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OVERVIEW Searches in User Documents (manuals, etc.) often fail because the Reader uses different words for a concept than the author uses. Since the Reader's words do not appear in the document, the document search mechanism cannot find them, resulting in frustration. This article describes a User-friendly technique for improving searches, without having to change the Users' behavior or the search software. YOUR READERS' WORDS People use the words that they know whe...

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JIT: Short, for just in time, JIT is manufacturing process aimed at getting the right quantity of quality parts to the assembly line at the exact time they are needed for production.

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African Americans continue to have high levels of poverty compared to European Americans. What are the causes of these problems, and what are some possible remedies for the future? How are African American women faced with even more discrimination than African American men? There's an old saying that you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've come from. To explore our options of improving social justice in the future, we must first take a look at our past.

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WereWolf - Creative Essay The boy drew haggared breaths while hopelessly stumbling through the dark and forbidding forest. With a panic stricken face that spoke of desperation, the exhausted boy glanced behind him, to check for any sign of pursuit. He had been running and fleeing that thing for what seemed like hours. Overhead, the moon was bright and full, casting a pale yellowy light over the forest. It could have been nice to gaze at, but the boy had no such time. Heavy crashing footsteps sounded all too near. Then again that dreadfull unatural howl. The piercing cry echoed through the silent woods chilling the boy to the bones! With a frightened yelp, the boy continued his flight for safety.

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The case is about a problem of miscommunication which has arisen in Omega airlines. Leigh Randell is the supervisor of in-flight services at the Atlanta base of Omega airlines. She notices a lot of duplication of effort between flight attendants & passenger service personnel in the terminal with respect to the paperwork procedures for boarding of passengers.

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The fact that nither the usa not the ussr intended to cuse the cold war is not true. Both countries were to blame, both leaders, stalin and truman encouraged this confrontation to develop. Stalin was an oportunist, and usa took advantage of the powerful position they achieved after the war. Some historians believe that the soviet union was the only one to blame.

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Science Research Paper Topics
Science research paper topics should be chosen to compile reports that provide answers to research questions based on them. It can be a review of books, websites, or magazines that offer information on the chosen topic. Practically, students can use experiments conducted in the laboratory as their base to summarize theory behind the experiment. A science project is based on achieving typical results by following the principles guiding theory behind it.

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How Genes Work to Regulate Cell Activity essay
Protein structure determinations perfectly complement genomic information. The proteins revealed in these structures are marvelous molecular machines. Each consists of a chain of amino acids (or several chains) whose sequence is encoded in the genome.

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Essay Writing Skills
Writers always wish they could develop better essay writing skills than they already have. Essay Writing SkillsIt is natural to feel inadequate when it comes to appreciating one’s own writing.

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Animal Essay
An animal essay on the pets we keep at home or those we see at the zoo would certainly bring back fond memories of our childhood. More often than not, a pet is brought home to offer company and amuse children. Slowly, their endearing nature makes them a part of our homes. Dogs, cats, and even leopards have been tamed. They have adjusted to the human way of living. Dog training has become part of rearing the pet. For those in the cities, it has become a daily routine to take them for a walk with a potty kit in hand.

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Merchant of Venice Essay
How can you survive essay writing if you do not have any ideas how to write it? This is a big problem for most students especially if the teacher requires them to write an essay about a novel. One great example if the Merchant of Venice essay. This is an article that will depend on how you understood the Merchant of Venice novel. In that case, you must have the direction for writing as well as the purpose to discuss something about it. Let us talk about how you can manage to write this essay type.

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Research Proposal – Be prepared
No other school projects give the chills down the spine than creating your first research proposal. This is not an ordinary essay to write about. You need to have the right skills and knowledge in order to convert your writing skills into something that also seeks new information. So what are the basic parts of an article considered to be a research proposal?

A research proposal needs to have a topic interest.

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Thinking About Essay Topics to Write
I am going to write my first essay , what possible essay topics should I consider? First of all, you need to clearly identify in what domain you need to write your article. This will give you the best approach to select the subject matter you must or wish to develop. Try to consider if you are going to write freestyle essay or one that is going to be predicted by the teacher. If the former style is available, then you can select any topics you want.

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Essay Outline – Plan in Writing
Are you having a hard time composing your essay? Does essay writing means more of a frustrating task rather than enjoyable way to express your feelings? Well, let me show you how to completely eradicate your problems through some principles in essay outline writing.

An essay outline is a vital part in starting article writing. Some essay writers will tend to perfectly structure their outlines so that they can mange a good flow of discussion in their papers. Here are some quick tips on how to efficiently build your paper.

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Medical School Application Essay
Every year over 71000 medical aspirants appear for MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) over the world. Out of these over 40000 apply every year in US Universities. Out of these many applications, that top medical institutes in the world receive, mere 7% of them get selected. Such stringent procedures call for a confident and convincing application.

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Informative Essay- Give as much Information as Possible Without Making it Boring
Informative essay as the name suggests is all about giving information to the readers without making it too dreary and boring. Like any other essay it also consists of three parts – an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The introduction will give stress on the fact as to why that particular theme was chosen and why the writer thinks it to be important. it will also give relevant and important information on the topic but in brief. It has to be presented in a such a manner that the reader feels the urge to read on. The main body will contain the details about the topic chosen.

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Quick Essays: Blitzkrieg Strategies of Essay Writing
Quick Essays: Blitzkrieg Strategies of Essay Writing
If you do not have much time for thinking over your essay or you just forgot about this task provided by your professor, you may address internet sites and order some appropriate samples. Then, you are taking risk of plagiarism so that your essay could spoil your grade.

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Essays on Gas: What to Discuss
You, actually, do not have to squeeze your brain to come up with a good idea for an essay on gas. More likely than not, your teacher is not waiting for an essay about chemical qualities of gas or the ways gas makes cars work.

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Short Descriptive Essays: Writing Secrets
Are you puzzled because of your task to prepare a short descriptive essay? Do you have no idea where to start?

Well, you can start with this article that presents some basic secrets of writing short descriptive essays. Actually, your task is not that complicated, but some peculiarities of preparing effective short descriptive essays should definitely be mentioned.

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ICT Essays: For Those Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere
Writing ICT essays is definitely that assignment you need to complete successfully.

On the one hand, this task is not very difficult to do. You should not think about research, sources, etc.

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