a hurdle for any writers. Publishers Are Not Exempt From Questionable Practices. Keep These Warning Signs in Mind Charges a fee to read your manuscript. You are providing the product for them to sell. Why should you have to pay to see if they are interested in your work? Offers subsidy contracts (you pay them to have your book published) when they promote themselves as commercial publishers. Are POD (publish-on-demand...

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While at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Dennis Ritchie, along

with Ken Thompson, developed the UNIX computer operating system for minicomputers.

He later developed the programming language called C, which has become a

virtual standard in the microcomputer/workstation marketplace.

Dennis Ritchie was born on Sept. 9, 1941 in Bronxville, New York. After

doing undergraduate and graduate work in physics and applied mathematics

at Harvard University, Ritchie joined Bell Labs in 1968.

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Exploratory Essay
An exploratory essay is an essay written spontaneously without worrying about how it is going to turn out eventually. It literally is exploring and finding out about topics never dealt with before. It can be exciting stuff, if there is no pressure of you being assessed for it. Imagine yourself writing a research paper on an unknown topic. It would take ages. Eventually, you would not be sure of the outcome, unless you know how to go about it. This is a work-in-progress which gets better as you practice writing on different topics.

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Graduate Essay – A Summary Of Writing Skills Required
Writing a graduate essay is a challenging task. You are expected to have developed an advanced level of writing skills. It many cases, this might not be the case. You may not be native English or may be in the process of learning the intricacies of the language. In any case, you may have to cover a lot of specialized topics that may require a great deal of your time. Projects would have to be completed and submitted in time. Research is another area where you would have to spend a great deal of your time. It is therefore imperative that you understand and know the how to write essays quickly and in a professional manner.

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Philosophy and the Good Life
Philosophy had been studied for countless centuries by great people, wise men, and common people. It is not because they have to construct what philosophy is and its importance to humanity and the world as a whole, but to make its existence concrete and become usable to where it is ought to be used. The concept of philosophy is abstract and even before the existence of the humanity and the world, it was already there. Its idea was laid down in words through time to be used by people for the coming ages. But its usefulness and significance still depends how we absorb and utilize them.

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Communication Essay
Majority of students get overwhelmed when they are asked to write a communication essay as a part of their admission process. This is because of the comprehensive nature of communication. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed. You can write a good essay on communication by organizing and establishing a limited topic.
Tips to write communication essays

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Essay Writing Rubric
All you want to know about Essay writing rubric

A rubric is basically an authoritative rule of conduct or procedure which the evaluators use to evaluate an essay. However, students can make use of rubrics to write their essays as they help them to meet the required standards stipulated by the college. These standards are the areas of assessment on which the evaluators estimate the nature, quality, extent, or significance of the essay. The most common areas of assessment used by evaluators in majority of colleges are:

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King Lear Essays
What can an internet do to make King Lear essays? If you are still not aware of the functions of today’s internet technology, then you should open up your eyes. You can actually make sure that you can submit a King Lear essay by simply ordering an article online. Yes, you heard it right. There is now an option for you to simply stay away from the problems of writing an essay and let professionals do the task for you. This time, you can order King Lear essays from the internet. How does this work?

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How to write a descriptive Essay
A lot of times we receive questions related to how to write a descriptive essay. It may be too obvious what this essay needs to accomplish but the main task of writing it can be a big problem, especially for first time essay writers. A descriptive essay should be one of the simplest essays to write. This is because your only mission is to describe a subject and let your readers appreciate the qualities of the subject through your description powers. However, it is also a dilemma for some students to write such an essay because it concerns many things aside from accomplishing the main mission.

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Argumentative Topics
An argumentative topic for an essay is compelling, persuasive and inspiring in nature. What you must achieve through an argumentative topic is the alteration of your reader’s point of view, to convince that what you say or what you offer is the only reasonable aspect of the discussion.

Your writing style must be coherent with argumentative research patterns to avoid useless reviews. Write to influence your reader which can only be done through persuasive argumentation.

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Argumentative Research Topics
Writing argumentative literary works is a good way to sharpen your analytical skills which you would need most if you plan on becoming a lawyer someday or if you are planning a career in journalism. Students are encouraged to write on argumentative research topics in order to boost their analytical capabilities.
Importance of Argumentative Research

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Essays Samples
In order to pass a course, a student has to fulfill all its requirements, sometimes including essay writing. Although some students normally complain that writing essays is an almost impossible task, it is possible to learn how to write good essays. One of the best ways to learn how to write captivating essays is read several essay examples. When you get essays samples from a reliable source, you will be able to sharpen your writing skills and you will not have a hard time completing whatever essay you will be required to write.

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Research Paper Writing Demands that you Give your 100% to it and Nothing Less will Suffice
Research paper writing or thesis writing is done by students of a higher academic level doing their doctoral or masters level studies. So it needs the all the hard work and dedication possible. For writing a research paper a writer has to know in intimate details all the different types of formatting that are in use and methods of associated referencing with each format. As the writer prepares his thesis paper he needs to cite various other writer’s work as evidences for or against his main argument or the thesis statement.

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Writing Topics – Choose the Best One, Before Others do
Essay writing or research paper writing or for that matter any sort of writing requires certain basic standards to be followed. There are certain parameters that a writer should know before he starts to write a paper. The first and the foremost being the essay formats. This is one factor which a writer must know thoroughly and follow religiously. These include the MLA format paper, the APA format paper, the Chicago format and the Harvard paper format. After this, one must know the correct pattern of writing the citations and references, without which no paper is complete or correct.

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Research Methodology Format – Get it Right
Research paper writing is is one of the difficult aspects of academic essay writing as it involves a lot of hard work, a rigorous in depth research work on the chosen theme, concentration and dedication. All these parameters along with a correct essay format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) pattern combine together to form a good quality research paper. A thesis paper generally consists of a research paper cover page, research paper abstract, research paper introduction, a body and a conclusion.

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Literature Research Paper- Show your Literary Talent by Creating an Impressive Argument Line for the Paper and Developing a Perfect Essay Around it.
A literature research paper is a common task given to all students enrolled in the class for the subject English. A student may be studying for the high school English class , he may be doing his English major in college or he may be studying English for the Masters program, it is necessary for him to write literary research papers at some point during his stint as a student.

Download Literature Research Paper- Show your Literary Talent by Creating an Impressive Argument Line for the Paper and Developing a Perfect Essay Around it.
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College Admission Essay Writing
College admission essay writing is a challenge for all students despite of their academic record. One short paper determines the success or failure of a student. At the same time, unlike other academic assignments, graduate school admission essay is a unique opportunity to express yourself, to explore your own thoughts, to understand your personality and talents, and to convince admission officers that you are an interesting knowledge-driven individual.

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Writing a Unique Life Experience Essay
Life experience essay is not only a narrative essay that relates a life experience of the writer and it can be used as a personal statement when applying for college or university entrance. Students should select an experience that is either very interesting or an experience that has changed the life of the writer. The experience selected by the writer has to be unusual so that it interests the reader as well. The life experience essay has to be based on something that the student actually experienced. Student can make the experience a little more interesting by adding things or changing the setting etc.

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Essay Writing Strategies: Simple but Effective
Having good writing skills is important, but far not everyone can write well. While in school or college, you have a great opportunity to learn and develop your ability to write well.

Numerous essays that teachers assign so frequently are designed to reveal your writing potential, but certainly, it is not that easy to become a writing guru. First, you will have to learn some basic essay writing strategies.

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Essays on Aliens: If You Have Troubles with Your Paper
On the one hand, writing essays on aliens seems to be a really interesting and exciting task. On the other hand, this assignment might cause you some troubles, because you have to talk about something mysterious and inexplicable.

Download Essays on Aliens: If You Have Troubles with Your Paper
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