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OVERVIEW To create an effective User Document, the writer must know who he/she is writing for. This article presents four dimensions (Skills, Attitude, Knowledge and Experience) for describing the User of your product (your Documentation Reader), and how to build a Persona that turns your generic User into an almost-real person. The article stresses the need to actually USE this information when structuring and writing your User Document. GETTING INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ...

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When you think of making money writing, you often think of freelance writing, ghost writing, and writing novels... all of which you can do on the internet. However, I'm wanting to talk about the hidden opportunities for good writers in internet marketing (no, forget blogging). Information is the key to the internet, whether selling tangible or digital goods. To answer your question, yes, people buy ebooks all the time. They don't even mind paying for those physical books b...

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Happy are those Hungary and thirsty for justice,

For they will be satisfied

Lest innocent blood be shed in the land which the lord your god gives you an

inheritance, and the guilt of any bloodshed be upon you . These prophetic words

taken from the bible in Deuteronomy 19:1-13 are what the people of Le Chambon

acted upon to save Jews and resist evil. During the most terrible years of World

War II, when inhumanity and political insanity was manifested throughout the

world, and when the Nazis conquering of Europe seemed irreversible and inevitable,

a courageous uprising replete with morality and conscience took place in a small

Protestant town in Southern France known as Le Chambon. Pastor Andr Trocme

and his valiant supporters saved l lives in spite of the government of Vichy and the

threats made against anyone who resisted. Le Chambon s active but non violent

refusal to accept the indomitable spirit of evil and brute power emphasized by the

Nazis resulted in their rapid awakening to conscience, resistance and the necessity

for action.

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Okonkwo, the main character in Chinua Achebe s novel Things Fall Apart, was a tragic figure. Though he strove to be a good, moral man, his fears and inflexible nature caused him to step out of line with his culture s definition of a good man. Every time he did so, he was in some way chastised or prodded back in the right direction, until finally he went too far and ultimately broke from his society entirely.

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In Myers v. DPP [1965] the accused faced several charges of receiving stolen cars. The prosecution case was that wrecked cars and their log books had been bought at a very low price and then cars of the same type had been stolen, passed off and sold as the legitimately bought cars.

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At first, after reading Saturday Climbing, I found it just to be a simple plain story. A story about Barry climbing a cliff and having flashed back about his daughter. But when I went over the story a several more times, I notice the cliff is actually representing the relationship between Barry and his daughter, Moira. It was a story that shows a single father perspective towards his daughter.

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Business Plan Papers: Do You Have Ideas for Own Business?
All those who think about starting up own business know about the crucial role of a business plan. First, a good business plan is absolutely necessary if you want to get financial assistance. Second, a business plan can be in other words defined as a road map to your future business. Business plan assignments that you will have to prepare in college can serve as a perfect basis for you if you plan to have own business in the future.

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How To Get A Cheap Term Paper
Getting hold of a cheap term paper may or may not be the right way to go when one is stuck up with a competitive academic assignment. It has become so easy to seek help over assignments from online sources that customers now try to get the best deal out of any help they receive from professionals.

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International Essay Contest
Taking part in an international essay contest is the best practice students could have to write on any topic. It begins with compiling an essay on a topic of interest and soon develops into an art where writing skills could be extended to compile essays on topics they are not familiar with. An essay writing contest brings out the best in a student. There are cash awards and/or other incentives to be won.

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Essay On Mental Health
An essay on mental health can talk about developments that have taken place in recent times to diagnose and cure mental illnesses. Mental health is necessary for a person to progress and interact normally with people. Illnesses affecting the mind can occur in different forms, and often people do not know how to deal with it. Several doubts start creeping in about what to do when faced with mental disorders. An essay writing exercise would establish that knowledge is required about the various disorders to dispel fears about the consequences of taking action. It helps to know that all mental illnesses can be cured.

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Russian Revolution Essay
In 1900 Russia was the last remaining absolute autocracy out of the great powers of Europe. Approximately eighty four per cent of Russians were peasants, lead by an over privileged upper class who had enslaved them for centuries. There existed a total lack of understanding or sympathy between the workers/peasants and their ruling class, who cared little about their responsibility and obligation to care for the welfare of their people. By the turn of the century many voices emerged in hope to see reforms of their backward nation.

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Gay and Lesbian Studies Essay
If you are assigned to write a paper on gay and lesbian studies – you will have to mould your own personal opinion on this matter as well as prove your opinion by providing vivid examples and strong argumentation. Gay and lesbian essay has to be a paper showing either tolerance of gay and lesbian relationships or disapproval on the contrary.

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Archeology Essay
An archeology essay is just one of the many types of essay articles that you may be required to write. If you are in this field in college course, then you can easily write a college essay that involves archeology as a subject.

In writing an archeology essay, you must also have a certain goal. It means that you can easily write a narrative essay, descriptive essay or a cause and effect article. No matter what the subject may be, it is important that you have an intention in writing.

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Custom Essays
Usually when we say custom essays, we are already thinking of essays that are normally available for purchase. Actually, this is only half true because a customized article could also mean that something was modified according to the intention of the writer. For example, if a high school research paper topic was already chosen, then one can simply customize his paper by using subjects that are usually found among college topic interest domains. But for the purpose of enlightening you about a custom paper that can be found online, let us discuss some benefits that you can get if you will place an order for a custom essay paper.

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Controversial Research Topics
Research is one of the things that students are supposed to do while at school. Controversial research essays are important because they help students learn how to present arguments in a concise and organized manner. There are many issues in society that can provide adequate material that the students can use to argue out a point. Controversial research topics are those that elicit heated debates and are normally very interesting.

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Easy Research Paper Topics – Basic Guidelines
Easy research paper writing. It’s like every students’ dream come true. However pricking this colorful bubble of hope let us be realistic and understand one thing. Research paper writing is not an easy job and should never be taken lightly. What makes research paper writing a little less difficult perhaps is that the instructor may choose to assign easy research paper topics. The ground rules, however, remain the same.

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Analytical Essay: Three Stages Of Writing A Good Analytical Essay
From the ancient times, when our ancestors had known about an analytical essay, there had been many discussions, which lead us to the modern phenomenon of an analytical essay. To explain the essence of an analytical essay you may read the explanation of the following parts of it:

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Web Writing Services: Be Successful in the Internet
Web Writing Services: Be Successful in the Internet
The Internet is a separate world where the different rules work; in order to succeed, one needs to follow these rules. This article is devoted to the Web writing services which know these rules perfectly and can help you to get to the height of your success.

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The Great Wall of China Essays: Some Interesting Questions to Answer
The Great Wall of China Essays: Some Interesting Questions to Answer
In 1987, the Great Wall of China was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a Chinese saying – “You are not a real man if you have not climbed the Great Wall”.

Indeed, the Great Wall of China is one of the world’s wonders, a miracle that was created by man nearly 2000 years ago. This time, it is the topic of your essay, and believe us – there is a lot to tell about.

First, you need to find a couple of good sources and study them before you start writing your Great Wall of China essay. Make sure these sources are credible enough, because there are a lot of myths around the Great Wall.

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Essays on Diabetes: Basic Facts for your Paper
Diabetes is quite a well-studied disease and a topic that is frequently discussed in students’ essays.

This means that, on the one hand, you will not lack materials needed to prepare an informative essay on diabetes. On the other hand, it also means that hardly will you present some brand new ideas in your diabetes essay that will impress or surprise a teacher.

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