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Educating Rita Essay
Educating Rita Essay
Writing A Classic Educating Rita Essay

An educating Rita essay can elaborate on the influence people can have on each otherís attitude towards life after an extended period of interaction between them. The story of Susan (aka Rita), a young lady dissatisfied with the way life has turned out for her, and Dr. Frank Bryant, a middle-aged University lecturer, has been enacted in a play as well as a movie. The stage comedy has been written by the British playwright Willy Russell and was staged for the first time in June 1980. Rita is a young hair stylist from Liverpool who is aware that her life as one did not offer her a life style that she longed for. She decides to educate herself. On the other hand, Dr. Frank is a middle-aged alcoholic who cannot complete a dayís work without consuming liquor. He is totally disillusioned about the superficiality that exists in the campus and is not interested in teaching students. He takes up private tutorship only so he can maintain his costly habit of drinking.

Rita has ambitions of living a lifestyle that would liberate her not only from her mundane job or lack of confidence but also provide her insight into thinking like a liberal woman. She understands that just getting a better job with higher education would not be sufficient to fulfill her dreams. She wants to liberate herself with practical education that only the rich could otherwise afford. The government-run Open University presents her that opportunity. Her interaction with Dr. Frank and the hardships she has to endure in order to turn into an educated young lady from a hairdresser with hardly any education is what this comedy is all about. Educating Rita essays must bring to light the hardships faced by students in a similar situation.

Dr. Frankís office is the main setting for the play. He loves to be in his office as he distinctly loathes the idea of teaching students who do not conform to his way of living. He just does not live according to conventions laid down by society. In the bargain, he finds himself isolated and takes to drinking. The reason he likes his office so much is because the thick and voluminous books stocked in his office library hide the liquor bottles. When Rita becomes his student, it forces him to think about his ideologies. Rita soon realizes she has to face with several problems including her own husband against her education. An educating Rita essay must explain the circumstances in which she overcomes all the difficulties forced upon her to become a literate and articulate lady.

The balance needed to remain in academics and live life to the fullest is difficult for both Rita and Dr. Frank to understand till tragedy strikes. Ritaís friend Trish tries to kill herself. It allows Rita to see through the artificiality that exists in the social life she hoped to attain. Dr. Frank also realizes that Ritaís education would be incomplete without here understanding what life is all about. The end is appropriate as he welcomes his reassignment to Australia. Educating Rita essays can elaborate on how his liking for the working-class culture offers him the radical start he needs.

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