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After a long illness, my mother passed away in June 2006. Even though we all knew she had little time left, her death still came as a shock. My brothers helped me write the eulogy, and I delivered it. I almost made it through, maintaining my composure and humor right to the end. But, final goodbyes are never easy. With the last sentence, a poignant and personal message to our mother from my brothers and myself, I lost it. To cry at your mother?s funeral is natural and exp...

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Everything you wanted to know about cosmopolitan magazine, its late 19th century birth and where the magazine is today and its impact on american history.

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Many of us are use to hearing about the “War on Drugs” or Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), but not every day we hear about groups trying to stop mothers from killing their unborn child. The method that these mothers are using to kill or permanently hurt their unborn child is by using drugs during their pregnancy. Should these women go to jail for murdering or should they get help and pretend that nothing happened? Like every situation in our life, we must do what is right, and we must fight for what we know is right.

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Marijuana originated in the middle east (Taiwan, Korea). China
plays an important part in Marijuana's history. Hoatho, the first
chinese physician to use Cannabis for medical purposes as a painkiller
and anesthetic for surgery. In the Ninth Century B.C., it was used as
an incense by the Assyrians Herbal, a Chinese book of medicine from
the second Century B.C., was first to describe it in print. It was
used as an anesthetic 5,000 years ago in ancient china

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Essays on “Why We Should”: What to Talk about
Does your task to write an essay on “Why We Should” sound weird to you? Can you not get what your teacher expects? Well, it seems like your teacher is waiting for a mere persuasive essay on why we should or should not do something. These are just a few topic ideas for essays on “Why We Should”: * essays on “Why We Should Honor Veterans”;

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Research Papers For Free
Looking for research papers for free is a natural tendency to avoid making the mistake of hiring costly research writers to work on projects that could change by the end of the term. In other words, students are not sure of their topic for some time. Research-oriented academic projects have to be finalized by the guide. It would be based on relevance, scope for research, and time available to complete the project before submission.

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Process Essay Topics
Process essay topics build up a process through a series of steps or actions that culminate in its completion. The process itself requires to be completed for people to understand the steps. It need not be difficult but should be descriptive. The topic would inform readers about the process to be involved in resolving a problem or issue. For example, “How To Get Admission To College” would be a topic that would inform students of steps they would need to take to get admission. There are many topics which can be picked up by students.

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Establishing the Perfect Persuasive Essay Format
A persuasive essay format is important to establish your ideas and put it across to readers. The idea of writing a persuasive essay is to make readers want to read it compulsively at first and then out of appreciation for your style of writing. It is a bit tricky at first to establish a balance between the two. Though it requires a bit of research on your part, once you set up a format, it would be easy to add inputs and form a skeleton of the essay. This should be in a format that you can store and refer to whenever you have the need.

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Essay Ideas You Can Use
Essay ideas can crop up at any time. You have to use them to your advantage. It can be on varied subjects, and you would probably not be able to completely visualize its use when it occurs, especially when it is on a subject you are not familiar with. As you go on accumulating such ideas you would be in a position to use them to your advantage when you write essays. Here are some essay tips you can use when such ideas strike you.

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A River Runs Through It Essay
The River plays a significant role in this novel. It offers a setting in which the main characters escape from the shackles of civilization as well as a means to journey to a better place. The river also acts as an artery through which Huck passes in his transition from innocence to awareness. In this essay on “A River Runs Through It” I will explore the role the relationship between the symbolic importance of the river and the design and structure of the novel.

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Global Warming
Global warming is not a new phenomenon and it is an issue of major concern more so because it posses many challenges to various nations worldwide. Simply described, global warming is the average increase of the earth’s temperature at a defined rate and this result in changes in the climatic conditions. The major changes include changes in humans and plant, rainfall patterns and the increased seal level just to mention.
The main cause of global warming has been linked to the “Greenhouse effect” and this refers to the radiation of heat which the earth absorbs from the sun back into the space.

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In Defense of Housewives
“What do you do?” is a question, most of us who have not had the honor of making it to the cover of Time magazine are asked. If like me, you reply, “I am a house-wife”, you would probably find yourself the recipient of a whole gamut of expressions ranging from scorn to pity. And then you will think of the billion things you do to make your house a home and the zillion ways you try to make a decent contribution to society and you sigh inwardly. Well the time for hidden sighs and secret undeserved shame is over. It is about time society gave us the respect we deserve.

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Tips for writing an essay
Writing an essay requires the writer to express well so that the article he is writing appeals to his readers. For this he needs to follow certain steps. First he has to choose a good topic. The writer must remember to choose a writing topic he has knows well. Next step would be to explore the chosen topic well. It will be his first duty to imbibe as much as possible information on the topic by doing a through research work on it. As one learns more, his knowledge level increases too. Internet is one such place where information on almost everything is available.

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Scholarship Essay Help
You are a student but the costs are heavy on you and it is urgent to find the way out. Apparently, you will be surprised how many colleges and organizations offer scholarships. What is more, there are many foundations which are aimed at supporting talented and outstanding students. However, your task is to prove that you are worth the scholarship. That is why, scholarship essay help is really needed for you.
Students from each faculty can apply for the scholarship. Usually each university and organization sets its own requirements. For some academic performance and financial need are the key factors which distinguish success of the applicant. Nevertheless, application essay is a must. Frankly success of the application depends on how effective student manages to write an essay. In order to become one of the lucky who receive scholarship you have to listen to scholarship essays help tips.

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Essays against Capital Punishment: A Proven Plan for Writing
Essays against Capital Punishment: A Proven Plan for Writing
Even if you have some objections or a different position on the matter, you still have to prepare an essay against capital punishment. What does this mean? Basically, this means you will be dealing with an argument essay or even a position essay. You are given a certain standpoint on the problem that you have to defend.

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Essays on Buddhism: Talking about an Ancient Religion and Philosophy
Essays on Buddhism: Talking about an Ancient Religion and Philosophy
It is estimated that approximately 500 million people around the world are Buddhists. This makes Buddhism the world’s fourth largest religion.

Why is it so popular? What makes it different from other religions? What are its basics? You have an opportunity to learn this while writing an essay on Buddhism.

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Examination Essays: How to Pass Hard Times Easily
Examination Essays: How to Pass Hard Times Easily
Sure, any exam is a stress for students. Yet, many students consider essay exams to be more stressful and harder to get through.

Well, it is not surprising. The main problem with examination essays is that in the great majority of cases students have no clue what they are going to deal with. You do not know what examination essay question you will have to answer and what to get ready for.

Thus, let us present you several good recommendations on how to write a perfect essay on the examination day.

Tips on how to get ready for writing examination essays

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Richard Wright Essays: Helpful Tips
Richard Wright Essays: Helpful Tips
“The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.”
Richard Wright.

Richard Wright became popular after the publication of his autobiographical story Black Boy and a novel Native Son. This person was a grandson of slaves. He worked as a dishwasher, deliveryman, and porter before he became a well-known African-American writer. Now, Richard Wright will become the subject of your next essay paper.

So, your task is to write the essay on Richard Wright. Are you looking for some information about Richard Wright? Do you want to amaze the reader by preparing outstanding Richard Wright essays? Well, then this article is just what you need. Right now, we would like to introduce several interesting ideas that you can present in Richard Wright essays.

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Essays on Healthcare
Essays on Healthcare
I have been in the writing business for years. Healthcare and all types of healthcare assignments are what I am specializing in. I have completed enough of them to draw my own conclusions and explain why some ideas work and some do not. However, even more than professional writer’s experience, I remember my school experience and those sleepless nights of working on every new healthcare paper.

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300 Words about a Documented Essay
300 Words about a Documented Essay
Some students will certainly be confused with the assignment to write a documented essay. Do you know what a documented essay is? Well, let us explain you.


A documented essay is an academic paper that requires both the student’s point of view and his/her analysis of the gathered material. So, the main difference between a standard essay and a documented essay is that the latter has to be “source supported”.

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