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Essay My School
Essay  My School
An essay my school is probably the simplest exercise a student has to complete in school. Essay writing is a form of expression that starts early. Students find it easy to talk about their school. At a young age, students are much more observant than older children in High School. After the initial hesitation, they find their school the ideal place to express themselves, meet other children, and learn about it in detail. The many annual and other social events, craft, sports, and extracurricular activities allow them to learn more about it. As they grow up, students have much more gather much more information to write an essay about their school. A student in the primary section would probably not be able to write a more descriptive essay about a place than someone who is in the ninth grade.

Smaller kids normally let their imagination run wild while describing their school. They think of the school bus and how long it takes for them to reach their school in it. They would describe their school by the color it has been painted with. The sports events are major events in their lives. The time it takes for them to prepare for such events also allows them to know and understand how the school functions a little better. For example, students would probably not explore other areas of their school unless specified by a directive to do so. While participating in the many cultural and sports events, they get to visit these areas thereby expanding their knowledge and observations. This is a simple but effective method that can help them write an essay my school. Confidence is built up through such practical exercises.

The purpose of an essay is also to stimulate the art of writing among students. The first essay is always a difficult exercise. Even grammatical errors have to be condoned. Students have not yet learned how to form effective sentence structure. While describing their school, they would have first-hand experience of a writing exercise. Essay samples can always be provided to get them on the right track. Teachers play an important role in motivating and encouraging them to write on varied topics. As students continue writing essay on these different topics under guidance, they improve on their vocabulary, expressing their viewpoints, and sentence structure. A system has to be in place which would help them correct their mistakes and avoid making them any further.

Students in the higher grades have already passed through this learning phase. They would have a more enlightened view of their school. They would now relate more to their experiences in school, their academic performances, or probably debate on the dress code that should be implemented. Writing would now be an exercise in trying to get higher scores based on language skills, unique style of writing, and mature viewpoints. An essay my school would probably have more relevance in terms of how well students have grasped the inputs offered through their formative years in school. Life in school can be fun and a wonderful learning phase. Memories of the institution which offers so much can only become fonder.

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