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An English essay writing exercise is all about learning the different ways of effectively using the English language in an essay. One is to link related words so as to ensure they appear together creating meaning in the sentence and subsequently in a paragraph. Secondly, a sentence is effective if it generates interest. It can be done by using important words at the beginning or ending of a sentence. Readers do not have time to focus on an entire sentence or paragraph. They focus on the start of a sentence, scan through it, and then read through the ending. An English essay should also have more appeal in terms of presentation, style of writing, storyline, melody and buildup.

Neatness is the essence of good writing. In the earlier days, people used to write manually on sheets of paper. Word processors have changed the way a literature essay can now be written. Software is also available that helps save time needed to type in content. What this has done is allowed writers to spend more time formatting an essay for presentation.
Style Of Writing

Emphasis should be on developing an own style of writing. This can be done by writing different types of essays. Some become proficient in writing poetry, while others can weave a mystery in 50 pages of gripping content. Writers need to consider their strengths and then write on a topic they are interested in. A style is developed over time. As more work gets published, writers receive comments and reviews. When readership increases, they reach a point where they can relate to readers though the medium of effective writing in their own unique style.

To build a storyline, writers have to focus on an event or idea to be developed. For example, recent English essay topics would include the recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2010 among others. Writers can pick up a game that created controversy or lefts fans spellbound. The idea can then be weaved into a story including various events that took place during the game.

Melody is found in simplicity. Using simple short sentences that make reading easy should encourage readers to go through the essay. Simple ways of achieving melody without compromising on effectiveness are:
1.0 Using the same letters or sound at the beginning of words in a sentence. However, the effect should be used judiciously.
2.0 A tune is a combination of different sounds. In English essay writing, the same sounds recurring in a sentence should be avoided. In other words, the text should have different syllables.

Building up a story is probably the most effective way of communication. Consider a short story written in one or two pages. Readers would be able to scan through it in a matter of minutes. Interest would be high if the topic interests them. Take the case of a novel covered in around 200 pages. Unless the story is organized well, writers may not be able to retain reader interest. Interest can only be generated if characters in the story, events, and descriptions combine to create a story readers can get involved in.

English essay writing can be a fun exercise when writers learn to combine all these parameters.

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