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Saving Private Ryan Essay
Saving Private Ryan Essay
A Saving Private Ryan Essay About Valor

A Saving Private Ryan essay would revolve around the story written during the invasion of Normandy during World War II. Written by Robert Rodat, the book has been turned into an award-winning movie directed by Steven Spielberg. While writing the essay, students must have a pictorial view in mind. War is never the means to bring about peace, but man has been engaged in it for generations. World War II was no different. The Omaha Beachhead assault was one of the main entry points into German-occupied France in Normandy. Saving Private Ryan revolves around this assault where Captain John H. Miller and his men search for a paratrooper Private James Francis Ryan. His three brothers have died in action, and he is the only surviving son missing in action.

Saving Private Ryan essays reflect the pain and anguish families have to go through when their loved ones are involved in war. General George C. Marshall discovers that Private Ryan is the only one living among four brothers who die within days of each other. An all-out effort is made to save him. The general orders that he be rescued and sent home. Captain Miller and his team of seven men are assigned to find and save him. They learn that Private Ryan is near Merderet River in the town of Ramelle defending a bridge.

The story then centers around Captain Miller and his men as they set out on their mission to Ramelle. On the way, they encounter a German machine gun position. In the attack, one of his men is killed. The others are tensed up and angry at the loss of two of their men during the mission. When they encounter a lone German survivor, they see their chance to vent their anger and want to kill him. One of the men does not think it is right and the Captain agrees and sets him free. His decision is not accepted kindly. One of his men thinks of deserting the team as he loses confidence in Captain Millerís abilities till he reveals his background. A Saving Private Ryan essay can demonstrate the ways decisions are made on the spur of the moment that make the difference between life and death.

Three paratroopers including Private Ryan meet Captain Millerís squad as they destroy a German reconnaissance unit. Captain Miller has to convey the sad news of his brothersí death to Private Ryan. He is also informed of General Marshallís orders that he be escorted safely back to the United States. Private Ryan refuses to leave his colleagues and insists that he be made part of the team defending the bridge against an impending German attack.

Captain Miller and the rest of the squad valiantly defend the bridge. With less than 20 men against a 50-strong German unit with Panzer tanks, most of the squad members die. Ryan and two others survive. After many years, Private Ryan visits Captain Millerís grave and asks his wife if he had lived a life of substance. He pays his last respects to the men who died to save his life. Saving Private Ryan essays can highlight the valor, courage, and sense of sacrifice shown by the valiant men during World War II.

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