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Science Essay
Science Essay
Analyzing Human Endeavor Through A Science Essay

A science essay has tremendous scope of covering areas and aspects of human life that present a sense of belonging and demonstrate human endeavor. People have used science and technology for a long time now. Major contributions have been made and recorded over centuries and decades. Nature has provided inspiration for men and women to learn about science and adapt the principles learned to their daily lives. Animals, objects, and natural phenomena have taught people a lot about science and how earth supports life. During the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations, many cultures believed that the world was flat. It was Greek astronomy that proved it was round or rather spherical. Human endeavor was first observed here. The discovery and practice of the science of astronomy began spreading across the globe. People have always been ready to learn.

Science is a never ending search for information and discovery. Though the modern age has provided us many technological solutions, a simple discovery made through personal experiences can teach a lot more than complicated scientific discoveries. A technology essay would be able to better cover the scientific aspect, but there are many incidents that prove that human endeavor to search for answers from natural surroundings leaves an indelible mark on the minds of people associated with it.

The Brookfield Zoo printed an interesting episode of a fatherís letter to his daughter from the African continent. He describes how he learns the secrets of knowing trail or rather how to find his way around the Ituri Forest from the inhabitants of a small village called Epulu. The letter is an invitation to his daughter and has been preserved over time. The joy and thrill of learning secrets he would never has imagined possible was too much for him not to share with his daughter. A science essay on human endeavor should motivate students to experience such joy through their own experiences.

Another great example of human endeavor in the field of archaeology has been the discovery of the Inca Empire. Craig Morris was a leading archeologist in his time and spent 11 years in the excavation of Huanuco Pampa, the largest surviving Inca ruin in Peru. The discovery of two Spanish visitas dated 1549 and 1562 was a major find that told the world about the culture, population, administration, taxation. He later declared his findings in 1985 for further study.

The American Museum of Natural History took the initiative to introduce students to the field of archeology by allowing them to explore the science through an interactive online learning tool. Evidence collected from the excavation site is provided, and students have to figure out what kind of buildings existed. An archeology essay can be written based on the findings.

Knowledge gained from a science essay can never be complete unless it is applied. Aspiring engineers would strive to compile an engineering essay with the intention of using it in practice. It could be compiled using completed experiments or projects. The same principle should apply to all science projects. It is bound to generate tremendous interest among students and readers alike.

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