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Can you boast of spending a day with no problems at all? I doubt you can. It is impossible. We face problems every day, every hour, I dare say every quarter an hour. Surely these problems differ. We are used to solving some without identifying the problem itself. These can be defined as some minor or micro problems. The other category of the problems is likely to break the common life routine and unbalance the most even- tempered person. They imply real problem, indeed.

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It's Thanksgiving morning, 2007, and before I start wailing about what isn't right in my life, I think I should give thanks for what is right. First of all, of course, would be my husband, children and their children, without whom life would be empty for me. I often think how sad it would be, to be alone in this world. Then I thought back to the days when my children were finally giving me some long-awaited grandchildren. That, I hoped, guaranteed I'd have little ones around ...

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You just wouldn't believe the trouble I had getting this column 'on the air'. The proess wouldn't have been so tedious if I weren't so technically illiterate, but I am, make no mistake.Finally I found a webmaster who was willing to build a website for me without me taking out a bank loan. I moved to Alabama the 4th of February after 23 years living in Florida to share living space with my adoptive family and their 6 dogs and my cat Jewely. I didn't have any difficulty adju...

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There's nothing like writing a story. It is a truly satisfying creative process. In order to write a story that people will enjoy. You need to understand the key elements that all good writers use in stories. In this article we will explore these elements. 1. Brainstorming Ask yourself these questions: What are you are going to write about? Who will be your audience? How much do you know about what you want to write about? What do I need to find out? 2. Write from...

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I hear it all the time from my students and at the seminars and workshops I lead. The writers that I work with are excited to work with a "real" writer. Most people define a "real" writer as one who is published. Therefore I, with three published novels and innumerable newspaper and magazine articles under my belt, certainly qualify. However, the longer I am involved in the business of professional writing and the teaching of writing the more I question that definition. Fo...

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In Joseph Conrad's book Heart of Darkness the Europeans are cut off from civilization,

overtaken by greed, exploitation, and material interests from his own kind. Conrad develops

themes of personal power, individual responsibility, and social justice. His book has all the

trappings of the conventional adventure tale - mystery, exotic setting, escape, suspense, unexpected

attack. The book is a record of things seen and done by Conrad while in the Belgian Congo.

Conrad uses Marlow, the main character in the book, as a narrator so he himself can enter the

story and tell it out of his own philosophical mind. Conrad's voyages to the Atlantic and Pacific,

and the coasts of Seas of the East brought contrasts of novelty and exotic discovery. By the time

Conrad took his harrowing journey into the Congo in 1890, reality had become unconditional. The

African venture figured as his descent into hell. He returned ravaged by the illness and mental

disruption which undermined his health for the remaining years of his life. Marlow's journey into

the Congo, like Conrad's journey, was also meaningful. Marlow experienced the violent threat of

nature, the insensibility of reality, and the moral darkness.

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Nowadays the global network Internet is overfilled with custom essay companies and essay writing agencies which offers a huge number of services such as writing, editing, proofreading, pre-writing, re-writing and others.
Such essay companies provide students and young people with custom written essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations and other written assignments in exchange of money. They hire highly qualified freelance essay writers all over the world for writing academic papers for them. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scam or fraudlent writing sites that are committed to cheat people delivering plagiarized pre-written papers stolen from free essay sites or essay databases.

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How to Write a University Essay
A lot of university students have troubles in writing university essays. There are a lot of tips on how to write a good university essay assigned by professors and teachers. We can provide you with essential university essay writing tips.
University and college essays are common in many ways. They are assigned for the same reasons and in the same forms. However there is a difference in degree of complexity. The first four years in College or University when you are studying to get bachelor degree, students have the same level of complexity. You will be taught to solve different problems and analyze many cases, but it won’t be more difficult than in the College.

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What to Write About in a Death Essay
There are some people who do not want to talk about death. Others will simply talk about it out of curiosity. But sometimes, such a tragic subject can also bring out the best in you when it comes to writing. Let us talk about writing a death essay. This subject can be considered a good topic especially if you do not have one yet.

One important thing that you must know before we talk about the topic is the essay structure. By now you should already know the parts of a formal essay and what their functions are.

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Analysis Essay Parts
Some of the most popular types of an essay goal is analyzing. In the concept of an analysis essay, you simply need to have a secondary article in order to write your very own paper. Actually, you are going to analyze an external document and then provide your insights about it. So what should I include in the analysis essay if I already have an article in reference?

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Sociology Essay Tips
What does it take to write a good sociology essay? In the mindset of a student it is quite obvious that writing an essay is one of the most boring activities in schooling. However, there are lots and lots of benefits in writing an essay that are readily related to improvement in writing skills, researching skills and communication skills. For a starter, a sociology essay might be a good practice area for you to develop interest in writing an essay.

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Coming up with Research Ideas
It is unfortunate that some students perceive research as only a pre-requisite for their research papers. Many feel that they have to write good research or term papers in order to attain good academic grades. This is wrong, and they must note that research is a phenomenon used beyond academic circles. It may be used in society by various organizations depending on the area of interest, to supplement problem solving, decision making, optimal allocation of resources and coordination of organizational activities. Therefore, your research ideas will dwell much on what you intend to achieve, rather than whether your research is academic, social, cultural, economic or political.

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Discussion Essay- Discuss, Inform and Educate Without Getting Too Personal
Discussion essay is also another type of essay in the long running list of of essay types. In this essay the writer can state his personal views and opinions without thinking too much about the reader’s approval or disapproval. However it is less personal than that of a personal essay. It gives information as in an informative essay but combines his views and opinions as in a critical essay and also analyses the topic in detail like an analytical essay. So writing a discussion essay is a taxing job but stimulating too.

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Oh Term Paper How Art Do I Write Thee?
First, choose a topic then come up with a thesis, pick it apart and put it back together. Yes everyone it’s just about that easy…minus the research and the writing part, thank your stars it doesn’t compete with the complexities of methodology writing. Hit the library or serf the web your duty is to suck the world dry of all the info you require. Take notes until your hand falls off or better yet click the print button five hundred times.

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Research Literature Review: Practical Application of Knowledge
Research Literature Review: Practical Application of Knowledge
You can be considered as the best and the most perspective student in your class, though this does not make you the most skillful one. Theoretical knowledge is just a part of the professional success. You should learn how to put theory into practice because practical implementation is one of the integral issues of every human activity.

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Essays on Weight Training: Not that “Heavy” Rules for Writing Strong Papers
Essays on Weight Training: Not that “Heavy” Rules for Writing Strong Papers
When you hear two words “weight training”, what comes up to your mind first? Probably, you think about muscles, fit bodies, special diets, and definitely weight machines, dumbbells. Meanwhile, weight training is not about meaningless dumbbells lifting or spending hours in the gym.

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Disaster Management Essays: Less Disastrous than You Think
Disaster Management Essays: Less Disastrous than You Think
Do you feel that this task to write an essay on disaster management is going to turn into your personal disaster? Well, we suppose you are exaggerating your personal catastrophe a little. After all, all disasters finish sooner or later and they can be managed somehow. So, let us help you manage disaster management papers.

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About High School Essay Writing
About High School Essay Writing
In this article, we will talk about one of the most common assignments for students – essay writing in high schools.

Students always look for easy ways of preparing high school student essays. They search for free high school essays or high school essay samples in order not to work on their assignments independently. Sometimes such trick works, but do not make it a habit.

Surely, using free high school essay examples is not a bad idea. However, you need to know how to use a free high school essay sample properly. Pay attention to the following information!

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Essay Examples- A Learning towards Better Essay Writing
Essay examples can be accessed through various sources such as web sites, books and articles etc. which gives a clear idea regarding essay writing. It can be either examples of general essay topics or specifically customized essay topics. Therefore when ever you encounter an essay assignment in an area of difficulty or on a difficult topic, referring to an example written on same topic area can be most useful. This would enhance the writing skill and provides an overall idea about approaching essay assignments in different and unique fashion.

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Application Essay: Handling a Task of a Great Responsibility
In different periods of our life we face a need to apply for something. Applying for a school, University, scholarship program, a job – in every case we have to prove our competency and convince of our importance. One of the most spread ways to do it is writing an application essay.

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