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Community Service Essay
Community Service Essay
Community Service Essay Inputs

A community service essay can be a source of inspiration for students who realize their responsibility and suggest ways to improve quality of life in their community. It could provide the direction they can take to serve public interest. Service could take different forms. It depends on an individual’s position within a community. The ideal of service could be imbibed into the personal, community, and business life of an individual that is aroused with a feeling of social service. An act of helping can begin at the local level and could be escalated to a town, city, or state level. It depends on the resources available. A group of like-minded people can take an endeavor to a much higher level than what an individual could achieve. The purpose, however, remains the same.

Money Can Play A Big Role In Extending Community Service

Self sufficiency always has a major role in wanting to help others. The old saying “money begets money” rings true when it comes to improving one’s own economic status. However, a poverty essay would suggest that the rich should take more interest in helping the poor. In context, a community may not have experienced a significant change in lifestyle. Such people would find it difficult to accept change unless some of their own were to get involved. Voluntary service, therefore, has to be often disguised in the garb of an NGO (non-governmental organization). A community service essay would testify that there is glamour attached to acts of charity done by unknown entities. They do get recognition and are honored as philanthropists in time.

Compulsory Community Service Has Come To Stay

A social work essay can provide facts, but it is common knowledge that community service cannot exist just as “voluntary service.” People may have the talent to help people but may lack motivation to do so. Corruption may be the root cause of being put off from making a contribution. A busy life centered around achieving targets could be another reason. A vibrant society would not hesitate to use force in such cases. Many instances have been recorded when governments have forced intellectuals and able-bodied men and women to face war in its ugliest form by taking part in military service. In schools, parents who have excelled in sports could take up a coaching assignment in order to get their son or daughter enrolled for a program. Maintaining a public library that offers free and valuable books to help a community is another way of getting people to participate.

Community Service Could Help The Unemployed

An unemployment essay would suggest that the youth always holds a grudge against those who did not provide assistance at a time when they were looking for a job. Imagine a situation where a tenth of a community were in a similar situation. It would create a mandatory situation to take immediate corrective action. Statisticians could maintain records while technical experts could implement practical solutions to help increase employment opportunities. The community service essay can end on a positive note that when progress is visible and transparent, people would be willing to help in many different ways.

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