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Personal Essay Format
Personal Essay Format
A personal essay format is usually written as an introduction to essay writing or for definite reasons like college admission and job applications. At first, students learn to write about themselves through their experiences in school, home and among friends. They develop writing skills as they progress in school and are ready to write on different topics. To get into college, students would have to write an entrance exam which includes writing a personal essay as per specifications. This would be one of the most important essays written in their student career. It would decide if they would get admission to the college of their choice. On getting through college, prospective job offers would include another personal experience essay. Each time, the writing standards expected would have to be better. Prospective job applicants would need to know much more about a particular field and how they molded themselves to adapt to it.

School students would choose to write about their achievements in school, how they fared in academics, debates and other competitions. Sport is often an important part of a development program in school. The personal essay format would incorporate all these factors besides personal traits that allow a student to stand out among other students. For example, students might excel in academics. It would allow them to write an essay focusing on their achievements in a particular subject. The personal essay at that time would also allow them to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. It would help them decide on the area to specialize in with the aim of pursuing a career in that field.

A personal essay at the college level needs a different approach. Evaluators have a difficult role to play in selecting the right candidates for college admissions. Very few seats are available to deserving candidates and competition is tough. Students have to adopt a personal essay format that highlights their strengths and sets them apart from other students. They have to understand why they chose a particular field and express it in the essay. Knowledge of the field, future aspirations, and how the study program would help them achieve their goals are important aspects to be covered in the essay. They have to be well versed in the art of writing custom written essays on different topics to get the confidence needed to write a compelling and unique personal essay. At this stage, reference to essay examples would help them get on track.

Prospective candidates for a job position needs more insight into the working of industry and how they would fit into it. Their expertise in a particular field should be highlighted in the personal essay format. There are limited job positions, while applications would be many. Each candidate would be qualified in terms of education. Winners stand out among the crowd through their approach towards the personal essay. Assessors look for a particular candidate and usually find them. Candidates who have done their homework know what is expected of them. They project themselves as the ideal candidate ready to be molded in a work environment with little guidance. The personal essay format shows the way.

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