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If you are serious about your writing, in fact even if you aren't, you need a web site. Let me repeat that -- every writer needs a web site!

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In the industry of freelancing, among the most in demand are writers. This is especially true with the birth of the Internet, which tripled the need for writers because of the various websites and online content that are constantly being updated. There are actually lots of work a freelance writer can go into especially if they have established the right contacts. Freelance writers are needed for writing online content to boost website viewership. In fact, online content i...

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In his book, On Writing, Stephen King says, "We are talking about tools and carpentry, about words and style?but as we move along, you?d do well to remember that we are also talking about magic." When something is really well-written we tend to think it was effortless for the writer, that it seems magical. We wonder, "Did that author ever have to deal with writer's block?" Yes, he or she probably did. Pretty much every writer does. But how do you work through a block when the...

Download How To Think Through Writer's Block
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Get to know who and when compiled the first English dictionary!

Download Peep into the Fabulous World of Dictionaries
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The European Union of today has been described as an intergovernmental organization by some scholars and a supranational organization by others. But which one is it in reality? The answer to this question is very trivial. There are many different aspects of the EU in which we first must look at. The different branches of the European Union contain these aspects. These branches include the Commission, the Parliament, the Councils and the European Court of Justice.

Download Intergovernmental Vs Supranational
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Backyard Description
On the other side of the window in the suburb of Lincolnshire, IL a ravishing scene is unfolding, one that definitely deserves a closer look. Once in the open air, it is obvious that it is that time of year again. My backyard has fully awoken from hibernating in its long, cold slumber and sprung to life. Gone is the dead of winter and half-consciousness of spring; here is the bright and busy season so long-awaited.

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How To Write A Mid Term Paper
Writing a mid term paper can be very taxing on a schedule. Students have many other activities besides homework to attend to. They have their extracurricular activities and are getting familiar with their academic strengths in the early part of the study program.

Download How To Write A Mid Term Paper
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Research Paper Outline APA Format
A research paper outline APA format is used to compile papers in social science. The APA style of writing offers guidelines from the American Psychological Association. Before submitting a completed research paper, an outline is necessary. The outline essentially has a thesis statement. It also contains research paper paragraphs to be included in the paper. Essentially, the outline helps students to be organized.

Download Research Paper Outline APA Format
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Historical Research Paper Topics
Most history courses normally require students to write research papers on different historical topics. To write a good history research paper, one must be ready to do some thorough research. This is because most of these papers are normally based on facts, and if you do not have your facts right, your paper will not be to the required standards. Doing research prior to writing your research paper will enable you to not only come up with the best topic, it will also enable you to know a lot of interesting facts that you otherwise not know about. You can get history research paper ideas from your local library or from the internet.

Download Historical Research Paper Topics
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Term Paper Samples Help One to Write an A Level Paper
Writing a term paper is an assignment that all students need to write at some time during their school and college life. These are generally academic essay writing that involves writing on a topic or theme chosen by the instructor or maybe by the writer himself according to his own likings. Here the topic chosen must be something that the reader and the writer both are interested in.Then one has to think of an attractive title that would be suitable to the chosen theme.The content matter researched by the writer must be good and original. The essay format is the next most important thing to keep in mind.

Download Term Paper Samples Help One to Write an A Level Paper
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Research Paper Rubric – Use it as a Measure to Size up your Paper
Research paper writing is a demanding part of academic essay writing and needs diligence, perseverance and the will to work on the part of a student. Research paper writing often consists of a research proposal presentation which is then followed by actual thesis work. After the paper is written and submitted it will be checked by the concerned professor who will grade it accordingly. It is here that a rubric will come into use. A research paper rubric is like a scoring or measuring card that the professor would mentally use to size up the quality of the submitted paper.

Download Research Paper Rubric – Use it as a Measure to Size up your Paper
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A Rebuttal Essay: Have Your Say!
A Rebuttal Essay: Have Your Say!
It seems that a lot of assignments you get at school teach you how to argue and convince people of your vision of different things. At least, a rebuttal essay that you have to complete is like that. Rebuttal papers are a bit similar to persuasive and argumentative papers that also teach students how to argue.

Download A Rebuttal Essay: Have Your Say!
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Essays on Genetics – Free Ideas in 3 Minutes
Essays on Genetics – Free Ideas in 3 Minutes
What a wonderful science this genetics is! We are sure you are really into it and dream to become a famous genetics researcher one day.

However, even the most dedicated students sometimes lack ideas for their papers. We suppose this is about you and your genetics essay. Besides, most probably your essay on genetics is due tomorrow, which makes you nervous.

Well, real genetics researchers never give up! What we suggest you do right now is read this article, which will take you about 3 minutes, and get absolutely free ideas for essay papers on genetics.

Download Essays on Genetics – Free Ideas in 3 Minutes
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GMAT Essay Examples
GMAT Essay Examples
Do you practice analytical writing for your Graduate Management Admission Test? Do you have to prepare a GMAT essay? Now, let us guess the first idea that pops into your mind when you think about GMAT essay writing. You think about finding a couple of GMAT essay examples, right? Then, the information below can be helpful to you.

GMAT essays can be of different types, and you never know what type of essay you will have to write. You should practice writing essays of all types. Some of them are given below. So, take into consideration GMAT essay sample questions and answers.

Download GMAT Essay Examples
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Process Essay Topics
One of the most interesting essay types is the process essay article. It is interesting to a point that you can write step-by-step procedures in doing something. It can be about anything from assembling an item to doing a specific process of interest. That is why we will talk about some ways for you to write about process essay topics.

Download Process Essay Topics
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Choosing the Best Essay Writing Topics
The process of thinking essay writing topics can be a lot easier if you know the steps to do it. Usually, we are worried about choosing the subject to write about. However, the introduction of internet resources has made our lives much easier. With all the available materials and guides online, it is easier to choose what topic to write in an essay. Let us give you the basic tips in choosing the subject for your essay.

Download Choosing the Best Essay Writing Topics
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Apology Essays: How to Make a Teacher Accept Your Apologies

Do you not know how to write apology essays? If it is so, you lack one really important skill!

Do you know why a student should know how to apologize? Because very often students make some rude mistakes, have conflict situations with their teachers. Usually, such conflicts require further apologies from a student.

Writing an apology essay or letter is a good way to solve your conflict situation. Follow these simple steps.

Download Apology Essays: How to Make a Teacher Accept Your Apologies
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Essays on Pain: Several Writing Plans
Pain seems to be one of the integral parts of human life. It is a versatile and multifaceted notion, something that can hardly be measured. Pain can cause a lot of troubles in our life. On the other hand, if a person can feel pain, it means he/she is alive. What is more, there is also such notion as non-physical pain, something that causes emotional sufferings, but we also call it “pain”.

Download Essays on Pain: Several Writing Plans
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IGCE Coursework
IGCE is International General Certificate of Education. It was created and developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Download IGCE Coursework
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Help with Persuasive Essays
Many people enjoy talking (and not only women), debating, arguing, proving, etc. They always have something to say, add. Unfortunately, not all of them know how to make someone accept your standpoint, how to persuade that this is correct and that is not. The ability to persuade can be considered a real art!

Download Help with Persuasive Essays
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