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Child Labour Essay
Child Labour Essay
A Sincere Child Labour Essay

A child labour essay has to deal with one of the most sensitive issues of our time, child labour. It has always been the prerogative of adults to decide the fate of children. This has led to exploitation, especially among the economically weaker classes. There are too many mouths to feed and just a few adults to support the family. Poverty forces children to work. When money starts coming in, adults are contented enough to ignore the fact that children are losing their innocence. In time, these children start thinking it is their fate to be working at such a tender age. Playtime is a thing of the past, and every single childhood dream is throttled. A world hunger essay would proclaim that such children end up hungry almost every day. They are scarred and subdued and just cannot see a future ahead of them.

Children between the ages of 12 to 15 have reached a stage when they experience a change in their attitude. They are preparing themselves to step into adulthood. A human rights essay would establish that these children have the right to grow up in the proper manner. They are entitled to a childhood full of love and understanding. It is a time when children grow up with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and in many places a whole clan. These are supposed to be joyous times when the foundation to a good life is laid.

The industrial revolution spread through the 1800s in Great Britain with the invention of steam-powered machines. It was a time when labour was at its peak. There were too many industries and demand for cheap labour grew to an extent that people moved in from villages to find work in the cities. By 1851 almost half the population was settled in London. Rents went up and people found it difficult to survive. A child labour essay would suggest that this is when children were forced into labour. They had to work long hours and were ill-treated by their superiors. Children as young as five years were seen working at the factories. It would seem to be a better fate considering that more than 31,000 people died during the period due to an outbreak of cholera and other killer diseases like typhus.

A child abuse essay would offer more information about situations where children are happy and contented working till they are abused. Child labour is any economic activity performed by a teenager under the age of 15 as per International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations. A child under that age would be happy working as an apprentice in the family business. The abuse starts when they have been prevented from joining school. This can cause serious damage to a child’s physical and mental health. Child labour is found mostly in agriculture and fishing, both of which can prevent children from attending school. A child labour essay should indicate that children must have the fundamental right not to be work till they are 15 years of age.

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