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The Outsiders Essay
The Outsiders Essay
How Students Can Review The Outsiders Essay

The Outsiders essay is literary work that students can use to complete a review exercise quite easily. S.E. Hinton has created a masterpiece that exposes the vast difference in thinking and lifestyle that existed between the rich and the poor around 1960s in USA. The book was first published in 1967 and became very popular. The movie was released in 1983. It was a time when the class system was very prevalent and groups were formed based on social status. The story is based on the rivalry that exists between two groups, the Greasers and the Socs. Ponyboy Curtis is part of the lower-class Greasers. The gang also includes his brothers Sodapop and Darry; the rough and tough Dally; and Johnny, who is very close to Ponyboy. An action essay would appropriately bring out the animosity that existed between the gangs.

The story begins with Ponyboy being attacks by members of the upper-class Socs as he leaves a movie theater. His brother rescue him and later meets up with the Marcia and Sherry. Unfortunately, they are seen together by Bob and Randy who are ready to fight Ponyboy to make sure the girls do not get friendly with him. The girls decide to leave. The Outsiders essay can highlight on the strong bond that exists between brothers. Darry realizes the danger Ponyboy can get into by associating with the Socs. He loves his younger brother but is duty bound to correct him when he is wrong. Ponyboy does not approve of Darry’s attitude towards him and leaves the house to meet Johnny. The Socs gang members lie in wait for them in a vacant lot and attack them. Street-smart Johnny carries a switchblade with him at all times and accidently kills Bob in the fight. The others panic and run away. Ponyboy and Johnny have to lie low at Darry’s out-of-town hideout.

A literature essay can bring to life the buildup to the gang war that follows the murder. There is tension on the streets and both gangs are preparing for a confrontation. Johnny is just 16 years old but has much wisdom. He feels sorry for Ponyboy who has to live in seclusion because of him. He decides to surrender to the authorities. On their way back, they see a church on fire. They find out that small children have been trapped and have no chance of escaping on their own. The lads risk their lives to save the children. Ponyboy escapes with a few bruises but Johnny is hurt badly and has to be hospitalized. The news of Johnny being convicted of manslaughter reaches the boys. Johnny succumbs to his injuries and dies. Ponyboy has suffered a concussion and never recovers fully.

The events that follow can be recorded systematically in an academic essay. Things move fast and Dally who is in involved in a robbery dies. Jonny’s loss coupled with Dally’s death is too much for Ponyboy to bear and he falls sick. He is absolutely grief stricken and cannot focus on his studies. The Outsiders essay can, however, end on a high note as Ponyboy gets inspired by a note left behind by Johnny and submits a compelling assignment which outlines the story.

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