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You want to get your e-mail newsletter started, but you don't want to be burdened with writing articles every time you turn around. Fact is, writing how-to articles isn't that much of a hassle once you have a system for it. Creating short, how-to articles allows you to: - connect with your audience - position yourself as an expert, and - increase sales Bottom line: Give clients information they need and you'll be the first person they'll think of when they run ...

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The makers of the world's most recognized pencil continue to change the shape of writing. It's a triangular shaped pencil that eases writing stress by allowing maximum surface contact between the pencil and the fingers.

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Freelance magazine writing can be one of the most rewarding careers available to a freelance writer. Successful magazine writers are articulate, have a wide variety of interests, and know how to research a topic. Many freelance magazine writers write for various magazines, not just one, and like to write on diverse topics and sell their articles to a variety of magazines and media outlets. The key to writing for magazines and selling what you write is knowing your market....

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Would you like to compose personal love letters and poems for your sweetheart but don't know where to begin? While it's true that a personalized love letter is usually preferred over a greeting card, unfortunately most folks don't put forth the extra effort to compose one. Although this may be due to lack of time, often people are too timid or lack the confidence to write their own. Many feel they don't have the necessary writing skills or flair. Fortunately, writing of this ...

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While Rudy's perspective is certainly marked by an appreciation for the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous for alcoholics who seek sobriety, he is nevertheless objective and balanced in his analysis of AA. As Rudy writes in the Notes section of his book, "Nearly half of the reviews that addressed my relationship to AA charged that I had gone 'native' [i.e., fallen under the spell of AA and lost scientific objectivity] while the other half argued that I have been superficial or ethnocentric [i.e., failed to deeply enough appreciate the worth of AA]. I interpret such disagreement as support that I have successfully straddled the middle of the road" (Rudy 134).

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Has today's dominant marketing mix paradigm become a strait-jacket? A relationship building and management approach may be the answer. The marketing mix management paradigm has dominated marketing thought, research and practice since it was introduced almost 40 years ago. Today, this paradigm is beginning to lose its position. New approaches have been emerging in marketing research. The globalization of business and the evolving recognition of the importance of customer retention and market economies and of customer relationship economics, among other trends, reinforce the change in mainstream marketing.

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Pollution is a big problem in the world today. There should be harsher consequences for people that pollute. For example, if a factory releases smoke and gases into the air, it causes the air we breath to be toxic. That puts all humans’ health in danger. Each year, the chemical substances in the air affect the health of many people. “According to the ELSI, a great deal of research on pollution is being conducted at laboratories and universities.

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Oliver Twist Essay
An Oliver Twist essay based on a novel with the same name was written in 1838 by Charles Dickens. The drama begins when Oliver Twist, an orphan, escaping to London and joining a gang of pickpockets. The story presents a very sorry picture of the conditions orphan children live in. Child labor was quite common at the time. Those who were bold enough to escape labor joined gangs and indulged in petty crimes.

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The Role Of Expository Essay Topics
The role of expository essay topics is to prove a point beyond doubt with the help of well-structured arguments. They present information that hold good and convince readers about a certain viewpoint held by the writer. It requires persuasive skills on the part of the writer. Unlike a descriptive essay, the writer has to back his statement with solid proof at every stage of the expository essay. There should be no room for doubt.

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Antiviral Drug Technology Lucrative Milestone in Drug Production
The most profitable pharmaceutical production technologies lie locked up inside the biggest pharmaceutical companies labs. Valuability of those procedures may be understandable the best during outbreaks of viral diseases.
Discovery of antiviral drugs was the biggest health treatment breakthrough (3). However, those drugs production needs investing great amount of money as to allow use of combinational chemistry aided with computer designs, molecular biology (3) and other high specific technologies. But thanks to them we can receive drugs saving our lives.

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International Criminal Court (ICC)
According to William A. (Introduction to the International Criminal Court, 2004), the International Criminal Court (ICC) is an independent, permanent court that tries people accused of committing serious crimes against humanity. It tries people who are accused of committing genocide or involved in war crimes. It is a court that exists not to override the responsibilities and duties of the national judicial systems but rather it acts as a last alternative to try people accused of committing serious and heinous crimes. It can also be used in hearing cases and passing enforceable judgments should it be noted that trials involving serious crimes in the member states are being handled in a lacklustre manner and fairness is not being exercised.

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Academic Paper Citation Styles
In writing any academic essay or paper the writer must usually refer to several articles or papers published by research scholars and academicians. The writer may make use of the opinions and views of these authors as such or he may choose to modify them in his own writing style. In any case citation of the work is important. By citation the writer acknowledges the source from which he derived a particular view point or opinion. This is to advise the readers that the writer has adopted the sentences or phrased from the respective works of different authors mentioned as citation in the completed paper.

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Titles for Essays
The titles for essays will serve as the main brand for the articles. The title gives your paper a certain character that will separate it from the rest of the essays. For sure, you may think that writing the titles for essays is a very easy task. Well it may be because of the fact that it can be a simple sentence to write. However, there are specific instructions and tips that you must consider when choosing the best title for an article. Let us talk about these tips today so you can finish writing your essay.

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Easy Essay to Write
How can we identify an easy essay to write? If you do not want to experience too much problems or if you have very limited knowledge about things, then you should consider those essay genres that are easy to write. This could mean less effort on your part. Also, if you can write an easy essay, then you do not have to write your paper for a longer period of time. So what is an easy essay for me?

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Essay Topic
In order to write any paper on any essay topic, students need to be ready with all the requirements for the essay writing task. The students have to do a lot of research on the specific topic they are to write about to ensure that they come up with the most interesting and credible essays.

Deciding on which essay topics to write is usually a daunting task to most students. In most cases, you are required to make a choice and select essay topics for your assignments.

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Business Studies Assignments: Some Challenges You Might Face
Business Studies Assignments: Some Challenges You Might Face
If your major is Business-studies, get ready for completing various Business studies assignments. Take seriously all of them, even Business studies essays devoted to some theoretical issues. Your work on all Business studies assignments will be a valuable experience for you.

In this article, we want to talk about different types of Business studies assignments and possible challenges you might face.

Business studies essays

You cannot avoid writing essays even for Business classes. Preparing Business studies essays will be one of the frequently assigned tasks.

Very often, you will simply have to write an essay answering a certain question. This kind of Business studies assignments is not too complicated. Just follow all the rules of essay writing.

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Writing a Unique Life Experience Essay
Life experience essay is not only a narrative essay that relates a life experience of the writer and it can be used as a personal statement when applying for college or university entrance. Students should select an experience that is either very interesting or an experience that has changed the life of the writer. The experience selected by the writer has to be unusual so that it interests the reader as well. The life experience essay has to be based on something that the student actually experienced. Student can make the experience a little more interesting by adding things or changing the setting etc.

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Apology Essays: How to Make a Teacher Accept Your Apologies

Do you not know how to write apology essays? If it is so, you lack one really important skill!

Do you know why a student should know how to apologize? Because very often students make some rude mistakes, have conflict situations with their teachers. Usually, such conflicts require further apologies from a student.

Writing an apology essay or letter is a good way to solve your conflict situation. Follow these simple steps.

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Essays on Africa: How to Amaze a Teacher
If a teacher has not specified the subject of essays on Africa, he/she gives you the right to choose from a great variety of issues.

This means that you can find something really striking to write about and prepare an amazing essay on Africa.

Only imagin

Download Essays on Africa: How to Amaze a Teacher
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Marketing plan for Dabur
Dabur's moves toward worldwide expansion with its ayurvedic products have proven successful. Dabur is dedicated to the health and well being of every household. The company aims to retain and accelerate its growth and extend geographic coverage to Western Europe, Russia and CIS countries in order to gain revenue of Rs 20 billlion in 2006.

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