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I have lived in New York City my entire life. I often feel privileged to be a part of the energy and magic of this Mecca of celebrity. Under the semi privileged dome of my existence, I encounter the rich and famous at every turn. When I was a teenager, I crossed paths with Jerry Lewis in Times Square and bumped elbows once with Marvin Gaye. As a passionate college student of Cinema Studies, I dined across the room from Woody Allen and stopped to compliment his latest film...

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Size doesn?t matter. Such is the case with the memo. Isn?t it amazing how one relatively short document can be such a huge pain? Memos are an overlooked office document. We assume the least amount of words on a sheet of paper makes it least important. How wrong we are. Memos are as important as a ten-page business letter autographed by Brad Pitt. A poorly written memo can be irritating to readers (who really just want to get back to work) and damaging to the sender (who has n...

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Instructions on how to create a bibliography.

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Py: How did you get your pen name as Maruerite Arotin? Marguerite: My real name is Dana but when I decided to write romance, I always knew Dana would be too unisex for the romance market. So I thought about my nickname. My grandma used to call me Daisy and my hubby eventually picked it up too. Marguerite is french for Daisy and I'm part French so I loved that ;-). Arotin was my late mother-in-law's maiden name so I took the name in honor of her and plus it flowed nicely wi...

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People Building is an NLP and Hypnotherapy Training company. This month we have focused on the mind-boggling but fascinating world of quantum physics. This is an area which is covered in our Master Practitioner training and it's much more interesting then it sounds! Once you delve into some of this stuff, you feel as if you'll never view the world in the same way again!! Quantum Physics Quantum physics is the study of the tiniest bits of stuff in our universe, the mi...

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From the looks of the moon I could judge it was past midnight. The sky was very dark and the weather was very windy. The rustling of trees constantly caught my attention as I rode by on my horse. The rhythmic thumps of the hoofs beat straight into my mind causing a hypnotic trance, and yet I had one thing on my mind—to arrive home safely. Upon reaching the center of the wooded region, I spotted something on the ground. I maneuvered the horse to stop in an attempt to see what it was. Lying on the earth was a goat that looked like it had been ill for a while. I decided to take it with me in order to bring home at least a feast. It took me a few minutes to saddle the goat on the back of the horse before I began my journey home.

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GCSE Essay
A GCSE essay has to be written on a specified subject based on the General Certificate Of Secondary Education (GCSE) curriculum. GCSE is usually attempted by students in the age group 14 – 16 years. The level of writing is therefore expected to be of very high standard. Students would have learned the basics of essay writing in school. At the GCSE level though, it would test their understanding and knowledge of a subject. Expressing themselves using a unique style of writing would be the essence of the exercise.

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Sports Essay
A sports essay can be one of the most satisfying essay writing exercise, if you are a sports buff or actively taking part in it. The essay would just be an extension of what you feel about sports. Millions across the world have found it to be the single most exhilarating factor that can rejuvenate lives and bring vigor and health. At a time when terrorism has penetrated the psyche of many people, sports can the healing touch needed to bring people together in harmony and good will. Students are exposed to sports quite early in school.

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The Basic Requirements Of A Technology Essay
A technology essay would be written to explain the technology or application devised by man for improving a particular task. Every day we come across technology that is inherent in goods and gadgets we use to ease things in our daily lives. An essay would aim at going into the details that society with a particular technology. It could be a new discovery that greatly enhances how we perform a certain action. It could highlight the pros and cons of technological breakthroughs.

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5 Paragraph Essay Outline
The best way to write an essay is to create an out line first. What is the use of an essay outline? The outline gives you a certain direction for writing. It is a scope of writing that you want to follow as you go with the processes. Usually, outlines are first made available so that the students will be able to create a plan. For a 5 paragraph essay outline, it is important that you have an idea how to manage your writing task. In this case, let us discuss this topic and be more confident with your writing skills.

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Scholarship Essay Format – Details in Writing
A scholarship essay will always be a part of the evaluation process in entering a college school. You should have some ideas on how to comply with the correct scholarship essay format before you go ahead in writing an essay for application.

Purpose: the main purpose of having a scholarship essay is to make it easier for your evaluators to see whether you deserve a scholarship grant.

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Tips for Writing Spanish Essays
While learning a new language it is imperative for the students to write essays in that language. Essay writing help the students to learn the language better. Similarly if a student is learning Spanish, it is essential that he learns how to write Spanish essays.These form of assignments that ask a student to write essays in a new language help them to understand the language better and also helps to learn the various terminologies related to the language. This task may appear to be a little daunting, as writing in another language is always a little difficult.

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A Range of Personal Essay Topics
Writing a personal essay is a very easy task. It does not involve much research work or exploration to be done by the writer. However this essay as the very name suggests, entails that you know and describe yourself well. This essay type is very commonly used while writing for college admission essays, as it allows the reader to get a personal view and form an opinion of the unseen writer. If written well this essay can become a platform where you can voice your opinions, air your views and share your innermost thoughts without any reservations.

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Classification/Division Essay
When writing a classification/division essay, you have to use examples to demonstrate the form of the composition – how ideas or objects may be grouped into categories. Division essay writing implies that you have to discuss how an idea or object may be separated into parts.
Tips for writing classification/division essays: Point 1

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Technology Term Paper: How to Manage the Challenge Efficiently
Technology Term Paper: How to Manage the Challenge Efficiently
Perhaps the ultimate objective of any technical writing course is writing a technology term paper. You definitely spend a long time preparing for this challenging final assignment. A technology term paper would actually allow you to implement all your previously gained knowledge. The success of your technology term paper is by large defined by how well you organize it employing special graphic illustration and section headings.

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Power Keys to Completing Analysis Essays
Power Keys to Completing Analysis Essays
You have already got used to writing essays. You know the basic writing strategies and, probably, some secrets of how to prepare good essays. Now, there is one more task you have to complete. We are talking about making an analysis of essays.

Do analysis essays differ from traditional essays? What steps should you take to make an essay analysis? Let us give you more details about your future task!

What is the difference between traditional and analysis essays?

Well, the main difference between these two essay types lies in the topic of your paper. You will not have to cover any particular topic when writing your analysis essay. You will have to analyze someone else’s writing.

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Essays on DNA: If You Do not Have a Plan for Writing
Are you stumped a little with your task to prepare an essay on DNA? Or, do you have more serious problems with your paper? If so, then let us try to figure out what your exact troubles are and how to solve them quickly.

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How to Proofread an Essay and Bring the Final Touch to your Paper
Do you usually proofread essays? How does your proofreading process look like? If you just read your paper, make some changes, and correct a couple of mistakes, you actually do not proofread essays and have no clue how to do this.

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Essays on Conflict Resolution: An Efficient Plan for You
Conhttp://freeessaycollection.com/admin.php?mod=addnews&action=addnewsflicts are an integral part of our everyday life and can hardly be avoided. This is why it is really important to know how to prevent and resolve conflicts

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Macroeconomics Essays: Be Ready to Think Globally
We have to tell you that writing macroeconomics essays is not difficult indeed. At least, many students find it easier than writing microeconomics papers.

The reason for that is simple. You can think of economics in global terms, choose any issue related to economics. However, this can become your major challenge, since sometimes it is not easy to decide on a good issue to consider in macroeconomics essays.

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