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OVERVIEW For small companies, creating their product's User Documentation in-house, provides benefits to the company, to (idle) staff, and to the product. This article describes the benefits and some downsides of producing User Documents in-house. THREE OPTIONS If you have no in-house writing staff you have three options: 1. No User Document for the product. This is NOT a valid option. Every product needs User Documentation. It completes your product package, an...

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The idea of writing a thesis is terrifying for many people. Not only is it quite possibly the longest paper of your college career, it?s also the most important. A good thesis will essentially sum up the skills and knowledge you?ve acquired as a student and show readers that you?re truly ready to enter your chosen field (or, perhaps, that you already have). It?s an overwhelming task, to be sure, one that almost always needs a guiding light. The following tips will help you un...

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Submitting articles to an article directory is a decision more and more people are making everyday. With the great increase in blogging sites and personal websites promoting articles the need for new written material increases by the minute. Article directories enable website owners? easy access to hundreds and thousands of articles they can add to their website pages. With new articles comes new viewer interest and reader traffic. These owners are smart and are already us...

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Even with a dozen published books to my name, I sometimes need a dose of inspiration when I sit down to write. Above my desk, I've posted a paper with various pieces of fiction-writing wisdom I've collected over the years. Some of the advice may sound odd, but I've found it all helpful. Here it is: 1. Write as if no one's reading. If you always imagine a reader perched on your shoulder, you'll be afraid to take chances. At least for the first draft, ignore that imaginary r...

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An antacid is a medication taken by mouth for the purpose of relieving pain associated with acid indigestion, ulcers, and heartburn. The name anti-acid literally means opposite acid ; with respect to the pH scale (which will be discussed later), the opposite of an acid is a base, so it is not surprising to learn that commercially sold antacids are basic, or alkaline.

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The field I wish to pursue is that of respiratory therapy. When I was a child was when my first interest in respiratory therapy was aroused. As a child I was sick a great deal with various lung ailments that required frequent hospitalizations. I would always revel in the fact that how intelligent and courtesy the respiratory therapist were that took care of me. They were so good at what they did and they always made me “feel better.” I wanted to be like them. That thought had never deviated since I decided that was what I wanted to do.

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Essay On Truth Is Courage
Students are often asked to write an essay on truth is courage. People wonder later on in life as to why they were asked to do so. The reason is simple. Good habits are generated early in life. As we grow up and learn to face reality, we tend to make a lot of compromises to either gain benefits or to lessen the load arriving out of unforeseen circumstances. The path of righteousness is tough.

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Evaluation in Community Welfare essay
From a program design standpoint, YouthHealth Project have focused solely on providing mentoring relationships to youth. In other instances, mentoring has been implemented as one of several distinct components of a multifaceted intervention program. enhanced benefits generally have been expected to result when mentoring is linked to other supportive services (Davison, 1994).

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Extended Review and Evaluation of Biographies of Jesus by Romano Guardini essay
From the start, Christianity has been rooted in the paradoxical claim that a human being executed as a criminal is the source of God's life-giving and transforming Spirit. From the start, this "good news" has been regarded as foolishness to the wise of the world. Christianity has never been able to "prove" its claims except by appeal to the experiences and convictions of those already convinced.

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Human Rights Essay
A human rights essay deals with matters related to social relations and the state of security, social justice, environmental control through human endeavor, and enhanced quality of life. The role of humans differs in different countries, basically because of different geographical and social conditions. Over decades, people have learned to live with their environment.

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Christopher Columbus Essay
Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 at Genoa. Genoa was a seaport that was on the Ligurian sea. His name was Cristoforo Colombo and that was translated into English as Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus had two brothers, which he was older than both. Christopher Columbus had little schooling just like most of the people during that age. Genoa was a busy seaport and Christopher Columbus learned much from the sailors. Christopher Columbus’s father was a poor weaver.

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[thumb=left]http://freeessaycollection.com/uploads/posts/Monographs. We can define a monograph as a specialized book written for a specialized audience. Therefore, the reviewer of a monograph has one paramount obligation: to describe for potential readers exactly what is in the book. What, precisely, is the subject of the book, and what are the outside limits of the material covered? If the monograph has a number of subjects, perhaps each with a different author, each subject should be treated individually. The good book review, of course, will mirror the quality of the book; the pedestrian material will be passed over quickly, and the significant contributions will be given weightier discussion. The quality of the writing, with rare exceptions, will not need comment. It is the information in the monograph that is important to its audience. 2011-01/1294855934_paraoct11.jpg[/thumb]

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How to Succeed in Essay Writing
Precision, eloquence and a deep insight of the topic have for long been deemed as the standard for quality essay writing. Essay writing has been an art involving great dexterity and imagination. The flamboyance created by amalgamation of sentence fluency, organization and of course coherence of ideas is the key element to successful essay writing.
The hallmark of successful essay writing has always revolved around one key principle: Eloquence. A writer lacking the art of word jugglery has mostly vanquished due to insufficient proficiency.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay
What is the main reason why teachers require Romeo and Juliet essay writing? Is it simply just for personal fun? Or is it beneficial for the students? Apparently, the answers to these questions lie on the fact that essay writing is a good way to enhance the skills of the students in at least two major education segments. First is that they will be able to learn how to write effectively in a coherent manner. Second, this type of activity allows them to do researches to find additional info about a topic.

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American Essays deal with the historical, political and social fabric of US
American essays portray the American beliefs, their way of thinking and their way of living. These essays may also be written to showcase the American history. Starting with the discovery of America by Columbus, to its taking part in World War II, to fighting the great depression, all form a part of the American history. It all depends on what subject your are studying or what topic you have chosen to write on. So in general, any academic essay that deals with America and speaks about its history, culture or social and political demographies, can be called an American essay.

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Research Paper Template – It Just Needs Filling Up
A research paper template is an empty piece of document that will provide the necessary chapters and parts of a thesis paper. It is like a backbone on which the student will have to do the filling up without bothering much about the correct outline pattern and the essay format of the paper. Templates are available on various websites and are easily available.one will just have to be careful about choosing the correct template.

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Reaction Essays: How Did You Feel?
Reaction Essays: How Did You Feel?
As far as we know, students who have experience in writing reaction papers like this assignment very much. The thing is that this kind of essays seems to be not as formal as other types. You do not have to make up something – just introduce your reaction on a subject matter.

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Writing a Convincing Bullying Essay
Bullying Essay should aim at contributing to minimizing or eliminating bullying in schools and out of the schools. Bullying is not innocent child play. It is a deliberate act of cruelty practiced by children and youth just as some adults engage in cruel acts against their fellow citizens. The children who show signs of becoming bullies should be stopped at early stages, because the continuation of their behaviors will make them criminals in the future making their lives as well as other people’s lives miserable. Though the bullying in the schools is the first thing to come to our minds while on subject, there are other forms like bullying at workplace, cyber bullying and bullying in public transport etc.

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Writing Essays on Bartleby
Herman Melville was an American writer whose works gained popularity only after his death. Though the works of this writer were not regarded as bestsellers, many readers know his Moby-Dick and White Jacket, or the World in a Man-of-War.

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