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My goal is to get you to see writing your book quickly is simply a matter of harvesting your information and recognizing that you probably already possess the majority of the information needed to complete your book. The real test is simply to organize what you know into a database of usable ideas. The beginning steps outlined below will help you identify and organize the information you need (and already have) into chunks of information to write your book.

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I came to realize early on in my stay in this beautiful country of Thailand, that Thai women were not only perfectly groomed and gracious, but they were absolutely "svelte." I mean, how many more attributes do they get? I felt like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians. As a newly-arrived expat in Thailand, I looked forward to seeing everything; from the Reclining Buddha to the gold-encrusted temples. But first, I told myself, I had some serious shopping to do. With the...

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Writers are an interesting breed of humanity ? they can make us feel joy, sadness, anger and empathy. Sometimes they can cause us to feel all these emotions simultaneously. There are certainly more lucrative methods of gaining an income, yet everyday thousands of individuals will sit down at their keyboard pounding out a story that may never actually be published. There is a creative energy required to create a meaningful story. It is hard to invest that energy into a s...

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Many of my students shrug their shoulders at the beginning of the semester when I tell them that time is their best friend. Just like my students, too many writers struggle with their writing because they treat time as a four letter word. However time is not the enemy if you learn to use it wisely. Time can be a tremendous help when you write if you plan ahead. Making a wise use of your time is a three-step process. First, allow yourself enough time to live with the idea y...

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Writers use diction and tone to express their work in the form of which they wish their reader to understand it. Tone is the author s attitude toward the reader or the people, places or events in a work as exposed by the author s style. Diction is a writer s choice of words, phrases, sentence structures, and figurative language, which combined with tone help to create meaning. In Audre Lorde s Hanging Fire, Lorde used informal diction with a serious tone to illustrate the frustrations of a fourteen-year-old.

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Sunburn is a another word commonly used for the marked erythema and pain that commonly follows a lot of sun exposure. A sunburn is really a delayed ultraviolet B-included erythema caused by an increase in the blood flow to the affected skin that begins about fours and peaks between 8-24 hours following exposure. This is a vascular reaction caused b direct and indirect damage to specific cellular targets from photochemical reactions and the generation of reactive oxygen species.

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Blood Brothers Essay
A Blood Brothers essay can be an exciting assignment based on one of the longest-running musical plays by Willy Russell. The musical was staged first in 1988 and has since regaled audiences the world over. Superstition plays a big part in shaping the characters who believe in it.

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Computer & Technology Essay
A computer & technology essay requires sound knowledge of technology and how computers combine with the internet to play an important role in the world of online business. It is a difficult to write about technology. Computer technology gets upgraded very fast. That makes it even more important to ensure that students keep in touch with the progress being made. While writing an essay, readers would expect to get the latest information on any topic.

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Cause And Effect Essay Paragraph – Essential Inputs
A cause and effect essay paragraph should have the essential inputs to present a compelling message to readers. Often, the introduction carries the very important thesis statement that attracts readers, if it is compelling enough. The other paragraphs are also important and need to be interesting to retain reader interest. There are many ways you can write a paragraph. Some write it spontaneously without reference, while others need help to write an effective paragraph. Some essential inputs have been listed below to save time and effort.

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Essay on Death
Essays on death such as essays on the death penalty, essays on the Black Death and essays on death and dying are written keeping in consideration the issue of death that is common to all human beings and that will come to all.
Many dramas are written that deal with the issue of death and critics write different articles and essays on death for those death-oriented plays. Death is a theme that is seen differently by different people who write on this theme in form of essay on death. Some consider death as a source of release from this troublesome life; others consider death a horrifying reality.

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Persuasive Essay
For writing a persuasive essay, the most important thing is to write a good thesis statement.
For writing a good thesis statement for a persuasive essay, you have to follow the following guidelines:
a. The thesis must be a complete sentence. By definition, a thesis makes a claim about a subject. You have to stick your neck out and make a point. Therefore for a persuasive essay, description of the subject is not sufficient; it should have a valid thesis statement.

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Short Essay Writing
It is a relaxing way to write an article if the teacher only requires a short essay-writing task. For all its simplicity, you can have a fun way to deliver what you want to tell your readers. A short essay still has to follow the same procedures in writing an essay in a regular way. However, since we call it short essay, it means thou can write it in a very short way. This does not necessarily mean that you can write a lousy article. It will still involve the same skills and writing abilities that you already know in terms of writing a normal essay. The only thing that differentiates it form others is the length. So what are the basics in short essay writing?

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Opinion Essays
They say that there is no real factual claim in any opinions. It is because opinions are simply relative to each person. What someone believes to be true may not be valid to another. That is why it is necessary that you know how to defend your opinion so as to make your thoughts more credible and acceptable. You can do this by writing opinion essays.

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Basic Guidelines for a Science Essay
A science essay is writing about the various improvisations made by man and nature. It is the study of how man and nature work for their own benefit. A science paper on biology would explore the natural habitat around us. It would research the flora and the fauna of the past and the present and prepare a paper that would give us an insight into this fascinating world of all living things. A technology paper would take up issues pertaining to the technological and engineering marvels invented by human intelligence and used for the benefit of all. Given below is an example of a science essay that discusses the process called fusion, a very important scientific process.

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Process and Procedure Essay Samples Give the Required Guidance
Writing a good process and procedure essay involves a good understanding of the the chosen theme or topic along with a good power of imagination on the writer’s part. This piece of academic essay writing involves the need to mix a logical and a common sense in detailing the procedure of the chosen theme or process to the readers and making them understand it quite easily. Since this is slightly more difficult than other normally assigned essay types it is advisable for a writer to go through as many as possible process and procedure essay samples.

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The Right Way to Write a Business Research Paper
A business research paper is the right and the best way to analyze a student’s capacity on research and the decisive judgment in the field of business. Choosing the topic is the major step in writing a research paper on business. If the topic is chosen, that’s one hurdle crossed. If your instructor had chosen the topic for you then it’s a great relief but if you have to choose it, choose a topic in the business arena that interests you the most and bear in mind that the topic should also interest your reader. Always confirm the topic of your essay or research paper with your instructor before you begin writing.

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Ideas for a Reflective Essay
The choice of a topic is the most difficult part of reflective essay writing. Why? Because it is always easier to write an essay when the specific topic is given. Taking into account that reflective essay English is informal essay, you need to create a reflective essay outline (introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion). References are optional: you can either consult secondary sources or create paper based on your personal experience.

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College Level Essays Differ from Those for School Students
Responsibility and experience mean a lot in the contemporary world. People do certain things without thinking about the consequences. We should teach the children to be responsible for what they think, say, or do. People have to know that they are members of a society and have to think about some possible consequences of their actions and words.

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Examples of Expository Essays: Do You really Need Them?
We know that a lot of students do not take essay examples very seriously, and this is a big mistake. It especially refers to those cases when you have to deal with some complicated types of essays or you need to complete a paper for the first time.

Download Examples of Expository Essays: Do You really Need Them?
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Essays on Conflict Resolution: An Efficient Plan for You
Conhttp://freeessaycollection.com/admin.php?mod=addnews&action=addnewsflicts are an integral part of our everyday life and can hardly be avoided. This is why it is really important to know how to prevent and resolve conflicts

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