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Terrorism Essay
Terrorism Essay
A terrorism essay is an exercise most students undergo to understand the how to deal with an act of terrorism. Millions of people around the world have experienced pain and anguish by being a direct victim, seeing or hearing about blind acts of violence. In most cases, people are mentally affected and find it difficult to participate in social events. There is fear at the back of the mind that always seems to hold them back. A single act of violence even remotely connected with the act of terrorism can now subdue an entire community that has lived in peace and harmony for generations.

Terrorism has no face, no color. It is a mechanism to inflict pain and create commotion. More often than not it is done to draw the attention of an international audience towards an incident. Sadly, it is succeeding to a large extent. A legal essay can throw more light on it, but governments across the world have come together to tackle the menace. Sworn enemies that had earlier no diplomatic relations are extending the olive branch towards each other. They have realized that only by mutually cooperating with each other would it be possible to face the menace head on.

How Terrorism Originated

It would be wrong for us to think that terrorism originated just a few years back. Guerrilla warfare, the oldest form of discreet war, was nothing but a form of terrorism. A terrorism essay could trace its origin back to the time when resistance groups used it when outnumbered by superior forces. A sniper could probably cause more damage than a hundred men in open combat. The act should be termed as terrorism, as there were many instances where victims were innocent people who did not deserve to die. Disproportionate distribution of wealth and resources became major reasons in the latter years. An essay on drugs could provide evidence that drug peddlers used acts of violence as a diversion to smuggle drugs across international borders. Peaceful countries started experiencing acts of violence for no logical reason. Somewhere down the line, religion took over, and people found reason to hate based on the assumption that their religious beliefs gave them that right.

Current Status And Action Being Taken

Today, terrorism has found new meaning. No longer are people required to give up their lives as suicide bombers for reasons they do not know much about. Economical terrorism, state-backed terrorism, technological warfare, and other sophisticated means can cause more damage. Third World countries have several other problems like population and poverty. Terrorism has come to stay in such places, as human life has little value. There is danger lurking around the corner, and danger to life has forced the common man to take up the path of vigilantism and violent protest. People have become more aware of how to deal with extreme situations. A human rights essay would suggest that as long as tolerance toward religion does not increase, peace would not be established. The terrorism essay should also make a note that economic growth and active participation in public service would definitely help eradicate terrorism in the long run.

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