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Narrative Essay Format
Narrative Essay Format
A narrative essay format can be established quite easily by students who find it easy to indulge in telling stories. A story would invariably be built up to generate interest among readers. It would have a central idea to focus on. There would be several characters build around the theme of the story. It would be set in an environment that could be recreated for the benefit of readers at different points of the narrative. The story would unfold into a plot and end in a climax that readers may not expect. Essentially, a narrative has to have all these ingredients to generate interest. Students have to write a narrative at some stage or the other in school, and following a system they could rely on would help them achieve better results.

Create a plot out of a simple sequence to generate interest. A narrative could be based on assigned topics, which may not provide students with the opportunity to experience the situation personally. They have to use their imagination at such times and come up with descriptive essay topics which includes a plot weaved around the narrative. For example, the narrative might be a simple recollection of the school annual day. The topic chosen could include an incident that occurred at the venue. Letís say a student who had to take part in a drama arrived late, and the drama had to be postponed for some time. The circumstances that led to him or her coming late would make interesting reading. The reasons could be weaved into a plot.

Informing readers through a lengthy narrative would be an exercise in building up a story. All of us learn to communicate quite early in life. Imagine a situation where a soccer match was organized at a new venue in town. The responsibility of communicating directions of the venue was given to a particular student. If the student could not offer correct directions, players would not reach the venue in time or may not reach at all. Through a narrative is not based on such directions to be given or taken, communicating the storyline would have the same effect. Readers might not relate to it, and the created narrative essay outline would not be effective enough to be applied.

Build a personal rapport with readers by using first person or by addressing the reader directly. A narrative essay has to build a deep impression on the psyche of an audience. They should be emotionally involved as if they were listening to a friend reciting a story. The narrative should leave a deep impression built around a pictorial view of the setting. Each character should have a personality that is created through an effective introduction and description. For example, the central character could be the school captain. He or she could be introduced as someone having a trait that is unusual and repetitive. In the storyline, the trait would be identified with the character. Building up an effective narrative essay format can be as interesting as the narrative itself. Refer to essay examples for additional help. The must learn to include interesting and unusual tidbits that would connect with a vast audience.