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When you start writing a novel you may find doing so somewhat more difficult than you expected. You are not alone when you make this discovery, as many novice writers and even published authors find themselves in the very same predicament. Perhaps one of the most difficult things may be trying to discover who, what, where, when, why and how you are going to develop the next "Pulitzer Prize Winning" fiction book. This article will provide you with a number of thoughts and idea...

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I submit articles to a lot of article directories and through http://www.isnare.com. A lot of the articles are my own, but most of them are ghostwritten for clients. Isnare and other article directories do an ok job of tracking how many views your article has had at their directory, but that's where it stops. Plus, once you submit to any article directory, how do you know where else that article was reprinted? Clients ask me about this all the time. Sure, you can search...

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There are at least sixty different types of rhetorical devices in English literature. The English language is an odd mixture of truth and symbolism and most often exhibits this propensity in the form of various figures of speech. Of all the types of symbolic or rhetorical devices used, hyperbole is the most common. The use of hyperbole may remind you of William Shatner and his propensity to overact. Worsley Online School asked visitors to come up with examples of hyperbole...

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Define each of the following terms

a) MICROPROCESSOR a A computer with its entire CPU contained on one integrated


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Comparative Essay Outline
A comparative essay outline would highlight the basic differences between two items that are to be compared. It can help students express themselves to a wider audience without much difficulty, as understanding differences that exist between two items that appear similar can be very difficult to describe otherwise. Each point helps in clearing doubts that readers might have had about differences that exist between the two. Students would also find it difficult to cover a lot of information about the topic on account of time constraints.

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Comparative Essay Structure – How To Arrive At It
A comparative essay structure is effectively formed when you can compare two things in an easy-to-understand manner. An assignment may be given to you where you have to compare different people, objects, situations, or viewpoints. It all depends on the topic given to you. There may be questions posed that you would have to answer by comparison. If you have a choice of topics or have to select and design your own topic, the formation of the structure becomes important. You may have to design a comparative essay format by rephrasing the question to suit your essay writing style.

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Compile Your Cause And Effect Essay Outline With Ease
Compiling your cause and effect essay outline is really not difficult. It should contain the points you would like to include in the essay along with the thesis statement. The purpose of writing the essay would be to inform readers of an event or experiment. The outline would help lead them in and appreciate the information you want to share with them. It helps you organize your thoughts on a topic, which in turn helps you understand it better. Follow some basic guidelines which would save you a lot of time and effort. The confidence you get on mastering the right way to compile an outline would help you write any essay with ease.

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Essay on Soccer
Gabrielle Smart is entering her second season at the head of the Utah Valley State College women’s soccer program. Smart took on the program in it’s first year of sanctioned intercollegiate play last fall. She is a B-license United States Soccer Federation coach, and has measureable coaching and playing experience.

Smart is a former BYU soccer player. She graduated from LaSerna High School in Whittier, California, in 1994.

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Society has different norms and culture; it varies from one community to the other based on their practices and beliefs (Hess, 1988). Its norms dictate on how people act, speak and think. It molds individual on how he become in his future life. His individuality is the mirror of his society. What he is; is exactly what his society is all about. A person who belong to a conservative society will bear and posses a conservative attitude also. His way of thinking has always something to do with his community. He always makes a consideration on how and what people think about him.

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Feminist Essay
One of the biggest socials issues of today is the discrimination against women. There are so many instances where you can see this discrimination. In order to expand understand the notoriety of the society in tolerating such acts against women; it is appropriate that you write a feminist essay. That is if you believe that women should not be discriminated in any possible way because all men should be equal. Let us give you some pointers how you can write a feminist essay.

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Harvard Essay
Established in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest and the prestigious institution in the US. Getting admission into such an institution is a tough task because they follow stringent selection procedures. And you will be facing tough competition from other candidates as everyone wants to be a part of this renowned institution.

Essays are one of the requirements for getting admission into Harvard. You may write Urdu essays for getting admission in Urdu-Hindi literature course at Harvard.

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Essay Term Paper
The main agenda in writing a term paper is to present a reflection on a subject. It can also be about a research on a topic that needs to be discussed. What if you are required to write an essay term paper? Well any types of term papers can be considered a smaller version of a regular essay. This is because you also need the same parts and segments of an essay to write such an article. Let us give you some more tips how to write an essay term paper.

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Education Essay Topics
A good essay does not have to be an award winning piece. Even you as a regular student can write an essay worthy enough to read. One kind of articles that you will probably write about is an education essay. Actually, the topic about education is also a good way to start your writing career because there are many companies that offer education essay writing positions to provide information to their customers. But before you can go to that parameter, let us simply take a look at what education really is.

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Tips for Writing the Best MBA Essays for your Application Procedure
The top grade mba colleges expect something more from their prospective students than only a cv which details all their academic scores and other acquisitions related to studies. They would also like to see the qualitative aspects of their future students and judge them accordingly. They would prefer to know before granting you an admission whether your personal qualities make you suitable for the class mix they wish to create. So present your mba essay in such a manner that it will reflect your uniqueness as a person and your talents as leader and a good team worker.

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Coming up with Research Ideas
It is unfortunate that some students perceive research as only a pre-requisite for their research papers. Many feel that they have to write good research or term papers in order to attain good academic grades. This is wrong, and they must note that research is a phenomenon used beyond academic circles. It may be used in society by various organizations depending on the area of interest, to supplement problem solving, decision making, optimal allocation of resources and coordination of organizational activities. Therefore, your research ideas will dwell much on what you intend to achieve, rather than whether your research is academic, social, cultural, economic or political.

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Position Essay Topic
As a rule, position essays are mini essays, approximately 500-600 words, which are the critical summaries of the text, object, or person under discussion. In order to write the qualified position essays, you have to choose the position essay topic, which really interests you and which is considered to be your strength.

The proper position essays are those ones where you do not only summarize all the information given in the text under discussion, but also where you show your own attitude that is your position to the text, object, or person.

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Neil Postman Essays: Discussing Ideas of a Media Theorist
Neil Postman Essays: Discussing Ideas of a Media Theorist
“When we begin relying on the Internet for all of our news and information we will turn into a nation of zombies”.

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books”.

These are several quotes of Neil Postman – a famous American media theorist, cultural critique, and an author of popular books and articles. Your teacher has assigned to prepare a Neil Postman essay, and we are sure he/she is not waiting for some sort of a biography essay.

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Essays on Violence: Students against Aggressive Behavior!
Essays on Violence: Students against Aggressive Behavior!To put it in simple words, violence is bad. And this should be the main idea of your essay about violence, no matter what specific topic you are going to discuss.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines violence as follows: “exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse; an instance of violent treatment or procedure; intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force”.

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How to Learn Writing the Best Persuasive Essays
How to Learn Writing the Best Persuasive Essays
If you are an inexperienced student, it might take you quite a lot of time to learn writing the best persuasive essays. Your first persuasive essays will have the status of not strong and convincing enough. Later, you will learn to produce good persuasive essays, but still they will have some flaws and drawbacks.

Finally, you will realize that it is high time for you to start writing the best persuasive essays. Well, we suppose you are ready for this.

Below, we offer you a list of some important things that you should know about the best persuasive essays.

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Writing Cause and Effect Essays
Writing Cause and Effect Essays
So, you need to write a cause and effect essay. Do you need help? Then this article is for you. Here we would like to offer you all necessary information about cause and effect essays.


A cause and effect essay is quite a common assignment for students. It aims at presenting a certain event, phenomenon, action or trend. Cause and effect essays deal with examining, explaining or exposing two actions or events.

Readers should understand what you are talking about, how each of the described actions or events effects on the other. Besides, you need to show the results of these actions or events.

So, you need to provide background information and introduce the subject of your cause and effect essay.

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