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My next book, Take Me There is an erotic ghost story. It is scheduled for release in November 2007. This is the description from the back cover: Imagine the man of your dreams reaching out to you in the night?from across centuries. And he isn?t the only one. In this daring choose-your-own-adventure novel from the author of Sins and Secrets, hungry lovers separated by time and space come together to find physical passion in unearthly ways? Can one woman love two men? Jou...

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In the memoir “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Sing”, Kit Yuen Quan

describes her life experiences growing up as a Chinese girl in America.

In her attempt to try and find her place in society, Quan intermingles

with several groups of people. Her interactions with a feminist group,

two young Cambodian girls, and finally her own father allow her to

explore her Chinese background and how that affects her interactions

with people. In order to find her own “voice” in a society that is not

really hers, Kit Yuen Quan explored relationships with people of

different lifestyles.

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Many have wondered about the mystery of Stonehenge, what was it for, and how was it was erected. There are gigantic stones that weigh thirty to forty short tons (a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds). They had to be moved nearly 200 miles. Who built Stonehenge?

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(1) strikes or assaults a warrant officer,

noncommisioned officer, or petty officer,

while that officer is in execution of his office

(2) willfully disobeys the lawful order of

a warrant officer, noncommisioned officer, or

a petty officer

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The Canadian fur trade, which grew out of the fishing industry, began as a small business, but would expand and become not only the exploiter of a primary Canadian resource, but the industry around which the country of Canada itself developed. The fur trade started shortly after the discovery of the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland. The fishermen who fished there were the first people who traded furs with the Indians; this trade was a secondary means of profit for the fishermen. Later this secondary industry became a profitable big business due to changes in European fashion, and fashion techniques. While the fur trade brought economic growth and land discoveries, it developed its very own complex trading network throughout the wild, which laid the groundwork for a nation both geographically and financially.

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Taronga is a novel written by Victor Kelleher, which is set in Australia in 1987, two years after Last Days, a tragedy caused by Chernobyl. Australia had been pushed into anarchy, and it had become a fight for survival. The weak were killed, and the strong became stronger. In the novel Taronga, by Victor Kelleher, there are many groups which are represented, and these representations either reinforce or challenge my attitudes on these groups. The groups represented that will be discussed are heroes, males, females, leaders and survivors.

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The massacre of 25 students at a high school in Colorado shook the nation as the most devastating and heartless crime of youth. No one questions that these murders were a crime to society, as no one questions that rape, assault, and theft are also crimes. Society has dictated and labeled these actions as crimes because they harm others. One must question, however, whether the crime lies more in what caused the action. Many works of literature have posed this idea, but it is thoroughly discussed in the novel Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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Each method of birth control has a failure rate--an inability to prevent pregnancy over a one-year period. Sometimes the failure rate is due to the method and sometimes it is due to human error, such as incorrect use or not using it at all. Each method has possible side effects, some minor and some serious. Some methods require lifestyle modifications, such as remembering to use the method with each and every sexual intercourse.

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E - Commerce
Thanks to new technologies and rapidly increasing Web access, the selling of Johnson and Johnson products have went up dramatically. Last year, very few European retailers were taking orders on the Web, but this year has seen phenomenal growth. One reason is simply that more potential consumers are connected to the Web. On-line access almost doubled in Europe this year.

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How To Arrive At The Right Argumentative Essay Format
Arriving at the right argumentative essay format requires that you understand how an argumentative essay is written. Basically, it demands that you arrive at a logical conclusion which you must present, develop, and support throughout the essay. The arguments you place should be supported by solid evidence. Language used should be grammatically correct, easy to understand, and that which fully expresses your ideas. Incorporate these aspects to arrive at the right format. It would enable you to save time and present logically correct arguments that would be appreciated by readers.

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Write A Descriptive Essay That Communicates
A descriptive essay creates a picture of events that relate to an incident. It has to this explicit if you want to create interest among readers. You cannot be explaining without creating a sufficient amount of build-up. Would this mean you would have to include pictures and photos to prove a point? It would help. But it would be better if you could write in way that is self explanatory. This is possible. Here are some tips to use that would help.

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College Essay Writing Made Easy
College essay writing is a skill every student has to acquire to get through college. At every step of your college life, you will encounter assignments which would include writing essays on various topics depending on the subject. It is therefore very important to know how to go about writing one. The basics remain the same. You have to include your thesis statement in the introduction, have a body of three to four paragraphs and end with a conclusion summarizing what you have methodically covered about the topic.

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Essay on Frankenstein
In 1818, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published and since then, it has become a tale that lives on in everybody. Beginning in the 1900’s, comic books, movies, jokes, television shows, cartoons, and even cereal has been made because of Frankenstein. Since the very first film was made, in 1910 by Thomas Edison, several other movies have been created about this legend. In this essay, I will examine a few of the many popular films made and I will compare and contrast them to Mary Shelley’s 1831 edition of Frankenstein.

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay
The term “Exploratory essay” sounds weird for many students, but don’t worry in this article we will try to help you find out and understand what an exploratory essay really is.
It is one of the most interesting and easy type of essay as there is no need to have special knowledge and direction to begin the exploratory essay. All what we need is the ability to think with broad imagination and creativity and conduct a little research about the subject of the exploratory paper. The meaning of the exploratory essay itself defines its meaning.

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How to Write an Analysis Essay
It may not be possible to find a tutor to help you create an analysis essay online. If ever you get one, it will surely be costly and that you will be not really sure that you will learn how to write an analysis essay. That is why we will recommend that you check out our services when it comes to essay writing.

At Essay-blog.com our goal is to provide the best resources when it comes to writing different essays like narrative essays, personal essay topics or classification articles. Simply put, we are here to provide you universal ideas how to compose essays.

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Learn the Tricks of Writing an Essay Outline
Writing an essay outline is an important part of academic essay writing. It is like creating the skeleton first before giving shape to the body. And inarguably a body will be definitely better shaped if the frame is made ready beforehand. Similarly an essay will be better framed and written if the essay outline is prepared first.

There are many things that go into essay writing. First one must think of interesting and good research topics.

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Research Paper Abstract – The Conventional and Proper Way to Approach it
A research paper abstract is written to give an idea to the readers what the thesis paper is all about. It is actually a short summary of the thesis that is easily readable and understandable. This abstract will present the thesis statement to the reader and will also give information as to what the paper as a whole will cover without going into much details.

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Mexican American Essays: What Your Teacher Expects
Mexican American Essays: What Your Teacher Expects
Certainly, it is a bit strange that you did not get enough instructions from your teacher on how to write a Mexican American essay. Maybe, he/she is just waiting for an essay in Mexican devoted to any topic you like.

More likely than not, your teacher had a bit different reasons for giving you this task. We suppose your Mexican American essay can be done in English, but you should take time and choose a good topic idea. This is what we can help you with.

Basically, there are two possible options for writing Mexican American essays. You can either view this topic from a historical perspective or take a modern and a bit social look.

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Using Precise Words for Expressing One’s Ideas
Most students are known to be rather quick-witted. A learner will hardly admit the fact that he/she does not know the answer. He/she would rather beat around the bush, say a lot of general phrases not getting to the point at all. Professors are induced to prevent these attempts of cheating. 1 page essay could be an effective method for measuring the learners’ achievements. Notwithstanding the first impression, this assignment is not that easy. Learners have to collect their thoughts and find concise words for expressing their ideas. 1 page essay presupposes meeting the same requirements as longer papers do.

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Matthes's investigation
Matthes and other scientists investigated the use of the Spiral of silence theory in cross cultural aspect. They conducted a study in 2009. Their main task was to find indicators that play an important role in different countries and cultures. The method allows identifying indicators for each country. First, the incompatibility of conceptualization and lack of standard measurements prevented comparison of cultures. Second, using the same concepts and measures it is difficult to draw conclusions about the real situation in different countries.

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