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Alcohol Essay
Alcohol Essay
Educating Oneself With An Alcohol Essay
Students can effectively learn about drinking habits when compiling an alcohol essay. Figures would startle them and make them understand why consumption of abuse does not always remain a personal decision. In the United States nearly 80% high school students have tried alcohol at some time or the other. It all starts with the urge to experiment and then becomes a habit which is difficult to give up.
Some would argue that alcohol is a natural drink made of grains, vegetables, or fruits. When alcohol in any form is consumed, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream and directly affects the central nervous system. The effects can be noticed in people who have consumed alcohol. They walk with a stagger or speak with a distinct slur in their voices.
Alcohol abuse can result in serious problems which is difficult to perceive when getting into the habit. A domestic violence essay would suggest that there is a 50% increase in the number of cases where men batter their female partners in an intimate relationship. Records may support the claim, but there is no real reason for doing so. Society plays a major role in accepting such behavior as normal when drinking becomes a social habit and beyond the purview of the law. In situations like these, students get exposed to the culture and find it very natural to start drinking early in life. While compiling the alcohol essay, students would realize that the first step to alcohol abuse is to start early.
It may seem strange but people living in conditions of poverty across the globe would willingly spend most of their daily earnings consuming alcohol. A poverty essay would indicate that laborers use it as a means to dull the pain of overexertion. They cannot cope up with the reality of going through the grind every day. Soon it becomes a habit and it controls the daily lives. Family structure does not have much importance, as people hardly get a decent house to live in. Children are left to fend for themselves. They tend to follow their parents and start drinking early. Soon their lives are dictated by alcohol abuse. Schooling is a distant dream, and those lucky to get into high school would learn to overcome such bad habits.
Unemployment often leads to frustration creeping in. In the developing world, more than half of those unemployed are below the age of 24 years. How alcohol abuse can add to those numbers can be elaborated in an unemployment essay. Statistics would not suggest that it directly affects people, but let us consider a situation where unemployment is very evident. Students prepare themselves for employment by qualifying themselves academically. However, everyone needs their first break. Qualified professionals would get it faster. What happens to those millions who do not have the resources to educate themselves? More often than not, it is not their fault. It becomes easier for such frustrated youth to resort to alcohol abuse. It offers them an escape route to cover up failures. An alcohol essay should make students aware that proper education can give them the confidence and will power to resist temptation and alcohol abuse.

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