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Bullying Essay
Bullying Essay
Bullying Essay Analysis Of The Pattern

A bullying essay can be an analysis of bullying that takes place in schools, colleges, work place, public places, and even at home. A bully is one that has a lot of subdued anger within him or her, which is usually built up over a period of time. Such persons lack interpersonal skills to tackle an issue without resorting to violence. It can occur in different ways. Some bullies like to be noticed in school or college and can find no other way to express themselves other than coming into the picture by bullying someone. Others get a thrill out of it. It could be due to similar incidents happening in their lives.

A law essay can cover laws governing more subtle ways of bullying including exclusion from a group or social event, discreet and regular criticism, putting negative thoughts to exploit violent tendencies, and emotional blackmail. Bullying is usually not taught by anyone. Some children observe and learn from others. Others have a wicked streak inside that may give vent to violence in different ways.

What Parents Can Do If Their Child Is A Victim

Accompany children to school and spend time with them during breaks. An essay on discipline would suggest parents should attend parent-teacher meetings regularly and get feedback from other students and teachers, especially if there is are definite behavioral changes. It is a known fact that most incidents of bullying do not happen with adults around.
A happy family has children who are content and satisfied in whatever situation they are in. Parents are always the last to know that their children are bullied. The only way for them to understand what children are going through is to make them talk about their problems. If a bullying act is stopped in the bud, children would understand their parents are concerned about their well being.
Signs tell the story. A bullying essay must mention that children do not like to squeal and certainly not to adults. The fear of being blacklisted and isolated is far greater than being a victim of the bullying act itself. Signs, however, reveal a lot more than words do. Parents have to be observant. They usually are when the child is young. When a child grows up, however, they tend to take things for granted. Some signs that tell a child is being bullied include complaints of pains and aches, constantly losing personal belongings in school or at home, or being late to class often.
Be demonstrative enough to give children the confidence to face bullies. For example, A law school essay would teach parents how to react with they are angry with another driver on the street. The way they communicate in an altercation would serve as an example for children to follow. Being angry or abusive would only encourage children to adapt the same attitude. When they meet someone physically stronger, the tendency to be subdued becomes overpowering.
Make an issue of bullying. Bullies are very observant and automatically correct themselves if shown the way through forums and active vigilant groups. A bullying essay can be effective, if students understand that bullying can never be a solution to any problem.

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