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I had no idea that my work on a motion picture would cause a high-profile death penalty case to end up with the California Supreme Court. Jesse James Hollywood had been gone for nearly three years by the time I became involved. He had totally disappeared. Vanished into thin air. And he seemed so completely removed from the writing project I was about to begin. The FBI and other federal and local law enforcement authorities trails had all but dried up. That's why the prosec...

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Like most creative professions the question of a qualified success in writing is not easy to concentrate into one definitive answer. Just as there are a multitude of writing styles, so too are there many examples of writing success. Examples 1. "If I can just finish my first story, I will have success." 2. "If I can just work up the courage to submit this to a publisher, I will have success." 3. "If I can actually receive a check in the mail for a magazine article,...

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Smoking among teenagers is on the rise. Statistics have shown that smoking trends were decreasing between 1976 and 1985 by approximately 10%, but have started to climb since the early 1990s (Lawrence 1999). Over the last decade, there has been more than a seventy- percent increase in youth smoking. More than sixty-seven thousand children in Ohio become addicted to tobacco. The average age of onset of smoking is fourteen years old. Ninety percent of those who smoke began before the age of eighteen. (www.healthierohio.org.). Not all adolescents are at the same risk level to smoke

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"Grandmother's Victory" by Maya Angelou and To Kill A Mockingbird by

Harper Lee have many significant similarities. Both authors deal with issues

such as racism and discrimination towards blacks. The authors show the

ignorance and bigotry displayed between the races in the late 1930's. The

main characters in "Grandmother's Victory" are: Grandmother Henderson,

Maya Angelou, Miz Helen, Miz Ruth, and Miz Eloise who are known as

"powhitetrash". The main characters in "To Kill A Mockingbird" are:

Atticus Finch, Jem Finch, Scout Finch, Tom Robinson, and Mrs. Dubose.

The authors show how each character deals with the issues at hand, yet each

story has its own unique style of a "victory".

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In the play Fences by August Wilson, Troy is shown as a man who has hurt the people who are closest to him without even realizing it. He has acted insensitive and uncaring to his wife, Rose, his brother, Gabriel and his son, Cory. At the beginning of the story, Troy feels he has done right by them. He feels this through out the story. He doesn't realize how much he has hurt them.

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GMAT Essay
A GMAT essay is part of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) in mathematics and the English language to assess the aptitude of students wanting to start graduate business studies. The graduate admission essay test basically tests verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills of students. The essay section is the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of the test.

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Research Paper on Divorce
Divorce has become a major issue in our society, and many causes have been attributed to the incline in divorce rates. Divorce rates have spiked during the past few decades and no on really knows why, but several theories have been formed in an attempt to explain this recent phenomena. Feminist theory, Individualism, and dual income theories will be discussed and analyzed to determine if they apply to the recent rise in divorce rates in North America.

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Animal Testing Essay
Today as I trot through the forests of my homelands, I feel free knowing that my life is free from torture. For me, there will be no new products tested on my body or any body of any organism. My life is safe now from all manufacturers and scientists. My life is no longer open for testing. Although this may be true for my generation and me in the year 2050, it unfortunately was not for my ancestors.

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Techy Issues of Demand
The theory of economics is based on the result of human actions in the market system. The main features of economics principles are deeply rooted in its formality and that is constrained by the number of assumptions or economic thinking which forces the business world to see and interpret the economy of any organization in a certain way.
The relationship between the product price and its demand is what is called the demand curve. As the price gets on the higher side, the demand of a particular product will be decreased. In other word, demand refers to how much quantity of a particular product is needed by the people and that demanded quantity of the product will specify the price of that specific product people willing to buy.

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Literature Review Example  How Useful Is It?
It is very crucial that a literature review chapter is included in a research paper. This part defines how well a good essay topic is really significant to discuss about. One question that you may ask about the essay writing scheme is the actual importance of a literature review example in managing the task of writing an article. You may ask, why do we need to learn some literature review writing techniques if we are going to talk about an essay?

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Where to Get an Agriculture Essay Sample
It is sometimes necessary that you know where to look for reference materials when writing your agriculture essay. Aside from the fact that you can learn how to format the essay, you can also gain many benefits in realizing topics for writing. But before you can actually benefit from these examples, it is also necessary that you know where to look for reference files. Let me give you some possible sources of academic agriculture essay papers to help you in writing.

An agriculture essay may be written according to many topics. One of the most reliable sources of agriculture reference materials is the library.

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Environment Essay  Deals Mainly with Pollution Issues
An environment essay will deal with the various man-created environment related problems that we face in our recent times. It will mainly deal with the environmental pollution aspects, and how to deal with this problem. The most popular topic that is set as an assignment is the one that discusses about global warming. Environmental essays are generally easy essays that have a lot of research material readily available from which the writer can very easily collect the required notes.Given below are excerpts from a paper on global warming that will help you understand how to go about writing this essay.

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College Entrance Essay  Write So Well that the Reader is Forced to Select You
Gaining an admission into a college is getting to be more difficult with each passing year, as larger number of students vie for a limited number of seats each year. So a student applying for higher studies in a college will have to work harder than before, if he wants to get admitted into the college of his dreams. One very important part and procedure of this admission is writing college entrance essays. Writing a brilliant admission essay surely increases the chance of a student getting admission into a college at the very first chance.

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Chicago Style Paper Where Detailed Reference Work is Needed
While writing an essay the writer must know of many parameters that make up an essay. These parameters if known and followed well make up for an A level paper. Thus it should be a primary criteria for the writer to well aware of all these parameters. These generally consist of choosing a good writing topic to research on, framing a good research paper title so that the paper is eye catching, following the correct formatting as prescribed by the instructor and doing good research work. There are many essay formats that are generally used for academic essay writing.

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Personal Essay Topics-A Guide to Take You Through
The first aspect to remember while writing a personal essay is to understand your inner self. There are many important features to be included in a personal essay. To make it effective, choosing ideal personal essay topics will help you succeed in getting an A+ for your paper.

Before writing a personal essay you should understand yourself personally.

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Essays on the War of 1812: Hints for Panic-Stricken
Essays on the War of 1812: Hints for Panic-Stricken
The War of 1812 is one of the common topics disclosed in U.S. History essays. It means that hundreds of essays on the War of 1812 are already written, and you can use them as models for writing. It also means that this topic is well disclosed in various textbooks and historical resources, and you will not lack materials for the War of 1812 essay.

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Soil Erosion Essays: Discussing How to Stop the Problem
Soil Erosion Essays: Discussing How to Stop the Problem
Are you stuck with your soil essay? Your teacher just gave you this assignment and told that you can cover any soil-related aspect.

Well, this is great! You are not limited to something specific, and there are really a lot of things to talk about in papers on soil, starting from gardening to soil erosion.

By the way, what do you know about soil erosion? Do you not think that preparing a soil erosion essay is a good idea? If you find this topic interesting, we are glad to help you make an excellent essay.

Soil erosion essays: how to start

Better start with a definition of such phenomenon as soil erosion. In a few words, this process can be defined as the removal of soil material by wind, running water, or gravitation creep.

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Knowing How to Write an Essay Outline Can Benefit Your Writing Greatly
An Essay Outline Facilitates Cohesive and Logical Flow of Writing

Any essay writer will benefit from knowing how to write an essay outline to guide the writing process. An outline will help the student to organize his thoughts and write in a logical and methodical manner. Outlining may not be necessary for a short essay, but it is absolutely essential if you are writing a long essay. However, a good essay writer will use it as a general practice to what ever writing they do.

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Essay about Myself: Some Tips on How to Write a Good One
Essay about myself is a paper which you will be definitely given if you go to a school or you are a student of a college/university. The most difficult thing about it is that you should choose the aspect of your life by yourself. But there are so many things you would like to dwell upon in the essay about myself.

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Sexual Orientation Essays: Different Ways to View the Topic
Is sexual orientation something that people are born with or something acquired? Why do some people choose to have non-traditional sexual orientation? Why are these people considered to be odd? What is your attitude to LGB people?

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